Screenshot Friday . . . sort of

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before or not, but Andrew is an artist.  My fridge at home has a ton of his pictures on it, to his chagrin 😀 (I’m such an evil friend).  Yesterday he sent me an email with a picture he did of Millea and Tatia.  He sent the picture to me saying that he had something for me for Screenshot Friday.


So behold!




Meme that I stole

One of the other reasons that I wanted to start a blog was to be able to do all the nifty memes out there.  Now I wasn’t tagged to do this but I wanted to do it anyway!  So there!

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Tatia, Resto Druid – Treeeeeeeeeee

What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)

Umm usually 5 mans or 10 man raids

What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?

This is a toss up between Rejuv, Wild Growth & Nourish.  I love Rejuvs because I can pop them up on everyone.  Wild Growth is a quick fixer until I can spam Nourish.  Nourish is a big heal and fairly quick.

What healing spell do you use least for your class and why? 

Regrowth.  For the amount it heals it just isn’t worth it to me to spend the time casting when I can get more heals faster from Nourish.

 What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?

Group heals.  I can heal a lot of you at once

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?

Tank heals on raids.  I have one cooldown I can blow to get a super heal if the tank takes a big hit, but I am better off healing everyone else and just giving back up HoTs to the tanks.

In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best healing assignment for you?

I have only healed 1 25 man and it was the new fire boss in Vault.  I was put on raid heals with an OT to watch.  I think it worked out rather well considering I lived and my tank lived.

What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?

Shamans.  Vel our resident resto shaman is an awesome healer.  Him and I have great healing synergy and can 2 heal many things that we should probably have 3 healers on.
What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?

Disc priests.  Our new disc priest Heleva is an awesome healer, but I am not used to allowing tanks to drop to such low health.  I know her bubbles are awesome at damage mitigation (they are :D) but my bars are down and it makes me panic and throw heals on people, thus making me overheal more than I need to.

What is your worst habit as a healer?

Clipping my HoTs and spamming Nourish when if I was just a moment my HoT will have fixed the problem.

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?

Tanks running off before I am ready.  Mis has admitted he does this just to fuck with me.  Pisses me off soooooo much, you can’t even understand.  I am not quite to where I will stop healing the tank, but I am getting close.  You hear that Mis?  The clock is counting down on you brat.

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?

Oh most definitely.  I feel that trees are ideal raid healers.  This means that we work well with most other healers.  I haven’t had the opportunity to heal a 10 man with a holy priest (the “other” raid healers) so I might change my mind once I do, but for now I agree.

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?

Did people live?  Seriously, that’s what I do.  When I first started healing I would bug people about how well I was doing, now I just rate myself on how many deaths I caused.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?

That I should be tank/OT heals.  That I can spam this giant heal fast.  I can do that once every few minutes.  Not exactly a great spam people.

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?

The rotation and what to gear for.  When I hit 80, even with healing regular dungeons, I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing for a rotation.  EJ was no help for me.  Luckily one of my guildies knew of a site dedicated to newbie trees and sent me there.  Here is the site –

If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?

Lots of overhealing.  I mentioned above why that is.

Haste or Crit and why?

Haste.  Yummy, yummy haste.  It speeds up my nourish casting time and in the new patch it is supposed to speed up my HoTs.  At least if I am reading that stuff correctly it is.  I do like crit, it makes my nourish nice and tasty, but I love haste more.

What healing class do you feel you understand least?

Priests.  I am not used to running with them so I really don’t have much experience with them.  I also cannot seem to level my priest at all.  So I don’t know anything more than what I read on people’s blogs.

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?

I use Healbot.  However the most recent update has removed my character picture and that of my target.  So I’ve had to disable it.  Pisses me off.

Do you strive primarily for balance between your healing stats, or do you stack some much higher than others, and why?

Ummm I just know I am supposed to go Spellpower, Haste, Spirit, MP5, Crit, and I probably got that wrong too.  I use ratings buster which breaks down what each upgrade does for me, so I usually go with stuff that is more green overall.  Yeah I am really bad about my druid.  If this was my lock I could tell you right off the bat, not so much with my poor tree.

