Are you that person?

You know, the one that drives everyone up the wall, but they need you around so they put up with it?  The one that everyone has gotten used to your quirks, but the new people can barely tolerate you?


Yeah that’s me ^_^


Not that I am super proud of that fact or anything, but I do find it funny.  My friends (who sadly laugh at my WoW playing) say that I am like beer, an acquired taste.  These people have known me since elementary school, so I figure that they would know.  I do like to think that I have mellowed out considerably since high school.  People do grow up and mature.  Yes I know, TOTAL SHOCKER, but it does happen. :-p


The reason I even bring this up is because last night in vent I asked for an idea what to blog about and Heleva, our resident Disc priest and Andrew’s lady love, brought up in a roundabout kind of way.

I give people shit.  I tease, joke, push buttons, it is what I do.  It isn’t done with malicious intent, and most of the time I can take it back.  If you are purposely picking a fight with me (like an unnamed guildie does, ALL THE FRICKEN TIME) then I will get into it with you and get pissy.  However, if you joke back with me, all is good in the world.

Anyway, last night I was giving someone shit, I don’t even remember who, and she said I should write about that, and people like me.


So now you know.  Onward to a new topic!!


Ok so I never go into LFG solo.  I can do without the badges, at least until I can get a group together with guildies.  Last night I decided I was going to go through my off spec gear and see what I had so I knew what I needed to get so I didn’t end up in resto gear dpsing.  I ended up missing a chest piece, wrists, boots, off hand, and 1 ring.  I actually had 2 pieces of tier gear (7 & 7.5) that I was unaware I had.  I had like 60 something badges so I went and bought a dps T8.5 chest piece for Tatia.  The boots I have for her resto set can be used for both so I equipped them for the dps set.  The wrists I have really are healer ones, but I didn’t have anymore badges and the valor wrists that I wanted weren’t on the AH.  Nor did I feel like bugging a guildie to buy them for my never used dps spec.  So I figured I would PuG some badges.  Hell people PuG all the time and usually have funny stories to tell.  So I figured why the hell not.


I got in queue for both dungeon dailies and for VH, because it is in Dal and is relatively quick.  Nexus was the heroic yesterday, and CoS was the reg.  I got 2 whispers right off the bat for both.  I also got a bunch of random invites without whispers.  I HATE that.  If you invite me without talking to me first I will decline you and then ignore you.  It is one of the rudest things you can do to me in game.  I absolutely HATE it.  If you don’t have the courtesy to whisper me to ask me first if I want to even go with you, then you aren’t worth my time, it is that simple.  So I ignored the people inviting me without asking and agreed to go on a CoS run from a pally who whispered me and DIDN’T invite off the bat.

I get in the group, 3 pallys 1 other dps (I really don’t know what it was, I don’t think I looked).  I asked in chat who the tank was.  One guy says “I guess I can tank, I thought I was going to dps” while another says “The guy with the 37k health” who just happened to be the one to invite me.  That guy replies, “My tanking gear sucks.”  This then brought about bickering over who had the worse tanking gear.

So here I am in a group of 4 dps, with no one willing or able to tank, all ready and raring to start this heroic.  There was no way in hell I was going with this group.  It was fail waiting to happen.  I was not willing to pay for the repair bill that was imminent.  So I quickly said “I am so sorry guys but my guild is calling me.”  Then dropped group, and logged off my druid.  What pissed me off the most was I was already in Tanaris and both my hearthstone and my Tourney tabard were on cooldown.  So I had 30 mins to kill before I could attempt to get back into getting me some badges.


I ended up sitting AFK on Millea for like 25 mins while I ran a bath and read.  I never did get back into the LFG channel.


Tonight is EoE, we have 5 sign ups.  I am betting that one of the 5 sign ups wont even bother to log in, will probably forget she even signed up, and we wont see her log in for a few more weeks.  Mis emailed me this morning telling me that the baby tank was sick, as was he, and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to do much this weekend.  He found out today that she has H1N1, poor baby.  My sweetie is also worried that his kiddo might get H1N1.  Apparently a classmate has it and the parents sent the kid to school.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the kiddo doesn’t get sick and that the baby tank gets better soon.

Mis can DIAF, where he wont get heals.




Mis you better take care of yourself right along with that baby!


please don’t gkick me!