How to aff lock – according to me

So I am by no means an expert.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how they come up with the math used on EJ, or how it even makes sense.  Which is funny because I love math and I am damn good at it.  Alas it is not to be.


Since Mis posted a fresh 80s guide to tanking (here) I thought I might do something similar, only with locks. I would do something on druids, but frankly I still have no fricken clue what I am doing with her. I spam buttons. Seriously, thats all I do. Of course I do the same damn thing with my DK, so maybe it is a trend. Who knows.

So you are leveling as Affliction (go you! :D) and you get into Northrend and want to start knowing what quest rewards are worth keeping. Well you need to look into the stat hierarchy and go from there.

Affliction locks should gear with these stats in mind:

-* Hit until capped (368 with 3 points in suppression, or 446 without the points) which is 17%
-* Spellpower
-* Haste
-* Crit (I’ve gotten 11k crits with my corruption/UA)
-* Stam/Int
-* Spirit

Mp5 is useless to us. We life tap. If you are given an option for an Mp5 item and a healer or another caster needs it too, let them have it. Then when your awesome sp, haste, hit and crit item drops you can point out how you “let” them have that other item. Hey we are warlocks, we are supposed to be evil like that.

Now I know you really don’t need hit while you are leveling, but just have it in the back of your mind. Until you start getting into the T8 range, you are going to have a hard time making sure you are hit capped. Then when you are in T8 gear you will have so much hit it is sickening. Right now I am so over hit cap I am disgusted. Just a little tip (which I was unaware of), when looking at your hit percentage remember that the 3% you get from suppression will not show in your in game stats. This was confusing for me for the longest time. I was stressed out trying to get 446 hit even with suppression, only to find out I only needed 368. Not cool. I think I am sitting on 418 as of last night. I got new boots out of Heroic ToC and they had hit on them. >.> They replaced my haste boots I had. Stupid extra hit now that I don’t need it.


Ok so the way to get the yummy dps numbers in affliction is to get your rotation down pat and to not clip your DoTs. I am still working on getting the stupid rotation down. Since 3.1 the rotation is a hell of a lot easier, but I still feel like I should be doing more while fighting.

The first thing you need to come to terms with is your overall dps is going to suck. It just is. Your overall damage might be high up there, but your overall dps will suck. Since it is trash it really does not matter in the slightest. Let the mage and boomkin get all excited over their overall dps. We know that where affliction shines in on boss fights. The longer the better. We are not built for clearing trash. They are, so let them. I found when you have groups of trash the best thing to do is to DoT up each mob with the instant cast DoTs (CoA & Corr) then Rain of Fire them down. If you have the glyph of life tap make sure you life tap before you start casting anything. The boost to your spellpower it gives is a nice bonus. When it comes to bosses, things are a little different.

The correct rotation is:

-* Life Tap
-* Shadowbolt
-* Haunt
-* Curse of Agony
-* Corruption
-* Unstable Affliction
-* Shadowbolt spam
-* At 25% health and under use drain soul, make sure you have your DoTs up too!

Then you just refresh the DoTs as needed. Haunt is the most important DoT to have it. When glyphed you get (I believe) 20% bonus to your DoTs. Seriously how awesome is that? When you reapply Haunt it automatically refreshing Corruption. Corruption is your most important DoT. Not only does it have the ability to crit (assuming you specced into that, and frankly why wouldn’t you?) but it does the most damage per overall time frame. Yeah you can get really nice Shadowbolts, but with the cast time on that spell the overall value of the spell makes it one of the lower ones on the scale. Corruption is where it is at.

Depending on your raid make up you might be asked to use Curse of Elements. Hopefully you aren’t one of those selfish people who value’s their own dps over the raid (hell you might be, you are a warlock after all) and will use that curse instead. It doesn’t do as much damage as Curse of Agony, but the overall help it gives to other party members should help warm the spot where your heart used to be. Occasionally you will be told you should be using Curse of Doom. Please don’t. Save that for your Demo locks in the party, or for the hybrids. You are the master of Curse of Agony, and sometimes Curse of Elements, let them play with the super long wait on Curse of Doom. By the time that sucker goes off your CoA will have gone through several cycles and out performed it.


I use the felhunter. Apparently the Succubus is the higher dps at this point, although that will change with 3.3. I don’t care if she is. I love the spirit and int buff my felpuppy gives me, and frankly he lives longer. She requires too much time and attention. I have a lot of other things to watch so having to keep my DoTs up correctly AND watch exactly what my pet is casting, or me casting for her, is not exactly how I want to kill things. I will use the Succi occasionally in PvP, although I have been told I need my felpuppy in there too, especially against casters. You can use the imp, but he is mostly for Destro locks. They use him as a mana battery (wannabe mages), which you wont need, since you specced into improved life tap, or even dark pact, which most people don’t spec into for raids.

That is about all I can think of to impart to you. Depending on what you are lacking in your stats, use that kind of buff food. I am currently rocking +40 haste food, but I don’t turn down a fish feast when it is provided. I use flask of the frost wyrm.

I hope this was helpful to someone!