L2P Nub

So lately I have been either leveling an alt or dpsing on Millea and just haven’t healed all that often.  Plus I recently switched from Healbot to Vuhdo and I am still learning the ropes.


So last night while we were  finishing our tourney dailies a guildie pops in and asks if we want to do the heroic daily (which also happened to be the regular daily).  The 3 of us (Vel, Andrew and myself) said sure we’d go as soon as we were done.  So we finished up the dailies and made our way back to Dal.  Then I proceeded to spam general, trade and LFG for a tank for 30 mins.  I SHIT YOU NOT.  Finally the rogue who we pugged for Ulduar (who has a pally tank) came online and I immediately started bugging him.  Luckily not many people usually ask him to tank (he is a tad bit undergeared) so he is usually up for it.  Just as we are walking into CoS who logs in?  Nite.  Our guild’s long lost bear tank >.>


Go fricken figure


So anyway we are in CoS, running around killing the waves when the guildie who wanted to do the heroics D/Cs.  Since we were pushing for the timer, we just kept going.  We actually ended up making the timer with like 2 mins to spare, with only 4 people. *flex*  Ahh yeah.  We did have 2 deaths though, >.> and they were TOTALLY my fault.


Now I mentioned above that I haven’t been healing much lately, and OMG did it show.  I went back into panic mode from when I first started healing.  No longer was I the bored healer standing in the back debating if I wanted to switch out of tree form to dps, nope I was freaking out because I couldn’t heal people fast enough.  The fact that we completed the instance meant nothing, I was pissed at myself because I let 2 people die.  I RARELY have deaths anymore, unless it is something completely out of my control, not because my reaction time was slow.


So afterwards we decided to bring in Nite to tank (the poor guy has been on several months break, we needed to toss him in the deep end fast) and our friend switched to his dps spec.  We hit up HoL because Andrew loves the voice on the first boss.  It makes him happy . . . in the pants.


Again, I was having a horrible time trying to keep people alive.  It was a little bit easier than CoS, but I actually ended up dying.  Those damn poison tipped spears can kill you easily if they aren’t taken off >.<  The really funny thing was healing through Loken was the easiest part of that run.  The key is to just keep everyone HoTed up and spam Wild Growth.  Cake.


So Andrew was on his lock, who is slightly undergeared (in comparison to the rest of the group, and his rogue) and wanted to do Heroic ToC.  I HATE healing this instance.  HATE IT!  I hate it almost as much as trying to heal Oculus.  Which I of course mentioned several times in vent.  I am vocal, what can I say.  So off we went.  Nite had only done ToC once before, and didn’t remember what went on.  So I was explaining the fights before they happened.  We did the jousting ok, I got knocked off my horse twice.  Fuckers.  I think one person died, maybe, I am not sure.  We got the rogue, mage and hunter.  NOT a fun combo, but much easier than the damn shaman and warrior.  I warned the guys to get out of the poison, which I know they tried to, but damn me if I couldn’t remember which damn mouse button combo that was assigned to Abolish Poison.  I mean I know it, it didn’t change from Healbot to Vuhdo, but hell if I managed to use it.


We got those guys down, I can’t remember if anyone died.  Next up, Paltress.  Yes I can hear your groans through the computer.  No we didn’t have a priest or a shammy.  WHICH SUCKED BTW.  So yeah we died, repeatedly, and kept running back in, only to die again.  I just couldn’t keep anyone alive.  We finally all waited to come in at the same time, and the tank was able to pull her away from me enough to where I wasn’t getting the nightmare effect all that much.  This meant I was able to heal people through the uber damage being done to them.


Next up the Black Knight.  I think this is my least liked fight.  The ghouls always make a beeline for me.  Never fails.  Even when I don’t heal, just stand there wishing I could heal because I know if I do I will get aggro, they come for me.  In the first attempt (yes we wiped, shut up) I kept trying to run around and bring the ghoul back to Nite.  No dice there.  I ended up spending more time running and trying to avoid descration then I was spamming Nourish, which I HAVE to do in this fight.  My HoTs are just not enough to keep people alive.  Maybe other druids it is different, not so much me.  We managed to make it to the 2nd phase where I just couldn’t do it.  The pally was taking too much damage, vel was taking too much damage.  Any time that I took my focus off the tank, he would nosedive into almost dead.  Then the lock would life tap and I would freak out.  And to top it off, I was taking a TON of damage myself.  One thing that I am not used to with Vuhdo is the bars change color depending on the amount of health the person has.  It goes from bright green, to sickly green, to babyshit yellow, to orange, red, then to brown and BOOM you are dead.  So any time my bars aren’t green, I freak.  My bars were in the orange-red zone far too much for my liking.


After we wiped (which I was the last one standing, yet again) we went back in.  As Nite was taking a shitton of damage, I realized while I was spamming Nourish (which wasn’t keeping him healed NEARLY enough), that I wasn’t using my cooldowns.  I seriously was so disgusted with myself.  I quickly hit my nature’s swiftness and healing touch, BOOM, full life.  HoTed him up again, major damage, swiftmend, BOOM, full life.  I also just stood there.  I didn’t move unless the descration hit me.  Guess what, no one died, and we managed to finish the damn instance.  Nite got some nice bracers and Andrew got a really nice chest piece.


I however, felt like a complete idiot.  Which of course I knew I would have to post this on my blog because listening to people laugh at me is the only way to go about things.  Amirite? >.>


Yeah I definitely need practice again.  I think I am going to have to start doing heroics again on Tatia.  Who knows, maybe I will begin pugging, just for the sheer blog material I will get.


Oh well