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Way to be redundant >.>

One of the problems that Call of Fate had was lack of attendance.  We had geared players and enough max level characters to pull off 2 10 man runs during BC.  Right before Wrath came out attendance dropped off to where we were lucky if 5 people were online at the same time.  Since I was not a raider with CoF during BC, I really cannot speak on the raids, or what happened in them.  All I can comment on is the problems we had with getting new members.

Call of Fate was a casual, family guild, who occasionally raided.  They recruited several people towards the end of BC with an eye towards raiding more and progression.  Then as soon as they got some raiders, everyone decided they were burned out and stopped coming online.  Suddenly we had new raiders in our guild who couldn’t raid.  Several of them stuck it out and stayed on for several months.  I think they were just hoping things would suddenly turn around and people would come back online.  Eventually they realized that no one was coming back anytime soon and they bailed for actual raiding guilds.

When Wrath came about several guildies came back online to start leveling in Northrend.  We actually had people online again.  It was nice having everyone back online.  This lasted maybe a month, if that, then CoF went back to being a ghost town.  We tried recruiting like-mined people into the guild.  They lasted 1-3 days before they realized that most people online ever was 4 or 5.  By this point I had hit 80 on Millea and started doing heroics with another guildie who had a level 80 prot warrior.  Him and I ran with 2 other guys from another guild just about every night.  Sometimes we would get lucky and another guildie would be online and we wouldn’t have to PUG a dps, but more often than not we had to PUG someone.  The bright side to that is Dily and I were able to build up a pretty decent list of players on our friend’s list.

Then (as most of you know) Mis decided he was going to finally create his own guild that he had been talking about for quite some time.  The day we all were /gkicked or /gquit from CoF there were around 10 of us online.  It was almost like old times.  People who hadn’t been online in months were suddenly back and we had people to do things with.  Gchat was once again the hilarious dirty-mouthed cesspit of fun it used to be and we were refreshed and ready to raid again.

This lasted all of a week. >.>

I was made the scheduling bitch of the guild.  It was my job to schedule raids, heroics, etc.  I immediately started asking everyone (in-game and on the website) what times were ideal for raids.  Two people replied to me.  Both of these people had odd schedules that didn’t fit within the majority of the people who were still coming online to play.  So while I thanked them for answering me, it didn’t provide me with any “real” help.  Since I still had to put raids up for people to sign up with I started putting them up at arbitrary times.  As you can probably guess, this was not the best way to get a full roster.  Without input I didn’t know what else to do.

We started out strong with our raiding.  We walked into OS our first time as a guild and one-shot everything.  We went into Vault and cleared both bosses.  We were pretty proud of ourselves.  So we thought “Hey lets go do Naxx!”  Ok, Naxx run up, 3 sign ups.  Hmm maybe it was just a bad time.  Well lets go back and do OS with 1 drake up.  After several wipes on Sarth we manged to pull it off.  “Let’s do Naxx tomorrow!” Ok, Naxx run up, 7 sign ups.  “Well that’s not too bad, we can PUG a few people.” Note, the “few people” were an OT a healer and a dps. >.>  We manged to clear out spider wing and construct wing in that first night.  One shot all but one boss.  Everyone agreed for a time for the next day where we would tackle the military and plague quarter, possibly even Sapp and KT.  One shot Instructor & Gothik, then proceeded to wipe on 4 horsemen for about an hour.  We finally got them down once we figured out the correct strat and had the correct people in position.  Went on into the plague quarter and killed the first boss before calling it for the night.  We extended the raid for another week just so we could go back and wrap it all up without having to redo everything.  Woot! full clear of Naxx . . . while everyone else who raids is busy in ToC >.<

We scheduled another run in Naxx for 09/05, again 5 people signed up.  We had to PUG half our raid.  Echo of Fate has 20 level 80s that are geared to do Ulduar 10, 15 that are geared to do Ulduar 25, and yet we cannot get 10 people online at the same time to do anything.  Hell we even have a few people who are geared for 10 & 25 man ToC.  How is it so damn difficult to get anyone online?

When EoF was set up the former GL of CoF (and Mis’s BiL) was made the recruitment officer.  It is his job to recruit for us.  Get us more like-minded people.  I am still waiting for this to start.  Mis wants EoF to progress in raiding.  I want us to progress in raiding.  I know most of the guildies want us to as well.  We will most likely never be a hardcore raiding guild.  I know I wouldn’t want to be in one despite the fact that I take raiding waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously.  (I never before thought of myself as one of “those people” who freak out when the raid screws up.  Luckily for my sanity, and my guild, my sweetie pulled me aside and pointed out what I was doing.  I’ve since calmed down a bit, but I am still pretty bad about it.  I just push the vent button less :D)

I was talking with my sweetie about this problem EoF is having.  He said that people in our guild want to complain that we don’t have enough raids set up, but that once we do set them up they don’t “feel like” playing.  Basically they want to raid when they feel like it.

How in the hell do you work around that?

One of people CoF recruited back in BC who left to raid is still a friend of mine.  He was chatting with me the other night.  He told me that we needed to recruit heavily if we wanted to raid.  But that just brings us back to the original problem.  Anyone that we recruit to raid is not going to be happy with the little that we raid.  They will want to raid, raid, raid.  It will be a mis-match from the get-go and just cause problems.  My friend told me I just needed to join a raiding guild.  My reply to him was I want to raid, but I don’t want to raid with other people.  If I cannot raid with my guild, I don’t want to raid just to raid.

The sad thing is unless we make some sort of change, or magically find a bunch of people who have the same mindset we do, I don’t see EoF progressing much. 

Which makes me a very sad tree.

Ok who made the tree cry?!

Ok who made the tree cry?!

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