Screenshot Friday


Screenshot Friday

I thought this was really pretty so I wanted to share



Oh and we’re 5/8 but you knew that already :-p


It is a bit messy but it works!

Screenshot Friday

Naked challenge runs

Screenshot Friday

Sometimes you just feel small in the scope of things

Screenshot Friday

I’m working on a post to update everyone.  Just taking me a while.  In the meantime enjoy our kill shot from Wednesday.


This time we really are 5/7

Screenshot Friday

"Enjoy the Silence"

Screenshot Friday

I thought I would share my picture of the kill

Screenshot Friday

Just look at that smile on her face

Screenshot Friday – Road Edition

A backdrop that is ideally suited for PPP

We should be driving through Missouri at this point in time.  We’ll be home tomorrow night! :D

Screenshot Friday – Last from CA

I leave San Diego tomorrow for my hometown.  On Monday I leave CA for a week long trip to Ohio.  I’ll see you in Ohio!


The long road begins

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