Blarg du Jour

So tonight is the late night Naxx run.  As of last night we had 7 sign ups with at least 1 more possibility.  Having to pug 2-3 people really isn’t half bad for our guild.  I just wish I was more into the run.


Last night I was tired.  I was tired and kind of pissed.  When my sweetie logged off for the night I took off and grabbed some bad food from Denny’s, because where else can you get cheese sticks late at night?  Then came home and took a long hot bath.  By the time I logged on it was almost 10 pm.  I had planned to only do my cooking dailies and then log off.  Turns out Andrew and Heleva were just about to do the tourney dailies.  Score for me, I guess.  I just wasn’t into it.


What I really wanted to do last night was  make an undead warlock and just play for a few hours.  I didn’t though.  With all of our leadership gone I feel like I have to log on.  Mis has mentioned in the past that he feels the Vets are officers, which is all fine and dandy, but the vast majority of them in our guild don’t realize this, or just don’t want the responsibility.  I don’t mind the responsibility, but most of the time I feel like I am alone in things.  Other than 1 other person in the guild, I don’t feel like I am resented, or if I am then I am completely oblivious to it.  I don’t feel like I am burned out from the game, I just want to do something else in it.  I want to play my horde warlock who is sitting at 33 and glaring at me.  She is a BE, they kind of do that.


Sometimes it feels like a job, but it usually doesn’t bug me overmuch.  It is more like a job that you want to have.  One that you have fun doing.  And I do have fun doing it.  I enjoy it.


Several people have mentioned to me lately that I spend too much time with WoW.  I guess I do, but really what harm is there?  I am not married.  My sweetie is on the other side of the country.  I don’t have kids.  I go to work every day.  My apartment is messy, but it isn’t dirty.  I just spend my free time playing WoW.  That’s where I socialize, where I have fun.  My friends from back home don’t play.  They tease me about me playing, but usually just leave me alone about it.  Same with my mom.  Although she claims she wont call me on the weekends anymore because she doesn’t want to interrupt my “raids” despite me telling her that I only raid on Saturday night.


I’m not sure where this rant is coming from, or where I am going with this.


I just really don’t want to do Naxx tonight.