Pretty picture day

Since I didn’t post today and I said I would post when I got home, here is your post!


Generally when I am going around Azeroth I look for pretty scenes.  I do the same thing when I am going around the real world.  I have often wished I had learned photography because there are so many beautiful sights out there that I wish I could capture.


So being said, this picture was taken while I was flying to an instance.  I don’t even remember which one or what, but I thought this picture was breathtaking.  I hope you all enjoy it.


The edge of heaven

The edge of where heaven meets hell


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tamarind
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 04:20:11

    Oh it’s gorgeous! I love it.


    • koalabear21
      Oct 09, 2009 @ 07:55:20

      I was flying and suddenly I stopped and said in vent “Guys wait up I NEED to take this picture.

      There was actually lightning going on in the clouds, but I couldn’t quite capture it.


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