Night Owls FTW

A few months ago a guildie asked for early runs, which I put up on the calendar, and which no one signed up for.  Since then I have come to notice that we have a lot of night owls in our guild, at least compared to server time.


There are several of us who are on the west coast and other than me, usually show up online around 7 pm PST, which is 10 pm server time.  There are a few others who show up an hour to 2 hours later.  The other night we had 13 people online at 12 am server.  I get online around 5 pm PST, or 8 pm server.  I am lucky if there are 4-5 people online.


As I have mentioned before, our big issue is getting people signed up for raids.  We have the skill, we have the people, they just need to sign up.


I was originally trying to cater to both groups by putting up runs for like 5:30 (8:30) – 6 (9) pm during the week.  I would get 1 or 2 people to sign up max.  So I did a little experiment.  I changed our OS +1 run scheduled for 6 pm on Thursday night to a Naxx 10 run for 9:15 pm (12:15 am).  I got 6 sign ups on the first day.  I keep getting people thanking me for putting a run up on that day at that time.  Vel even told me it was an ideal time for him.  The west coasters like it because they don’t have to rush home to get online, and the night owls on the east coast are thrilled there are people willing to be online.


Even though I am disgusted with Naxx atm, I will still be running on Thursday (and most likely leading the raid).  Only I will be able to dps :D, at least I think I will.  We are supposed to have 2 priests healing (1 disc, 1 holy) so I might get away with coming on Millea.  If not, then I will be there on Tatia, raid healing my little tree heart out.


I’ve already warned them it will not be a full clear.  Fuck that noise.  I haven’t gotten over that quite yet.

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  1. Nitedragon
    Nov 17, 2009 @ 11:09:53

    can we at least do the plague quarter? that’s the only one i need for the achievement.


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