Because I have soooo much to do tonight, and tomorrow and the next day, this will be somewhat short and sweet.  This weekend I managed to get a few funny pictures.  So you get to share them with me.

Hey look it's the Bobsey twins!

I spent a lot of time questing on my mage this weekend.  I managed to get her to 70.  While in HF I was running out of the inn when I noticed these two.  I giggled at their names and at the fact that they were identical in armor.  While standing there I told them that I liked their names and that I was putting them on my blog.  When I walked back in they were standing on the chairs instead of sitting on them.  I have a feeling they were being duel-boxed.

Ha ha! Easy pickings!

Funny little glitch I caught.  Sad thing is when you hit alt+Z the mob speech bubbles go away.  This particular mob was telling the caribou that Hemit was going to like them, or something along those lines.  Poor critters.

"Let's go surfing now. Everyone is learning how. Come on and safari with me."

Had to take the requisite spear surfing picture.  Also, I wanted to make sure you all had the Beach Boys stuck in your head.  You’re welcome.

Except for when I post it on my blog

No I will not tell you what happened.

That's right! When I dance, they cheer.

Damn straight bitches!

The cutest picture ever.

Say what you will about gnomes, but damn it if they aren’t absolutely adorable when baby spiced.

Drugs are bad m'kay.

Yes, yes they are.


Work is currently kicking my ass to next Tuesday so there wont be a “real” post until I get home today, and maybe not even then.  Just a very crazy week.  Starting off my Monday morning with only 2 1/2 hours of sleep isn’t really helping either.

Oh well, bring on the dew!

Screenshot Friday

I am not sure how Tatia managed to get this black glow on her, but I think killing Chillmaw had something to do with it . . .



The light! Oh how the light burns!

Turkey day

Sorry for the lack of a post today.  Last minute decision to go home for the day.  I hope everyone had a great holiday and your regularly scheduled posts will resume tomorrow.




Last night saw things going back to normal somewhat.  I logged in and there were about 9 people online.  As Vel put it, the regulars and a few extras.  I checked my mail and auctions then popped over to my mage to continue leveling her until around 7 pm when we start the tourney dailies.  You might ask why that particular time, well because that is usually when Andrew comes online, and when Heleva is finished with dinner.  Shocking I know, but it happens.

The last few days we have had a full group and then some of people wanting to knock out all the dailies.  Most of us have our Crusader title now and have all of the dailies available.  I think we can pretty much knock them all out in about 30 mins or so.  We start at Chillmaw, fly down to the Citadel, make a pit stop to release souls with the butt plug if it is the daily for the day, if not then we kill cultists and release people from cages.  At that point we either time our flying to whack and hopefully kill the kraken, or fly down and do the myriad of dailies out on boats and a misty island.  Sometimes we have to go to Storm Peaks to bang on a drum or throw a net, but those ones are usually done solo while the few left jousting get to it.  We have a pretty good group and work quite well together.

Once we finish the dailies we typically group up for the heroic daily and sometimes the regular one, depending on what it is and what the group mindset is.  We have been lucky lately that the heroic and regular daily have been the same dungeon.


Heleva has several other characters on other servers and last night she transferred over her gnome prot warrior.  So not only can she heal on her priest, but now she can tank on her warrior.  The original plan was to do the tourney dailies, then heroic ToC for Vel, then do 2 rounds of the daily heroic wrapping it all up with several runs of regular ToC for my sweetie and for her warrior.  By the time we finished one round of the heroic daily we decided to forgo the 2nd round and just went over to ToC to do some regular runs.  We ended up only doing one run, but loot was received.  I apparently wanted the crystal because I rolled a 99.  We called it because we were losing several people.


Since we were done I decided to switch back to leveling my mage.  No I haven’t turned over to the dark side, I have no intention of ever raiding with her.  She is being leveled to farm herbs and flasks, and possibly to earn gold from farming dailies too.  I haven’t decided yet.  She is quite fun to play though.  I am leveling fire and those hot streaks just make me giggle.  I have this bad habit of HAVING to use the hot streak each time it happens, even if there aren’t any mobs around.  This usually means that some poor critter, lately a frog or toad, has taken a giant fireball to the face.