So that’s that.  Apparently I am supposed to tag some other healing blog so that they can do this.  The only problem is I am not really on these people’s reading log, soooooooooo me tagging them most likely wont do any good.  So whomever is reading this, if you have a healer, fill it out! 😀

RPing for the first time, wait what?

No this will not become a RP blog.  In fact this will probably only be one of the few times I even attempt to talk about RPing.  Mostly because I don’t RP.


I have mentioned in the past that my friend Andrew was on an RP server and I made a few characters there to play with him.  He was in a hardcore RP guild.  Their biggest rule was that their guild members were in character at all times.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  I have always felt that was why he had several alts not in the guild, just so he didn’t HAVE to be in character at all times.


When I first made a character to actually play with him it was, of course, a warlock.  I actually made a gnome this time.  Mostly because I think they are adorable, and because I hadn’t played a gnome caster yet.  I had made a warlock of every race that could be one, except for the gnome.  I named her Maddielyn, or as Andrew’s character called her “Mad Maddie.”


I’ve never really thought too much about her background or really anything about her.  The little bit that I created on the fly when I was dipping my toes into RP with him was that she had originally been training as a mage, but just enjoyed killing things with her magic.  It caused her to deviate her studies into fel magic.  Since his character was a mage, it kind of gave them a bit of a shared background on how two totally different personalities were adventuring together.


Maddie is loud, brash, prone to excitement, and enjoys the fight.  She also loves changing her hair style and color every week.  Sadly she is a lot like me (other than the hair thing).  Which is what I thought you weren’t supposed to do for RP.  She enjoys rushing in and killing monsters, thieves, etc.  She also loves teasing his character.  Which again, really isn’t all that different from real life.


While him and I were questing in Westfall (how I loathe that place) he started engaging in some random RP with a NE.  I jumped in, because that’s what I do, and tried my hand at it.  I apparently didn’t goof up because she complemented me on my “RP skills.”  I think I was floating off that complement for weeks.  What it did was cause me to create MORE characters to RP with.  I made an elderly human priest who goes around blessing people, telling them to “walk with the light”, “may the light be with you” etc.  I have him bless everything he has to kill.  While it makes me laugh each time I do it, it garnered a TON of odd looks, which I found funny because I was on a RP server.  I named him Wilfred.  I don’t know where his name came from, or even a back story for him.  He just is so filled with love and the light that he has to share it with everyone.


What is the point of this post you ask.  There isn’t one.  If you haven’t realized by now that I tend to ramble and just go off on tangents, then I am sorry for you.  I ramble and go off on tangents without any true purpose.  This post came about because I was thinking of Maddie while I was in the shower this morning.  I was trying to figure out lore wise if it was feasible for her to have been a child when Gnomer fell or if since Gnomes aren’t really born, what her history with that city was.


So now you know what I think about when I try to wake up in the shower in the morning.  Lucky you.

Late, LATE post >.>

Sooooooooooooooooo yeah, this post is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late.  Sorry about that.  I got home and my sweetie had me get online to do HH, where I didn’t get the helm *sadface*, then the heroic daily was AN which is what I needed for my lock’s proof of demise acheivement.  Then others came online and wanted to do it too, so I tried my hand at dpsing on my druid, since the priest we have is specced heals and pvp heals, so yeah no dps spec for her.  It didn’t go off too badly.  I did almost 3500 dps on the first boss, almost 1700 on the 2nd boss (did a bunch of poison clenses and general non dpsing stuff), and then 1650 on the final boss.  Same thing there as on the 2nd boss, I focused on adds and cleaning the poison instead of pew pewing the boss.  Considering this is in resto gear with a dps necklace (that I switched in to give myself a little bit of hit) I really didn’t do as badly as I thought.  I still have no rotation though, which is fail, but hey I’m a tree!  It happens.


