Le sigh

I told myself I wasn’t going to bitch, but I am anyway.

So Saturday of LAST week was supposed to be EoF’s first venture into Ulduar as a guild.  We got a total of 5 sign ups.  It got called and rescheduled for this Saturday (09/26).  We started out strong with 7 sign ups with 2 more maybes.  That was fine, we could find 1 or 2 people to pug from our friends list, awesome.  Boom, we lost one of our tanks.  No biggie, we have friends who can tank.  An hour before we started our 3rd healer got wife aggro and was told he couldn’t come with us.  No one else was particularly interested in finding replacements, so we called it.

Is it just our guild or do other non-hardcore raiding guilds have this problem with sign ups?  There is a ton of interest, but no one signs up.  Or if they do sign up, something happens (not always in their control) that causes them to not be able to do it.

I know that RL is more important than WoW, but damn if it doesn’t just ruin my Saturday.


Now I am facing a problem.  I want to reschedule the run for this coming week, but there are several problems with that.  On our normal raiding day, Saturday, I was invited to get my sing on with Arrens over at http://arrens.net/.  Since I happen to love to sing (despite not being very good at it) I accepted.  So I am out for Saturday.  Now while I would like to think I was important enough to call a raid, I know I am not, however, I am one of 3 geared healers the guild has available.   Since we will need 3 healers for Ulduar, the guild will either need to call the run, or PuG, if I am not available to run.  Arrens asked me to hang out on 09/26, but since I knew we had the run set up, I told him I would come next weekend.  So now I cannot call off on him (and I don’t want to) so I will need to not go on the run.

No problem you say, schedule it for Friday night.  Well apparently our MT (not Mis, but the other one, he is better geared) has plans for Friday and him and his son (very well geared mage) will not be able to come. 


Ooooooooooookay, so what now?


I had family stuff to do on Sunday so I did not log in to gauge the guildies on what would work best for them.  We have been knocking out the lower level raids with our fresh and under-geared 80s on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, but the pile of us who are over-geared for Naxx and OS want to do Ulduar.  I know several people are worried we will stay in the Naxx limbo for a long time.  I am kind of worried myself.  We have the personnel to do Ulduar, why we cannot get the damn run off the ground just makes my head hurt.

I have a few options that I am thinking of doing: (1) setting the run up for Saturday as usual, go until I have to leave to hang out with Arrens (shitty thing to do) then leave the raid and have them either call it or pick up another healer;  (2) set the raid for Sunday around 4:30-5:00 pm EST (server time) and see who we get to sign up; (3) set the raid for Tuesday or Wednesday night and risk not getting enough sign ups; or (4) set the raid for 2 weeks out and just set up a Naxx or Old School raid for Friday and Saturday.


I’d like to get input from my guildies, but frankly no one uses the website except for Mis and myself, and unless we have something set up on the calendar, there aren’t enough people online where asking would make sense. 




I am not even an officer and I am spazzing out.  *sigh* stupid responsibility trait.





11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Petal
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 07:54:20

    Ouch. Been there, healed that.

    I can only tell you what worked for me: if after a while your ‘casual’ guild can’t get it together and you really want to see new content — you have to either PuG it yourself or find a more progressed guild to migrate to. If you decide to do that be completely upfront with your Guild Lead, Officers and so on. I burned a bridge with my first ‘hopping’ because while it was something I’d been feeling for a while, it came out of nowhere for the friends I had in guild.

    If that’s unpalatable, then you have to live with being frustrated for a while. Maybe see if you can recruit some people or ask the guild officers to do it or what they’re long-term plans are?

    No easy solutions, unfortunately.


  2. koalabear21
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 09:34:16

    It isn’t so much that I “have” to see new content. I am very happy with just leveling alts or running heroics. I don’t “have” to raid. What frustrates me is I put in the effort to get people pumped up and signed up to raid, just to have it fall apart before it happens. That’s where I just want to scream.

    I’ve actually recruited in a few new people. Several of them are fitting right in and everyone is glad to have them. One of the new guys is just absolutely hilarious and makes running with him a blast.

    I know things will turn around, but I am very impatient.

    Thanks for the kind words! 🙂


  3. Jaz
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 09:57:41

    Ulduar is the new Naxx. Just pug it. Whether you have 3, 5 or more people, just pug it. Casual guild is just that, casual. You’ll almost always have people bailing. Not much you can do about that. Only thing you can really do is get a bigger pool of guildies. That way you’ll have a higher chance of replacing last minute bail outs.


    • koalabear21
      Sep 28, 2009 @ 10:05:54

      Come on Jaz, you know us, we don’t PuG unless we absolutely have to.

      Bloodhoof doesn’t exactly have the best pool to grab people from.


      • Jaz
        Sep 28, 2009 @ 10:42:44

        True, hopefully it’s just a fluke. If you’re constantly cancelling raids instead pugging the last spots people may stop signing up for raids. Personally I would rather pug the open spots just for the chance to raid. As a casual raider I don’t have much time to raid. As such, what ever day I sign up for is usually the only time I can sit down for hours uninterrupted. Cancelling the raid = effectively not able to run the raid that week. So I would rather bring a few pugs and fail on the first boss than not to go at all. Just my way of thinking, even if it was an epic fail, there’s always a chance that it might end up being a successful raid. That chance is why I’m always open to pugging with people I don’t know.


      • koalabear21
        Sep 28, 2009 @ 10:56:21

        Yeah well I put up the option to find a replacement, but everyone was ready to call it.

        It didn’t help that we had done OS and then went to wipe repeatedly in Vault earlier that day.

        We’ll see what happens this week.


  4. Jaz
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 12:23:27

    Yea that’s a bummer. Maybe it would be better to schedule Ulduar on it’s own night and not run any other raids that night prior to Ulduar.


  5. Astrantia
    Sep 29, 2009 @ 06:25:42

    I think this is a problem many casual raiding guilds have. People might want to raid but at the same time WoW is not top priority in life so they don’t sign up for raids thinking they can participate if they happen to be on at the time for it. I guess it might be different on different realms but my opinion is that most often it is better to try to pug the people needed and get to go than to call everything off.


    • koalabear21
      Sep 29, 2009 @ 07:42:33

      You hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I wonder if WoW was widely considered on the same level as a football team or a bowling league if people would do the same thing.

      Raiding is a team sport, but no one sees it as that.


  6. Jaz
    Sep 29, 2009 @ 19:13:00

    I propose we setup a Fantasy Raiding. You get to pick the avatars you like and you determine how many points you get by the item lvl of your loot. 😀


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