Random Musings

I really didn’t have a “true” update for today, so I figured that I would just start typing and see what comes out.


Since this holiday drops a mount, it is imperative that my sweetie gets the mount.  He collects pets and mounts.  He “has” to have them.  To which I tease him endlessly about.  I told him yesterday that I would eventually get over teasing him so much, but I still don’t know when that will occur.  He has threatened me with the same treatment, to which I will forget about in like a day or so.  He makes me smile when he grouches.  I still find it adorable.  We’ll see how long that lasts lol.


I’ve been pretty good about knocking out my tourney dailies on a daily basis.  Almost every evening there are 3-4 of us who group up and knock them all out in about 30-45 mins.  It is kind of nice not struggling to solo a commander while a fucking scout is attacking me and 20 ghouls are pounding away.  Life is easier that way.  Two of the group are still doing their valiant quests, three of us are doing Silver Covenant quests and two of us are doing the Crusader quests, so we just cycle through everything.


I was trying to get the pony up achievement, but me being me, bought the wrong damn thing, so now I have to save up 150 seals again.  It really shouldn’t be too difficult.  I can get 12 seals in a round of dailies, 15 if I do heroic ToC, which I don’t.  I still have a hell of a time solo healing that instance.  I haven’t quite figured out why that is.  I am geared enough to solo heal.  I know what spells to use, when to use them etc, and yet I freak and lose someone on the Black Knight.  Unless the group is all uber, which it rarely is, then someone dies and I feel horrid.  The only time I don’t is when the person who dies is a douche and I refused to heal them, which happens from time to time.  Not nearly as much as Vel, who is a very temperamental healer when it comes to PuGs.  He will actually cause wipes instead of healing someone who is a moron.  I don’t know if I could go that far.


The other night Andrew needed regular Gun’Drak on his pally he is leveling, so I said I would heal him.  Dily came with us on his pally as well.  We picked up a DK and a lock.  I am VERY judgemental of other warlocks.  If you don’t soul stone the healer or provide a candy dish, you are almost immediately deemed a “FailLock” to me.  If you life tap to inches of your life, I wont heal you.  I wont even give you a rejuv.  I rejuv people and their pets if they are missing 50 hit points, just to have something to do, but I wont rejuv that lock.   There is NO REASON you should be life tapping that much, EVER.  I life tap maybe 2 times, if it was a long fight where I forgot to life tap while in rotation (few and far between, but it does happen) then I might life tap 3 times.  But even then I only do it AFTER my health is maxed.  I will use bandages, or even my own health stone if needed.  9/10 times my health is back up before I need to life tap again.  Fel Armor gives you health, corruption gives you health, for affliction haunt gives you health.  I tell healers that they really don’t need to heal me when I life tap, that I will be back up quickly on my own.  Vel tells me he heals me because my bar goes down, and he HAS to keep the bar filled.  Mind you I did this all BEFORE I became a healer.  Since I’ve never played the other specs of warlocks I cannot say with any authority how their mana management or life regen is.  This guy was a demo lock, and probably didn’t spec into improved life tap, but DAMN!

What started me off on disliking this guy was the lack of candy dish.  He did soul stone me, but only after I indicated to put it on me, and not on one of the 2 pallys.  He then life tapped once, whereupon I gave him a rejuv.  Ok onward!  We cleared the snake trash, he did nothing to clear the little snakes.  I then said “Ranged up here with me” to which he promptly ignored me and stood near the tank.  Now I know this was regular Gun’Drak, but the damn constrictors STILL come up to the healer and gnaw on me.  If the ranged dps is NEXT to the healer, they can get the stupid snakes off me.  Nope, wasn’t happening.  Snakes came up and started gnawing on me.  I was PISSED.  Before I was able to say anything in vent to Andrew or Dily the boss was down.  Then the lock started life tapping.  He tapped all the way down to 1k health.  I wouldn’t heal him.  Screw him.  Went on like that for the rest of the run.  I am convinced he life tapped that far to see if I would do anything.  He started several fights, trash and boss, with very little health because I wouldn’t heal him and he wouldn’t do anything to replenish his health.  Now this guy was a member of one of the main raiding guilds on our server, so I assumed he was an alt of a raider.  Past experience with PuGs on our server has the hardcore raiders in the big guilds being some of the crappier instance runners.  Hardcore raiders from the lesser known raiding guilds are usually fantastic instance runners, and I love PuGing with them.


This guy had fail written all over him.


Yeah that was Monday night and I am still pissy about it.


So just a warning to any and all locks that I should ever run with, you better be on your toes.  Cause I am a tree that knows what you are supposed to be doing, and I won’t heal your ass when you life tap like an OCD patient.


Don’t piss off healers.


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