Today there is a particularly fantastic article by Arioch over at She is so uber and I want to be like her one day 😉


Seriously though, if you aren’t already reading her blog you should be.










Dance chicken, dance!


oh and um tame a shitton of penguins



Crazy penguin lady

Late post will be late

I am super duper busy at work today so a new post will have to wait until I get home in a few hours.


I apologize to the few people who actually read my blog.


I will post later I promise!

Monday, Monday, la la la la la la

So yeah, busy busy busy busy busy weekend. >.>


A guildie came out to California for the weekend so Andrew and I hung out with her and had a blast.  I slacked off a bit and didn’t spend as much time with them as I should have, but I got a new book and kind of stayed up all night reading.  Ehh it happens.


So Ulduar went over ok.  Nice to have Mis tanking again.  I think it is time we started extending the raid ID.  We can down the siege guys and Kologarn each time, but we always run out of time before we can take down Iron Council.  I know that if we had time to keep trying we would knock them out easy.  We got really close and it sucked to have to call the raid because we lost 4 people.


Which brings me to my current peeve.  Why can’t people help when they are more than capable of it?!  We needed 2 dps to come help out, we had 2 guildies who were geared and fully able to jump into Ulduar and help us, and who refused to.  They wanted to do candy dishes instead.  O_o


Now I know we aren’t a hardcore raiding guild, and that we have people who don’t raid, however, these two are among our best geared players and used to be part of our best raiders.  Suddenly neither of them want to raid, or to do anything outside of play with each other, and maybe 2 others that are in the guild.  Again, nothing wrong with that, but would it have killed them to take 30 mins out of their candy collecting to come help us down a boss?  My sweetie, who couldn’t raid with us when we started, stopped what he was doing and came to help us.  He hadn’t even gemmed or enchanted his new gear (he was in the middle of getting the mats for that when we called him in) but he knew we needed the help so he came to help.


Mis said it is frustrating but there really isn’t anything we can do about it.  I know this, but it still pisses me off. 



Time to change the subject because I am just getting pissy again.


I spent Sunday leveling my mage and playing with my sweetie.  I went around and got every candy dish in the old world.  She isn’t high enough to go into Outland, so the overall achievement is out of her reach, at least until next year.  She was getting 4200 xp a bucket, then when she hit 52 she got 4180.  At 52 she got a mage quest, which has led me to ST.  So now I need a run in there.  My sweetie said he would do it, but I will probably try to get Vel or someone else to do it.  He didn’t exactly sound thrilled that I asked him, so I don’t want to make him run it.  After doing a few more quests that popped up in Azshara, I went back to Felwood since the quests were now yellow! 😀  I spent the rest of my time killing satyrs and collecting herbs.  Mostly because they are shiney on the ground and I HAVE to get the yellow dots off my map.  YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND! ahem yeah I’m weird like that.


Don’t look at me like that!

Screenshot Friday

Here is a nifty little shot taken in Blade’s Edge.



We didn't start the fire

We didn't start the fire

Twitter inspired post

Since I didn’t have an idea for today’s post I went to the lovely people I follow on twitter and asked them for some help.  Here are the ideas that I was given:

Baybdoli @Koalabear21 how about asshole dps that blame the healers for wipes when they cant stay out of AOES?

Nibuca @Koalabear21 “Casual is a dying breed” “Raiding w/o the headaches” “Seed of Corruption vs Rain of Fire” “Why warlocks make the best lovers”


You really need to love twitter. 😀


There are so many interesting people who post on there constantly during the day.  99% of the time I cannot keep up.  Arrens is fond of saying that Twitter is like a river, you can’t keep up with it you just have to go with the flow.  Or something like that.  Notice that is not a direct quote, and I am sure he will give me shit for goofing it up, but oh well.  I can’t give him too many ideas, I do karaoke with him and who knows what he could do then >.>


Now I was thinking of actually trying to write about those topics, but I think it will be more fun explaining why I shouldn’t write about them, well except for the “warlocks make the best lovers”, I could probably write pages of that, but I would probably make most of you blush until you burst into flames, which is exactly what warlocks like to do, so maybe I should.  Hmmm.


