Weekend recap!



Take your flaming vibrating crotch pot and shove it!

Take your flaming vibrating crotch pot and shove it!


Now I feel better.


He was such a pain in the ass and the fact that we couldn’t down him was a big thorn in my side.  He is down now, so he can suck it!


We also took down XT with a wipe, and one shot razor again.  We had some guildies who hadn’t been to Ulduar before with us so it was a learning curve.  I think it is pretty awesome that we can one shot razor when so many people claim they have issues with that fight.  Makes me smile. 😀 Go casuals!


Oh we took down this guy again too:

I'm the tree on his mouth.  He is eating wood.

I'm the tree on his mouth. He is eating wood.


We had several other raids set up for the weekend, but none of them went off.  There were a bunch of people online but no one was really in a raiding mood.  Thanks to some loot drama I wasn’t all that eager to heal certain people so I focused on leveling my mage.


I refused to quest in Tanaris for the 3rd time so I was trying to find other places to level a level 47 mage.  I had been questing in Feralas, but I ran out of quests, so I tried Searing Gorge.  I am a fire mage, that didn’t exactly go over well there.  So I gave that area up and went to The Hinterlands.  Dinged 48 and ran out of quests.  Gave in and went to Un’Goro, all the quests were red despite the area being 48-55.  So I went to Azshara, did the 2 quests there and became sad.  Tried Felwood, there was one yellow quest which required me to kill furlbogs, which was fine and dandy.  I am now at least not hated by the Timbermaw.

So here I was barely 2 bars into 48 with no where to quest except Tanaris & Searing Gorge, and that just was not happening.  So hey I know, I will play some BGs!  They give XP now.  Got in queue for WSG since it was the weekend for it.  Now mind you, I had only done this BG once and it was on my lock at level 80.  So I had an idea of what the hell I had to do.  The problem came about because I had never PvPd on my mage.  None of my buttons were good for doing PvP, so there was a lot of initial confusion while I moved my buttons around.  Then because I am still learning how to play a mage, I had no clue what to cast.  When I PvP on my lock I use my instant curses and corruption with a healthy dose of fear mixed in, I don’t know my mage that well enough to do that.  The other problem is I am a fire mage trying to PvP, which isn’t exactly the ideal spec from what I understand.


After my first WSG I was #4 with killing blows, so that made me think I wasn’t doing too badly.  I also didn’t have the most deaths, even though I did die a lot.  After the first one I was very disappointed with the little XP I got and the little honor I got, but I realized that I hadn’t picked up the daily, so I nabbed it and queued back up.


This time I was somewhat ready.  This fight was hilarious to me.  There was a BE pally with the name Jesus (only with the funky characters) and he was making it his goal to try to kill me over and over again.  However I managed to give him back some!  I was in vent with my sweetie and Andrew and would randomly shout out “Take that Jesus!” “Stop killing me Jesus!”  “You can’t hide from me Jesus” “HA! I just killed Jesus!”.  At one point he actually hid from me so I couldn’t kill him.  I won our fights more than he did, but it sure made the battle much more fun.  There was a BE mage in that fight that kept pissing me off, but I kept killing her too.  FEAR MY BLASTWAVE! 😀


Well WSG wasn’t pumping out the xp like I wanted since you only get XP if you cap the flag.  The first fight, we only got one flag, the 2nd fight we manged to get a perfect game.  I only know this because I got an achievement.  During the 2nd fight (before Jesus came into my life) someone in the battlegroup who happened to be on a PvP server made a comment “OMG I can’t believe people with downs can play WSG” my reply was “Not everyone has PvPd before”.  I got a snarky comment back “How pathetic that your first PvP isn’t until your 40s”, I replied “There is no reason to PvP on a PvE server dipshit.” 


There were no more comments from the peanut gallery after that.


Other than my battle with Jesus, WSG really wasn’t that much fun for me so I looked into the other BGs open to me at 49, which meant AB.  Now that was a blast.  There were so many nice people in the groups.  One shaman was named AltonBrown.  He was super nice to me and kept me healed :D.  I told him I loved his name and he healed me some more.  The XP and honor you get in that place is just crazy.  This is after the nerf too.  I can’t imagine how much you got previously.

This time I made sure I had the quest from the guy at Refuge Point before I queued up, but it took two BGs before I got it completed.  The first fight no one assaulted the farm, and the horde didn’t try to take over the mine after we nabbed it in the beginning.  The 2nd fight I got the farm and the mine so I was able to turn in that quest and nab some more XP.


At this point I was 3/4 of the way to 50, but all of the quests I had were still red.  While I was preparing myself to queue up for another AB I mentioned in my guild how much XP I still needed.  Dily suggested that I have someone run me through BRD.  He said that he would do it but that he needed it on his rogue who had just dinged 49.  Andrew said he would do it because he owed me a run after I ran his mage through a few weeks ago.


After the complete run I am now halfway to 52, have several nice new items I cannot equip yet, and . . .