RPing for the first time, wait what?

No this will not become a RP blog.  In fact this will probably only be one of the few times I even attempt to talk about RPing.  Mostly because I don’t RP.


I have mentioned in the past that my friend Andrew was on an RP server and I made a few characters there to play with him.  He was in a hardcore RP guild.  Their biggest rule was that their guild members were in character at all times.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  I have always felt that was why he had several alts not in the guild, just so he didn’t HAVE to be in character at all times.


When I first made a character to actually play with him it was, of course, a warlock.  I actually made a gnome this time.  Mostly because I think they are adorable, and because I hadn’t played a gnome caster yet.  I had made a warlock of every race that could be one, except for the gnome.  I named her Maddielyn, or as Andrew’s character called her “Mad Maddie.”


I’ve never really thought too much about her background or really anything about her.  The little bit that I created on the fly when I was dipping my toes into RP with him was that she had originally been training as a mage, but just enjoyed killing things with her magic.  It caused her to deviate her studies into fel magic.  Since his character was a mage, it kind of gave them a bit of a shared background on how two totally different personalities were adventuring together.


Maddie is loud, brash, prone to excitement, and enjoys the fight.  She also loves changing her hair style and color every week.  Sadly she is a lot like me (other than the hair thing).  Which is what I thought you weren’t supposed to do for RP.  She enjoys rushing in and killing monsters, thieves, etc.  She also loves teasing his character.  Which again, really isn’t all that different from real life.


While him and I were questing in Westfall (how I loathe that place) he started engaging in some random RP with a NE.  I jumped in, because that’s what I do, and tried my hand at it.  I apparently didn’t goof up because she complemented me on my “RP skills.”  I think I was floating off that complement for weeks.  What it did was cause me to create MORE characters to RP with.  I made an elderly human priest who goes around blessing people, telling them to “walk with the light”, “may the light be with you” etc.  I have him bless everything he has to kill.  While it makes me laugh each time I do it, it garnered a TON of odd looks, which I found funny because I was on a RP server.  I named him Wilfred.  I don’t know where his name came from, or even a back story for him.  He just is so filled with love and the light that he has to share it with everyone.


What is the point of this post you ask.  There isn’t one.  If you haven’t realized by now that I tend to ramble and just go off on tangents, then I am sorry for you.  I ramble and go off on tangents without any true purpose.  This post came about because I was thinking of Maddie while I was in the shower this morning.  I was trying to figure out lore wise if it was feasible for her to have been a child when Gnomer fell or if since Gnomes aren’t really born, what her history with that city was.


So now you know what I think about when I try to wake up in the shower in the morning.  Lucky you.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrew
    Oct 28, 2009 @ 08:49:46

    I’m not very good at RP games, so I’ve never come up with a back story for any character. They all die so quickly, anyways. I wouldn’t want to feel any sort of emotional attachment to something as short-lived as a moth. Not that I’m a Leeroy Jenkins.


    • koalabear21
      Oct 28, 2009 @ 10:56:43

      I’ve never played any RP games. Playing with Maddie was the first time I had ever done any of that. It was fun, but I don’t think I have the attention span to keep it up constantly


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