What was I doing again?

So my plans for doing heroics to get back into the swing of healing didn’t happen.  Instead I leveled my mage.  She hit 60 last night 😀


Millea didn’t hit 70 unti lafter Wrath came out, so she didn’t get to do all of the BC heroics, actually she didn’t do anything outside of ramps, BF and BM, and that is because a bored 70 ran me through BF and I ran someone through ramps after I hit 80.  BM was for all of the delicious netherweave spider silk.  I also wanted the enchant, but I never manged to get my rep high enough.  We used to do lots of runs in BM, but then they needed a healer so Tatia went and Millea got pushed out of going.  Millea never did get that enchant.

As one of the few high level enchanters (who is online) the vast majority of guildies ask me for enchants.  One of the enchants that I kept being asked for was the +35 agility for a 2 hand weapon.  You can only get the enchant in the arcatraz, which I had never done.  So last night Nite gets on and asks me for the enchant.  Since I don’t have it we all decide to go to the instance.  Off we ran, with 2 high 70s alts of other guildies.  We got lucky and the enchant dropped in regular so we didn’t have to keep running it in order to get everyone heroic keys.  When it drops I asked Vel if we needed to re-run it so he could get it.  He tells us that he has it.  >.<  He didn’t realize that we had ran the instance so that I could get the enchant to do it for Nite. *sigh*  But hey I have the enchant now 😀


A few months back we recruited a hunter from a PuG we had done.  The hunter was cool with the little bit of raiding we did.  He just wanted to find a guild that raided on the weekends because that was his work schedule.  Since he joined us about 3-5 of his friends have also joined us.  They are all in the air force and work together.  They are all pretty cool guys that fit in well with us.  They haven’t been able to raid with us lately and I was chatting with them last night trying to work out something so that they could be more included with us.  We ended up talking about late night Naxx runs (since most of their toons aren’t geared enough for Ulduar yet).  From what we were able to figure out we would have almost a full raid from just those guys and the few of us on the west coast.  He is going to talk with them today and let me know what sounds like a plan.


This has me excited.  I don’t care if I am just doing Naxx, OS, Vault or even Ulduar.  I just like raiding.  It is a lot of fun to me and I want to do it more.  I don’t need to be doing progression raids, although I wont say no to them.  I just like to raid.  I am hoping that this will bring about more raiding for EoF.  😀