Yesterday’s post kind of went into me bitching about fail DPS, so I probably shouldn’t spend too many days in a row bitching, cause then you guys would just get sick of me.  I know, I know, that would NEVER happen, but it MIGHT! 😉


Casual is a dying breed, but only the original definition.  I read somewhere (I think it was on the soloing wow blog) about how we need to rename ourselves.  There are more than 2 types of players now.  This isn’t Vanilla WoW where you either raided constantly or you sucked, but people still have that mindset.  There is so much more to do in the game now.  I might not have personally experienced this difference, but I know several people in and out of my guild who have been playing since beta and have seen how the game has changed.  Just from when I began playing towards the end of BC until now, I have seen vast improvements for every level of game play.  I never dreamed that I would be able to raid a place like Ulduar, and now I am actually there and a part of a team that is killing things.  To me that is just amazing.  I don’t need to be in a hardcore guild to see this kind of stuff anymore, and that, to me, is the best thing ever.


Next up!


Since I constantly have headaches while raiding, or at least getting the raid off the ground, I really cannot write about this.  Technically my job is just to schedule the raids.  That’s it.  I am not supposed to be leading them, rounding up people to show up to them, or any of that.  I am not an officer of my guild.  However, I have found that if I don’t do any of the above listed things, the raid doesn’t happen.  We end up without enough raiders, or without a raid leader.  There are 3 officers in the guild at present, on top of Mis the GL, Mis’s wife Cheesi, his BiL Willy and my sweetie.  Of the 4 leaders of the guild, only one of them is online much anymore (my sweetie) and even his play time is severely limited.  So we usually don’t have a leader online, which means those of us who were officers in Call of Fate get turned to.  Myself, Dily and Felix (who was an officer back before I ever had a level 70 toon) are the ones that people are asking questions to and expect us to handle things.  Dily is in the process of weaning himself of playing constantly, and Felix spends most of his play time with his wife doing things with her, which leaves me.  So when loot drama happens, I am the one who gets blamed.    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem helping people and handling issues, but it isn’t my place to do so, and I feel like I end up overstepping my place a lot of the time, despite being told that I am not. 

So if there is a way to have raiding without all the added headaches, please show me and tell me how I can have it.


Ummm Seed of Corruption over Rain of Fire.  Well I am apparently a bad warlock because I don’t use Seed all the time.  I have a bad habit of using it, then overriding it with regular corruption >.>  Yeah soooooo I am not the one to answer that.  Go see Nibuca @ to learn about that.  She is really, REALLY, awesome so you should go see her site anyway. 😀


Well that looks like the end of the list.  So comment on the above and make me feel like I am loved, and tune in tomorrow for Screenshot Friday.  I have a couple pictures running around in my mind so I am not quite sure which one will be used.  Just know it will be pretty.  😀

Random Musings

I really didn’t have a “true” update for today, so I figured that I would just start typing and see what comes out.


Since this holiday drops a mount, it is imperative that my sweetie gets the mount.  He collects pets and mounts.  He “has” to have them.  To which I tease him endlessly about.  I told him yesterday that I would eventually get over teasing him so much, but I still don’t know when that will occur.  He has threatened me with the same treatment, to which I will forget about in like a day or so.  He makes me smile when he grouches.  I still find it adorable.  We’ll see how long that lasts lol.


I’ve been pretty good about knocking out my tourney dailies on a daily basis.  Almost every evening there are 3-4 of us who group up and knock them all out in about 30-45 mins.  It is kind of nice not struggling to solo a commander while a fucking scout is attacking me and 20 ghouls are pounding away.  Life is easier that way.  Two of the group are still doing their valiant quests, three of us are doing Silver Covenant quests and two of us are doing the Crusader quests, so we just cycle through everything.


