Take that!

Crazy Cat lady is down!




Yeah we died a lot >.>

Mostly on her trash, yeah they sucked.


But do you notice the human female in front of the boobs?  Yeah baby!  That is my pretty little lock.  She got to raid as dps! 😀  She cleaned house as the only cloth wearer in the group.


So I went back and started leveling my mage again.  I got her halfway to 57 then left felwood and jetted over to the plaguelands.  Ran around for a while in WPL killing things over and over again because I always get lost and turned around.  Although I will say it was a lot easier to kill stuff there on my fire mage than on my balance druid.  Not sure why, but WPL was less of a PITA than it had been.  By the time I finished with the first 3 or 4 quests there she was a little over 57.  I decided to call it for the night (it was like 11:15 at this point and I get up early for work) so I hearthed back to EPL.  I picked up the quests there since I was now honored with Argent Dawn.  I saw that I had all of the “collect 30 of these” quests for tokens, and I just so happened to have a bunch of that stuff in my bank.  So a quick switch out to my bank toon and back to the mage.  I turned in like 4-5 turn ins and when I looked at her xp bar she was only 6000 away from 58.  So I quickly ran outside and killed a few slimes.  As she dinged 58 she got a hot streak.  I thought it was apropos. 😀


So onward to outlands!  I finally was able to train her alchemy and first aid above 300.  Yes I know I could have gotten a portal to Shat, but damn it I wanted to do it when I got to outlands.  So by the time I finished getting all my training done, and quests picked up, it was almost midnight.  >.> Yeah Monday is going to suck ass.


I think I am going to let her rest up and get some blue xp again since she is just about tapped out.  I might have my sweetie run me through Strathholme to get some gear.  I’m still wearing level 30 stuff.  I know he wants the Baron mount so I don’t think he will be overly upset over running me through.


Anyway, congrats again to Echo of Fate for downing Crazy Cat Lady.  Next weekend we are totally taking out IC and moving on to tackle the keepers!  😀