Ulduar recap

So EoF went back into Ulduar on Saturday night.  Thanks to all of the new people we have recruited in we ended up with 14 sign ups for 10 slots.  I was ecstatic to say the least.  We went from only getting a few people to bother signing up, to several of our regular raiders not being able to go because they didn’t bother to sign up on the calendar until too late.  So our best geared tank, our only geared mage that is still around, and my sweetie (ret pally) didn’t end up going.

We decided to go with 2 healers.  Myself on my druid, and Vel on his Shammy.  Our 3rd healer signed up to go on his pally tank.  Luckily his off spec is holy so we figured that he could switch to heals if we needed it.  Our uber dps warrior Ness has a tanking offspec and he would fill in the OT duties when Felix had to heal.

We had Misneach as MT, Felix as OT, Vel & myself on heals with a warrior, 2 hunters, 2 rogues and an enhance shammy for dps.  Who needs casters :-p

Surprisingly enough we really didn’t do too badly.  I switched to boomkin spec to kill stuff on top of FL, only to die because the other ranged (damn you Viva!) got in my vehicle because his driver died, so my dumb ass got off the bike only to be killed instantly.  Damn you Viva!  Despite my death we one shot FL, which was an improvement from last week where we 2 shot him and I got to walk away with this: Energy Siphon. Excitement!

We then walked up to XT, *sigh* his voice is soooooooooo very irritating. We explained the fight for the new people, and a refresher for those of us who had forgotten from last week (not me! :D). Since our healers were a resto shammy and a tree, it was easier for me to run around with the OT and hunter to keep them healed while they killed the mobs that spawn from the trash piles. Let me tell you, having a pally OT is fricken awesome. Since I was busy watching the trash piles and calling out the spawns to them I didn’t see what was happening on the boss. So it came as a total surprise when he died and the new people got the achievement for no deaths to bombs. Again, much better than last week where we died.

Off to Razorscale! Last week we one shot her, and again, we one shot her. I love how my guildies are such good raiders. They don’t stand in the fire, they follow instructions, they are just awesome raiders. 😀 I really do.

We went into Ignis where we proceeded to wipe over and over again. Screw him. I hate that fight. So we decided to give him up for the moment and tackle Kologarn. We wiped a couple times before we found the correct strat that worked well for us. We ended up 3 healing again. It was kind of cool how in sync Vel and I were. He was overhealing Mis and I was running around like a boomchicken with its head cut off healing the raid. When he would get stunned I had already started healing Mis before he could say over vent “I’m stunned”. It was awesome to be able to reply “On him” or “Got him” and have Mis healed by the time Vel was able to heal again. When that was happening, we managed to kill Kologarn. I can’t remember if we lost anyone on that fight or not.

So fresh from our kill of Kologarn we decided to go back to Ignis and take him down. This time we would have 3 healers and see if that would work. Of course not. We changed our strat, again we couldn’t pull it off. Vel later said that he realized his chain heal was only healing one person and not going to others. Ouch. Apparently everyone decided to spread out to fight Ignis instead of bunching up so there wasn’t anyone for his chain heal to connect to. Definitely something we need to have changed for next week.

When we all came back from the wipe we found that his trash had re-spawned. Yeah we weren’t clearing his trash to just wipe on him again. Screw that guy we are going to something else. So off we went to Iron Council. Of course we wiped on those watcher guys. We didn’t bring the one far enough back and managed to pull the other one. That was painful. Got back up and managed to get the guy down and entered the Iron Council room. We decided to do the 3 tank strat, so we were back to 2 healers. The debuff that they put on the tank is a magic debuff and the only person in our raid who could take it off was the pally, who happened to be tanking. So switch him back to heals and we 2 tank it. Even with the pally taking the debuff off, Mis went down like nothing. After 2 wipes we called it. It was around 11 pm for me and 2 am for the east coasters.

All in all it was a positive run. We managed to take down another boss and to clean up the 3 bosses that we had previously cleared. I can’t wait for next weekend. 😀

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  1. Nitedragon
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 09:31:08

    Gratz! It is kinda depressing reading about you guys doing all this and I can’t be there. Glad to see someone has taken my place so well. Good luck next week.


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