As I promised, today will be introducing the first of my girls.

First up is Millea, my first love, my affliction warlock.

I will melt your face with a smile on mine!

I will melt your face with a smile on mine!

She was my first “main.”  Let me explain something.  When I first started playing, I couldn’t settle on any one character.  By the time I had played for about 6 months or so, I had like 20 characters, across several servers all around levels 15-25.  I had also deleted several characters and had probably 20 or so more characters sitting around level 5-10.  Yeah I have altitis pretty bad.  Anyway when Millea was around level 25 or so when my friend who got me into playing decided he was going to level his pally and asked if I was interested in joining him.  When we were around level 32ish one of our guildies decided he was going to start hosting lower level instance runs, and running them with toons at the appropriate levels.  So I started grinding up Millea’s level so that I could run Mara with them.   I left my friend’s pally in the dust as I leveled as quickly as I could to 40.  Suddenly a character that I wasn’t that fond of became my favorite character.  The more I played her, the more fun she became.

Thus started my love for locks.  I started researching anything and everything I could about warlocks.  When I made new characters on different servers, I would make a warlock.  To date I think I have like 10 warlocks across all of the servers.  When the new races are released, I will be making a wargen warlock, despite having a human warlock at 80.  I love them that much.

My pretty blueberry

My pretty blueberry

This is Charkresh, my pretty blueberry.  He has taken quite the beating from mobs.  Before he was nerfed, he was quite the tank.  I know everyone says that voidwalkers suck, but frankly I have never had a problem with them.  He helps out considerably with dailies and farming.  No Charkresh, I will not send you back.  Now hush and go grab that group of eternals like a good blueberry.

Such a good felpuppy!

Such a good felpuppy!

This is Traaphom my loving felpuppy.  He accompanies Millea on her instance runs and raids (when she gets to go, damn lack of healers).  You will read in a lot of places that the succubus is the best dps pet to use outside of the felguard, but in reality the felpuppy is not that much less that she is, and he lives longer.  Plus his buff is very nice to have, especially if there isn’t a mage in the group.  Since warlocks get 1/3 of their spirit turned into spellpower with Fel Armor up, having his buff boosts spellpower nicely.  I love my felpuppy.

Watch your back, I might just curse you when you least expect it.

Watch your back, I might just curse you when you least expect it.

Currently I haven’t had much excuse to play Millea since EoF needs the few healers we have to play them, but soon I will be switching back to her to do the badge farming she needs so badly.  She has seriously been stuck in those ugly shoulders for months!  She will have her time in the black, black sun soon.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. veliaf
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 07:07:39

    The blog’s looking good thus far 😀 Nice to see another Warlock-orientated one, too.

    I’ll be making a Worgen Warlock myself, although I don’t have quite so many alts as you!


  2. theerivs
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 10:14:14

    Make more Mages IMHO…LOL!. Nice blog. Hope to see good things.


  3. Misneach
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 10:15:44

    My Warlock is resting comforably in his early 30’s. He’s been lazy and developed a drinking habit due to inactivity.


    • koalabear21
      Sep 15, 2009 @ 10:18:29

      Be careful. You might be mistaken for a mage, then where would we be?

      I’ll tell you where we would be!

      In a fail PuG where the tank gets mad at you for not making a table!

      That’s where we will be!


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