She did what now?

So last night, fun times.  I was in an odd mood so I was bitching at my guildies more than usual.  I swear, the crap that they put up from me is amazing at times. 😉


So my sweetie is obsessive about collecting mounts and pets.  Since there is a chance of a mount drop with the brewfest boss, he, of course, “MUST” get that mount.  He got the ram on his hunter, who is the “true” collector, but he “NEEDS” the kodo.  Can you see my eyes rolling throughout that entire paragraph?

Since he wants the mounts we have been trying to do the brewfest boss every day.  We get a bunch of guildies and then keep switching out all of our toons that are 75-80.  Some times we can get over 10 summons.  Fun times, fun times.  He has yet to see the kodo drop for him.  We still have until this weekend, so wish my sanity luck ;-).


So last night after doing a couple runs on Tatia with my guildies, they let me run with Millea to get some badges. 😀  We grabbed a friend to heal (since our other late night healer was also on his DPS toon) and went into VH.  My overall dps was barely over the tank.  I think she did like 1500 or so.  I was very sad.  But I remembered that overall doesn’t count and checked out the boss fights.  We had the void boss for the first fight, Millea did 2560, and was #2 behind the ubergeared blood DK.  We got the water boss for the 2nd fight, so 226 dps!  Woot! Go me! >.>  On the final boss she managed to pull off 2870 dps.  This was with a warrior tank, boomkin, blood dk and holy pally.  Go me! ^_^


We ran vault on Saturday and since the dps we had just wasn’t cutting it, we brought in another healer and I switched to Millea from Tatia and got to pew pew.  I am so glad I did because the T8 gloves dropped for locks :D.  There was so much hit on those gloves that I was able to remove 3 hit gems.  Huzzah!!  I was able to boost up my spellpower, haste and spirit with my new gems.  So this VH run was the first run where I had the new gloves and the increased stats.


Back when I first started learning about gearing and stat ranking I went to EJ.  The way I was reading and understanding things was affliction warlocks were supposed to gear with this hierarchy in mind:

  • Hit (until capped)
  • Spellpower
  • Crit
  • Haste
  • Int/Stam/Spirit

Well I apparently didn’t comprehend that those stats were backwards with crit and haste.  I derided haste for the longest time.


Yeah I have changed my tune. >.>


I upped my haste from below 200 to 256, unbuffed.  My spellstone adds haste, and I’ve been doing heroics with haste food.  My old rotation could get 2, maybe 3 shadowbolts off before I had to reapply haunt.  Now I’m getting the minimum of 4 in with occasionally a 5th when I am really on a roll, on top of any nightfall procs.  That is a significant boost to my dps.


Yeah I have become Haste’s bitch. ^_^


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arrens
    Sep 30, 2009 @ 12:49:06

    Haste is also damned tasty for Destro PvP. There’s few things greater than burning down a rogue with an extra Incinerate before refreshing Immolate runs out. 😉


  2. Misneach
    Sep 30, 2009 @ 14:09:30

    Last night when I was running as DPS, I enjoyed standing in Flamestrike and any other AoE effect to see if you’d yell at me. I’d let it tick down until I got my flashing red screen low health indicator and then run out 😛


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