Random picture day

Since I have been passing out early in the evening, and been quite busy at work in the mornings, I just haven’t had a chance to really get a meaty post worked out.  So today you get (albeit a bit late) a random post with a few pictures I took this weekend.


It was a skull when I first saw it, I swear

It was a skull when I first saw it, I swear

While I was waiting for everyone to get off their butts and decide what quickie raid we were going to do (OS, Vault or even Naxx) I was exploring on my druid in Eastern Kingdoms.  I was bored so I figured I would start getting my Explorer’s title started.  While I was swimming to the stupid cove you have to “explore” in Arathai Highlands I came across this cloud formation.  When I first saw it it looked like a skull.  By the time I got the damn picture taken it had morphed into this.  Now it kinda looks like a winged horse.




I love the way the trees look.  Again, I was bored at night waiting for something to get started (see a pattern here?) and saw the tree.  The light bulb went off and I started taking pictures.  At one point they were both looking directly at me.  I was laughing big time, but couldn’t quite get the picture snapped quickly enough.


I saw that!

I saw that!

That is one pissed off tree.

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