Alting it up

I am a confirmed alt-o-holic.  I have so many characters that I recently went through all of the servers I wasn’t playing on and deleted a ton of them.  I had one server filled with level one characters that were just name placeholders.  As much as I want a character with my name (spelled correctly mind you) I most likely will never play her.


I’ve recently been playing my blood elf warlock, and just enjoying myself with the new quests (for me at least).  It has been a nice change of pace.  I am on another server, away from always feeling like I have to help out.  99% of the time I don’t even get in vent.  This means that other than my sweetie (or a few others who have my phone number) no one can contact me or bother me while I am playing.

Currently she has been sitting because I am trying to build up some rested XP.  Since she is horde and on on another server, I don’t have any heirlooms for her, yet leveling is going pretty well.  The only difficulty I’ve been having is finding where I need to be leveling at.  My sweetie LOVES using the leveling guides and sent me a link to one.  I checked it out and frankly it wasn’t what I needed.  Yes it gives you general areas, but they only have you do so many quests in specific areas before you are off to another one.  I am the type of person who HAS to finish all the quests in an area before I can move on.  I think that is why getting the deathchill cloak on my tailor wasn’t that difficult.


When my lock is having downtime I’ve been leveling my mage.  She is the one in the Screenshot Friday picture with the moon.  Now she is decked out in heirlooms.  She has the shoulders, chest, staff and trinket.  I went from level 39 to 45 in no time flat.  Even questing on purple.  Since she is blowing through the quests (once I learned how to mage >.> Thanks Dily! :D) I am having the problem with where to quest with her.  I have already leveled 2 80s.  There are some zones that I just don’t want to do again.  Tanaris being on the top of the list, and Un Goro being on there as well.  So I currently have her in Feralas.  So far it hasn’t been too too bad, but the whole waiting for that stupid ship or swimming out to the island is a bitch.  Blizzard really didn’t think that one through all that well.

Now I need to decide where to go once I am done with Feralas.  I was thinking Felwood since I only did that zone on Millea and not Tatia.  I just remember hating the stupid running back and forth constantly.  At least now I have epic riding on my mage so maybe it wont be as bad.  We’ll see.  Maybe I will get over my hatred of the bugs and go to Silithus. 


Nahh who am I kidding with that one.


(Please forgive the misspelling of zones, I didn’t have time to look them up, and I was too lazy)