What do you think?

So I was going to write something else entirely today then I read the update over at Clearcasting (http://clearcasting.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/a-rogues-wrath/) and I wanted to give my opinion.


First of all I want to say that Arioch did the correct thing.  She did what was best for the raid they were in with what she had available.  Sometimes you have to choose one person over the other, and it isn’t always an easy choice.  She also made it clear that skill & experience would be taken over people who signed up first.  Skill is definitely > gear.  It is shown time and time again.


I haven’t had to come across this situation very often with EoF since we usually are lucky if we can get enough people online let alone too many sign ups.  We do have the issue with the under geared people though.  We saw it when we first started putting raids up.  Several people who had just hit 80 were wanting to go on raids that we hadn’t even cleared as a guild.  People who weren’t even geared for heroics wanting to do Naxx.  Now I know that you “can” go straight into Naxx when you ding 80, but then you are being carried.  Frankly at the time we did not have the dps to be able to carry an under performing dps.  Our Naxx runs now, we can easily take a fresh 80.  No sweat.  When we first ran it we needed 3 healers.  Now we really only need 1 1/2 for most of it even though we still run with 2 and a hybrid for the 4 horsemen fight.


For Ulduar (when we ever make it in there) we will NOT be taking anyone who is not geared.  We have several people who are actually over geared for Ulduar 10, but we have never been in there as a guild.  We don’t know the fights and we need the best that we have.  It is very difficult to learn new fights while trying to make up for someone who is under performing.  I put on the raid sign ups that the raider MUST be geared, gemmed, enchanted, repaired and prepared for the raid.  If they are not, then they don’t get to go.  It is that simple.


I think that too many people in the game today are very much unaware of the group dynamic of raiding.  You cannot take nothing but melee dps in a fight that requires a lot of ranged dps.  Well you could, but it wouldn’t be very successful unless they were well over geared for the instance.  People don’t understand that.  All they hear is “you can’t go” and they get butt-hurt.  Yes, butt-hurt.  People need to just stop taking things personally and look at the big picture.


EoF has been lucky in that the under geared people we have are understanding.  For example, we have a guy who plays his dps warrior and his girlfriend’s hunter (same account) since she no longer has time to play.  He is always eager to run 5 mans or raids with us, but he was very under geared.  He was not really geared for heroics and wanted to go to Naxx with us.  It was left up to me (as the co RL) to tell him he couldn’t.  I explained that he wasn’t really geared enough to go, and offered to help him get there.  He has since gotten geared enough to do OS & Naxx and I would gladly take him for those runs, but I still wouldn’t take him for Ulduar.  He knows this and is cool with it.  There are no unrealistic expectations on either side and it works.


What do you think?


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