I was trying to get the pony up achievement, but me being me, bought the wrong damn thing, so now I have to save up 150 seals again.  It really shouldn’t be too difficult.  I can get 12 seals in a round of dailies, 15 if I do heroic ToC, which I don’t.  I still have a hell of a time solo healing that instance.  I haven’t quite figured out why that is.  I am geared enough to solo heal.  I know what spells to use, when to use them etc, and yet I freak and lose someone on the Black Knight.  Unless the group is all uber, which it rarely is, then someone dies and I feel horrid.  The only time I don’t is when the person who dies is a douche and I refused to heal them, which happens from time to time.  Not nearly as much as Vel, who is a very temperamental healer when it comes to PuGs.  He will actually cause wipes instead of healing someone who is a moron.  I don’t know if I could go that far.


The other night Andrew needed regular Gun’Drak on his pally he is leveling, so I said I would heal him.  Dily came with us on his pally as well.  We picked up a DK and a lock.  I am VERY judgemental of other warlocks.  If you don’t soul stone the healer or provide a candy dish, you are almost immediately deemed a “FailLock” to me.  If you life tap to inches of your life, I wont heal you.  I wont even give you a rejuv.  I rejuv people and their pets if they are missing 50 hit points, just to have something to do, but I wont rejuv that lock.   There is NO REASON you should be life tapping that much, EVER.  I life tap maybe 2 times, if it was a long fight where I forgot to life tap while in rotation (few and far between, but it does happen) then I might life tap 3 times.  But even then I only do it AFTER my health is maxed.  I will use bandages, or even my own health stone if needed.  9/10 times my health is back up before I need to life tap again.  Fel Armor gives you health, corruption gives you health, for affliction haunt gives you health.  I tell healers that they really don’t need to heal me when I life tap, that I will be back up quickly on my own.  Vel tells me he heals me because my bar goes down, and he HAS to keep the bar filled.  Mind you I did this all BEFORE I became a healer.  Since I’ve never played the other specs of warlocks I cannot say with any authority how their mana management or life regen is.  This guy was a demo lock, and probably didn’t spec into improved life tap, but DAMN!

What started me off on disliking this guy was the lack of candy dish.  He did soul stone me, but only after I indicated to put it on me, and not on one of the 2 pallys.  He then life tapped once, whereupon I gave him a rejuv.  Ok onward!  We cleared the snake trash, he did nothing to clear the little snakes.  I then said “Ranged up here with me” to which he promptly ignored me and stood near the tank.  Now I know this was regular Gun’Drak, but the damn constrictors STILL come up to the healer and gnaw on me.  If the ranged dps is NEXT to the healer, they can get the stupid snakes off me.  Nope, wasn’t happening.  Snakes came up and started gnawing on me.  I was PISSED.  Before I was able to say anything in vent to Andrew or Dily the boss was down.  Then the lock started life tapping.  He tapped all the way down to 1k health.  I wouldn’t heal him.  Screw him.  Went on like that for the rest of the run.  I am convinced he life tapped that far to see if I would do anything.  He started several fights, trash and boss, with very little health because I wouldn’t heal him and he wouldn’t do anything to replenish his health.  Now this guy was a member of one of the main raiding guilds on our server, so I assumed he was an alt of a raider.  Past experience with PuGs on our server has the hardcore raiders in the big guilds being some of the crappier instance runners.  Hardcore raiders from the lesser known raiding guilds are usually fantastic instance runners, and I love PuGing with them.


This guy had fail written all over him.


Yeah that was Monday night and I am still pissy about it.


So just a warning to any and all locks that I should ever run with, you better be on your toes.  Cause I am a tree that knows what you are supposed to be doing, and I won’t heal your ass when you life tap like an OCD patient.


Don’t piss off healers.


So the whole reason I started learning how to joust was to garner the extra cash from all of the dailies.  However, once I got into it my goal changed.  I wanted this:


Doesn't everyone ride their booms during the full moon?

Doesn't everyone ride their booms during the full moon?


Getting this:


All the cool kids are doing it, and love me for it too.

All the cool kids are doing it, and love me for it too.

was just an added perk.

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