The lull

No not the “lawl”, but the lull.  It has been extremely quiet in the guild lately.  There has been the same 3-5 people signing on each evening.  For awhile this weekend I was alone online for several hours.  I guess I got spoiled in the last couple months with so many people online.  I commented to the 3 other people online with me last night about it and Vel said it is because of the holidays.  That it was like this last year around this time.  I was still trying to hit 70 last year with Millea around this time so I wasn’t really aware of the “normal” mode of people online in the guild.  Plus Wrath just coming out/came out so there was that whole situation.  So I guess I just thought that that was the reason why things were slow.


Guess I was wrong.


I’ve been kind of bored without anything really to do in game.  We didn’t raid last week and I am letting the 2 alts I’m leveling gain some rested XP.  So what I have been doing has been staying in vent and chatting while playing the Sims 3.


So guess what, you get to hear about my sims game! :-p


What I really like about the Sims 3 is the personality stuff.  I love how the different traits affect everything they do.  My favorite thing to do is just make random sims and give them random traits.  My current game is one of those.


I let the game create the look and outfits of a sim, I make it fully random.  Then I go to the personality screen and cover the traits window and hit the random button.  The only thing I actually choose is their lifetime wish.  My current group is 2 guys and 2 girls. 

The first guy is a tall skinny white dude with a pink mohawk, scruffy face and aviator glasses.  He is dressed head to toe in black leather.  Complete with a leather choker.  I shit you not.  His wish is to be a best selling author.  I have him not work, so he has a garden and writes books.  I think I started his 6th book before I logged out last night.

The first chick is curvy, blond, somewhat pretty with turned up “pig” nose.  If she didn’t have that nose she would be really cute, but alas.  She wears jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat.  Her goal is to be a star news anchor, so I put her in the newspaper career path.  She is unflirty and has no sense of humor.  So I am not even going to bother with getting her a relationship.  It does help with the mean articles she writes.  She doesn’t get upset when people get mad.

The 2nd guy is a buffed out black dude.  He is dressed like a stereotypical thug, again I shit you not.  One of his traits ended up being kleptomaniac, which as you know means he cannot control stealing things.  Every single one of his lifetime goal options had to do with being a criminal.  So I had no choice in what I had to pick for him.  So far he has been arrested twice, and stole an NPC’s car, which the household uses.  >.>  The best part is he apparently sleeps in these tiny white undies with orange flowers.  It just makes me laugh to see him walk around the house like that.

The final person is another chick.  She is a tall skinny brunette in pigtails.  She also happens to have the insane trait.  So she wears random outfits.  She will routinely wear either a bathing suit or ball gown to sleep.  The funny thing is she wanted to be a doctor.  So I have an insane doctor in the house.  She is a coward which means she is afraid of the dark.  She freaks out even if she is outside at night.  This includes riding in a car.  The best part is my chess table is outside, and she has to use it to get her logic skill up.  Even with lights surrounding her, she is still scared of the dark and hates playing chess at night.


So yeah, I have been laughing with these people.  I tend to control everything they do but they occasionally will override what I tell them to do, which makes for surprises.


Sorry for derailing this normally WoW centric blog, but hey I needed a WoW break 😉


Your regularly scheduled WoW blogging will return tomorrow.