When I leveled Millea to 70 I went HP, then ZM, then TF, and wound up dinging in Nagrand.  When I got to Tatia, I didn’t want to do “exactly” the same thing.  So I leveled in HP until around 62-63, popped over to TF, leveled there until I hit 66 1/2, tried to get quests in SMV, failed because I wasn’t 67, went back to TF, did some more quests until I hit 67, then stuck around in SMV until I hit 68 then I was right on my way to Northrend.  I hated leveling in outland with my druid.

It is a lot different with my mage.  First of all I have a flying mount.  I LOVE Blizzard for making flying available at 60 now.  I was telling my guildies that it almost feels like cheating being able to fly around HP.  Vel piped up and said it wasn’t cheating, just the way it should have been before.  I just know that had I been able to fly on my druid, she wouldn’t have lingered in outland being ignored for months.

Since this is my 4th time around in HP (my DK is there too) I decided to just pick and choose until I felt I was high enough to go into ZM without having a ton of orange quests.  The net result was a lot of quests left undone in HP.  I have this thing where I HAVE to finish all the quests in an area.  Getting an achievement for it now is just icing on the cake.  So the fact that I left HP KNOWING that there were at least 10, most likely 15 quests left undone bothered me a bit.  But I was level 63 and just didn’t want to bother with the place anymore.

I had skipped ZM on Tatia so I figured I would go back there on my next toon.  It is an herbalist’s heaven.  Everywhere I go I find an herb.  On top of that I get to salvage the bog lord guys.  Most of the mobs, at least the ones I have encountered lately, seem to be weak to fire.  I don’t think I would be having as much fun if I was a frost mage.  I’ve been having so much fun that when I dinged 65 I completely forgot that I could go to Shat and get the portal spell.  It took Nite asking if I could port him there to remind me.  I also forgot that I could finally train Grand Master Alchemy.

I decided to take advantage of the holiday and increase my cooking skill on my mage.  I was able to get her from like 167 or so to 349.  That pissed me off.  The next cooking training is Northrend stuff at 350.  One frickin point.  So I ran around to the AH to see if there were any recipes out there for 325 cooking since 300 level was grey.  No go.  The highest on the AH was 240, and all of them were white quality, so I sure as hell wasn’t paying what they were asking.  So I popped open my ackis recipe list and found that in TF there is a vendor that sells warp burgers and it is still yellow.  Sweet!  Port back to Shat and fly on over to the vendor.  Look on the AH, no warp meat.  Damn it.  Switch back to my mage and go off hunting warp stalkers.  It took me 3 mobs before a piece of meat dropped.  I made a campfire then and there, cooked the damn burger and ported back to SW to hop on the boat to Northrend.  Once I got there I found I didn’t have enough money.  I swear if it isn’t one thing it is another.  Finally got my training done and was able to log out.


Now I am here at work, stressing over the piles of work sitting here, sleepy as hell because I didn’t go to bed on time, and I just spent time writing this.  You guys should realize how special you are! :-p brats 😉

I most likely wont be going home for turkey day.  I are teh broke and while I love my family, they drive me up the wall.  In my current state of mind and stress level, I really cannot handle them.  This means I will most likely be puttering around in WoW for the next few days.  Most likely alone because everyone else has family they are with.  That’s fine with me.  I’ll just crank up the Banana Phone song and level my mage.


Later guys!

Ranting wall o’ text

So this new holiday can go fuck itself.  Seriously.

The table stuff is cool, the cooking stuff was fun, but the other parts can kiss my big fat white ass.

Take the turkinator bullshit achievement.  You have to kill 40 turkeys within 30 seconds of killing the last one.  This doesn’t sound too particularly difficult.  “Everyone” says that there are a TON of turkeys out there.  This shouldn’t be hard at ALL.

