Yes this is normal conversation

This is what happens when we lose dps and have to wait to pull Ignis.


Giddy up!


Our bear tank couldn’t mount up as a bear 😦


Yeee Haw!


Ulduar did not go off very well.  A lot of our guildies kept having connection issues.  We had to bring in another dps while we were clearing FL trash.  Then we kept losing another dps while we were at Razorscale and clearing Ignis trash.  He had us replace him.  The only person available in the guild was a super undergeared rogue, which we still brought in.  He too was having computer issues and said he needed to leave.  At that point another guildie logged in and we snagged him.  We finally gave up on Ignis.  He just wasn’t going down for us.  We took a try at Kologarn, but then our mage said he was done for the night.  By this time the clock had changed over to start the new holiday and the 5th anniversary pets were in our mailboxes.  So everyone wanted to go off and do that.


I will rant, rave and bitch about this holiday in tomorrow’s post.  It is late and I need to sleep, not get all worked up.  Sorry for the short post.  I’ll give you a wall o’ text tomorrow.