What to do?

So yesterday I got too busy with double heroics that I was too tired to write a blog before I passed out, so I am sorry that today’s wasn’t on time.

But it is here!

For the longest time I hated jousting and sucked so badly at it.  Part of the reason was I learned to play WoW using my friend Andrew’s keyboard set up.  He is left handed and used the 10 key pad with his left hand and the mouse with his right.  I am right handed.  So I used the tab key with my left hand and my right hand switched between the 10 key pad and the arrow keys.  As you probably know from experience, this is not the easiest way to play.  I had no concept of using the mouse.  This was the first computer game (outside of the Sims and a few other games like CIV) that I had ever played that required keys and the mouse at the same time.  So I had no idea that using my left hand on the top number line was easier than using my right hand on the 10 key pad.  I’m an accountant, I love me some 10 key action.  I can actually use the 10 key pad faster than I can type, and I can type pretty damn fast.

So how does this relate to my original hatred of jousting?

When you joust they automatically bind the jousting keys to your first 6 keys on your home action bar.  For me this was the first 6 numbers on the 10 key pad.  What this meant for jousting was I either had to use my left hand on the 10 key pad (no coordination, felt “wrong”) and keep my right hand on the mouse to move (at this point I had learned how to mouse turn).  Since the hand placement was uncomfortable I was failing, and failing big time.  I easily did the first round of quests.  It isn’t really all that difficult to joust with a stationary object.  When it came to beating the valiant for the next round, I just couldn’t do it.  Everyone in my guild gave me pointers, my (now ex) boyfriend tried helping me.  None of that worked.  I wanted to joust, I wanted to move up in the tourney, but it just wasn’t going to happen for me.  Rick (my ex) finally felt bad for me and did the joust to defeat the valiant for me, but refused to do my jousting dailies for me.

This still left me with the same problem.  I still could not joust.  Only now I was on the next level and didn’t have the easy stationary jousting dailies. >.> Yeah smart move there <.<

So in frustration I gave up and went back to leveling my druid.  My warlock still has not moved from her position with the tourney.

I knew the main problem was with my key set up.  I tried switching things around and moved my spells from the 10 key pad to the top number pad, but even with lots of practice, it just wasn’t comfortable for me so I switched it back.

Fast forward several months.

My druid was now 80.  She was as geared as I could get without raiding Ulduar/ToC and all of her Northrend faction rep was exalted.  I still wanted to do dailies for the cash though.  Since my original objective for starting the tourney was the gold from the dailies, I knew I needed to learn how to joust.

I then had a spark of genius (or common sense, you pick) and decided to just change the home action bar key bindings for jousting and I could change them back once I was done.

Brilliant idea!

With the suggestions and visual instructions from guildies I actually succeeded in jousting.  At first I was chasing the guys around and spending all my time wacking them with my lance instead of charging and sheild breaking.  It wasn’t pretty and it was taking me forever and a day to get my dailies done.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of quick and easy dailies.  On top of that, I was getting irritated with the constant changing of key binding.  It was becoming a hassle to keep switching my keys back and forth.  I finally decided I was going to L2P with the top number keys.  I had to completely reorganize my spells (they still look like I have them in the wrong place) and then start practicing as much as possible with the new set up.

I am all about order and organization in the game.  When I pick up something and it goes in my bag it gets immediately organized.  My bags, my bank tabs, even my guild bank (both personal & guild) tabs are all organized in some sort of pattern or grouping.  It drives me nuts to have messy bags.  Now that I am no longer the guild bank officer I cannot “fix” EoF’s guild bank tabs and it drives me up the wall every time I go to look at it.  I do my best to keep it organized with my limited access, but my fingers itch to move things between tabs. >.> Yes I have a problem, trust me I know, it keeps getting pointed out to me.

So the fact that my spells were in the “wrong” place drove me nuts for about 2 weeks.  It has only been fairly recently that I have been able to not cringe and have to fight the urge to move the spells back.

Mind you, this is all on my druid.  I still cannot play with the top line on my lock.  It just feels very unnatural.  I know part of it is because I don’t do heroics or raids on my druid in boomkin form, so I only end up using like 4-5 keys with her.  Verses using 6-8 keys minimum on my lock.  My fingers just don’t stretch that far on the top number line.

You are probably asking yourself “what is the point of this rant?”


I just wanted to say that I could now joust. 😀


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Misneach
    Sep 24, 2009 @ 09:25:43

    Gratz on figuring out jousting. Took me a while myself.

    I gave up keyboard turning a while back…forced myself to learn how to move with the mouse. I’m still working on being able to strafe-tank, which is still a challenge for me.

    The funny thing about jousting, though, is that, because the mounts have a unique way of moving, keyboard turning isn’t as big of a disadvantage.


    • koalabear21
      Sep 24, 2009 @ 10:42:16

      My problem came about after I would charge. The mount sped off so fast the guy would shield break me and charge me so quickly that I was dead before I could get back into position.

      When I used the mouse to turn around I had better control to be able to toss a shield break on him or charge again.


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