Well FUCK you guys.  Seriously.  FUCK.  YOU.


We were in Ulduar wiping over and over again on Ignis, despite having one shot him last week, when the day changed on the server.  Suddenly guildies were getting the 5 year anniversary achievement and people were itching to start the holiday achievements (I’m looking at you sweetie).  Since we were being forced to call it (thanks Zakk for bailing to “sleep” only to change your mind and do the achievements, really, no, thank YOU!) we all trouped off to start off the “festivities”.

As I mentioned above, the cooking and the table stuff was fun.  I started off on Tatia because I was already logged into her.  I had pulled up WoW.com’s guide to the holiday and purchased enough cooking stuff for both Tatia and Millea.  I went through killing turkeys in Elwynn to get the roasted ones, not thinking about the timer stuff.  I got enough turkeys for both toons, with a few extra.  Did the table stuff in all 4 cities, along with the quests even though I had started to get annoyed with the constant running back and forth.  I was in SW, I get a quest that takes me Darn only to have to go right back to SW then on to IF just to be told I need to go back to Darn.

Ok time to “visit” the horde tables.  No biggie, I am a druid I will just stealth my way there.  Only problem with that is you have to not be in shapeshift form in order to sit down at the table.  Nor can you be in combat.  So when you exit stealth, get immediately flagged, then attacked until you die, you kind of get pissed.  It was 2 am my time, 5 am server time and UC was fucking packed.  Everyone was sitting there at the door watching for alliance people to come inside.  I had people waving at my ghost when I was waiting out the pvp flag before I rezzed.  After the 4th try I managed to sit at the table and get the fuck out of dodge.

I didn’t bother trying to go to the other cities at that time.  I was too pissed.


Since there weren’t many horde running around Brill I decided to try to get my turkinator acheivement there.  Elwynn was still packed at 5:30 am server.  I started running around and I was on a roll, I was up to 31 turkeys, then I couldn’t find anymore.  I started to panic more and more as the timer ran down to nothing and still no fucking birds.  Three times this happened to me.  It wasn’t even other players killing the birds, they just weren’t spawning.  Pissy level rising even more.

At this point it was 3 am my time and I knew I needed to go to bed.  I hearthed, then realized that I had a turn in at SW, so I took the portal back there.  While I was there I used my shooter on a NE rogue I happened to see.  Right after I did that I suddenly noticed a Dwarf rogue.  Yay!!  I went to use the shooter only to find out I only had one charge.




Not realizing that the shooter was a one time only thing, I only got one of them as my quest reward from the dailies.  I couldn’t understand why I would need more than one.  So now I have 4 pieces of holiday gear, and no more shooters.  And I just missed out on a fucking Dwarf rogue.  Something that is rare on my server!  I wasted my shooter on the most common rogue we have.

Now did I stop and go to bed at this time, noooooooooooooo, I decided to try for the 40 turkeys again, only this time in Elwynn.  Same problem.  I hit 33 of them, and no more turkeys around.







It is around 6 am server and there are still a ton of people in Elwynn.  GO TO BED PEOPLE!


I was alone in the guild except for Nite.  I told him that this holiday could go fuck itself and that I wasn’t going to do it.  The achievements killed it for me.  I wasn’t going to stress out and do this fucking holiday twice.  He just kind of laughed and told me good night.


Yeah he still thinks I am nice and cheery. (pss I think he might just be too nice for his own good) Luv ya Nite! 😉


So Saturday sucked ass.  Raiding was a bunch of fail.  The holiday bent me over and didn’t use any lube, and work is kicking my ass.  I just want to crawl into a hole and tell everyone to fuck off and die.

But then I would lose readers, so apparently I have to not do what I want.



Placement post

Work dropped a shitton of work on me today so today’s wall o’ text rant will be a bit late.  I am hoping it will ease up this afternoon so I will have time to finish writing it.


Thanks for your patience!

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