Yes this is normal conversation

This is what happens when we lose dps and have to wait to pull Ignis.


Giddy up!


Our bear tank couldn’t mount up as a bear 😦


Yeee Haw!


Ulduar did not go off very well.  A lot of our guildies kept having connection issues.  We had to bring in another dps while we were clearing FL trash.  Then we kept losing another dps while we were at Razorscale and clearing Ignis trash.  He had us replace him.  The only person available in the guild was a super undergeared rogue, which we still brought in.  He too was having computer issues and said he needed to leave.  At that point another guildie logged in and we snagged him.  We finally gave up on Ignis.  He just wasn’t going down for us.  We took a try at Kologarn, but then our mage said he was done for the night.  By this time the clock had changed over to start the new holiday and the 5th anniversary pets were in our mailboxes.  So everyone wanted to go off and do that.


I will rant, rave and bitch about this holiday in tomorrow’s post.  It is late and I need to sleep, not get all worked up.  Sorry for the short post.  I’ll give you a wall o’ text tomorrow.



Screenshot Friday

I HATE the plague quarter of Naxx.  Well let me rephrase, I HATE the safety dance.  I am a visual learner.  I have to see what I need to do in order to learn it.  You can explain something to me until you turn blue, I still won’t get it, and I am by no means dumb (I graduated 7th in my high school class, we had 21 people in white btw.  I had a 4.2 gpa, yes I was that kid).  I just have to figure it out on my own.  Today’s picture is what I saw for most of our first attempts at the safety dance.


Can you guess which person got off the platform too soon?


Yeah we were 8 manning it.  We actually plan on extending the raid until we complete it with 8 people.  The midnight raiders will be badass :D.


I do have a proud announcement to make though.


When we finally downed Heigan, all 8 of us were alive.  I did have to battle rez Nakago, but I managed to live through the safety dance.




go me!

Blarg du Jour

So tonight is the late night Naxx run.  As of last night we had 7 sign ups with at least 1 more possibility.  Having to pug 2-3 people really isn’t half bad for our guild.  I just wish I was more into the run.


Last night I was tired.  I was tired and kind of pissed.  When my sweetie logged off for the night I took off and grabbed some bad food from Denny’s, because where else can you get cheese sticks late at night?  Then came home and took a long hot bath.  By the time I logged on it was almost 10 pm.  I had planned to only do my cooking dailies and then log off.  Turns out Andrew and Heleva were just about to do the tourney dailies.  Score for me, I guess.  I just wasn’t into it.


What I really wanted to do last night was  make an undead warlock and just play for a few hours.  I didn’t though.  With all of our leadership gone I feel like I have to log on.  Mis has mentioned in the past that he feels the Vets are officers, which is all fine and dandy, but the vast majority of them in our guild don’t realize this, or just don’t want the responsibility.  I don’t mind the responsibility, but most of the time I feel like I am alone in things.  Other than 1 other person in the guild, I don’t feel like I am resented, or if I am then I am completely oblivious to it.  I don’t feel like I am burned out from the game, I just want to do something else in it.  I want to play my horde warlock who is sitting at 33 and glaring at me.  She is a BE, they kind of do that.


Sometimes it feels like a job, but it usually doesn’t bug me overmuch.  It is more like a job that you want to have.  One that you have fun doing.  And I do have fun doing it.  I enjoy it.


Several people have mentioned to me lately that I spend too much time with WoW.  I guess I do, but really what harm is there?  I am not married.  My sweetie is on the other side of the country.  I don’t have kids.  I go to work every day.  My apartment is messy, but it isn’t dirty.  I just spend my free time playing WoW.  That’s where I socialize, where I have fun.  My friends from back home don’t play.  They tease me about me playing, but usually just leave me alone about it.  Same with my mom.  Although she claims she wont call me on the weekends anymore because she doesn’t want to interrupt my “raids” despite me telling her that I only raid on Saturday night.


I’m not sure where this rant is coming from, or where I am going with this.


I just really don’t want to do Naxx tonight.

Random Picture Day

I was going through my screenshot folder and found a ton of pictures that I’ve taken that will most likely never see the light of day, even with screenshot Friday.  So today is your lucky day, you get to see them!


I KEEL you!

I KEEL you with this too!


Andrew (Corvine) enjoys transforming himself into a pygmy gnome while on his rogue.  The other night we were doing Heroic UP when he transformed himself, then Heleva threw the mohawk grenade on us all, and to make things even better, she threw a baby spice on him.  I must have like 20 pictures of him like this.  We were all dying in vent when this happened.  He fought through the instance like this.  It was awesome.


"So whatcha in for?"


One of the Silver Covenant quests has you “rescue” Kul who manages to get himself and his friends captured every, single, day.  They must be friends with Corky over in Nagrand.  In this picture Andrew decided to chill out with Kul.  Sadly for Kul, Corvine’s lockpicking doesn’t work on these cages.


Look Ma!


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *hack* Woah, head rush


I still don’t know how he does it, but Andrew flies around upside down on his mount.  Every day while we wait for Chillmaw he flies around us in circles upside down.  I finally took pictures, but you have to see him do it live.  BTW I don’t believe he has kicked his Rockstar habit 😉


You want some of this?


While waiting for a stupid book to spawn (it never did) someone hit me with the mohawk.  So naturally I started posing.


I pity the fool . . . I mean, don't you as well? Oh, I guess I am alone then.


Well don’t you?


When I dance they call me Macarena and the boys they say que soy buena


This was the picture I wanted to get at first.  I thought it was nifty that I was floating in air.


This is what I got at first:


Say "Chee . . . Damn it!"


Stupid death knight.


"Can you feel the love tonight."


Man Millea needs to lay off that booze.  Squirrels are cute, but that’s just wrong.






"Do you like my boots? I think the green really brings out the blue in my eyes."


Yeah Dily is a giant among men.  And those green boots. >.<  Let me just say that despite the fact that he has green pants, those boots don’t match!  Who let him leave the house like that?!!

Night Owls FTW

A few months ago a guildie asked for early runs, which I put up on the calendar, and which no one signed up for.  Since then I have come to notice that we have a lot of night owls in our guild, at least compared to server time.


There are several of us who are on the west coast and other than me, usually show up online around 7 pm PST, which is 10 pm server time.  There are a few others who show up an hour to 2 hours later.  The other night we had 13 people online at 12 am server.  I get online around 5 pm PST, or 8 pm server.  I am lucky if there are 4-5 people online.


As I have mentioned before, our big issue is getting people signed up for raids.  We have the skill, we have the people, they just need to sign up.


I was originally trying to cater to both groups by putting up runs for like 5:30 (8:30) – 6 (9) pm during the week.  I would get 1 or 2 people to sign up max.  So I did a little experiment.  I changed our OS +1 run scheduled for 6 pm on Thursday night to a Naxx 10 run for 9:15 pm (12:15 am).  I got 6 sign ups on the first day.  I keep getting people thanking me for putting a run up on that day at that time.  Vel even told me it was an ideal time for him.  The west coasters like it because they don’t have to rush home to get online, and the night owls on the east coast are thrilled there are people willing to be online.


Even though I am disgusted with Naxx atm, I will still be running on Thursday (and most likely leading the raid).  Only I will be able to dps :D, at least I think I will.  We are supposed to have 2 priests healing (1 disc, 1 holy) so I might get away with coming on Millea.  If not, then I will be there on Tatia, raid healing my little tree heart out.


I’ve already warned them it will not be a full clear.  Fuck that noise.  I haven’t gotten over that quite yet.

Who shot who with a what now?

Oh man, busy busy weekend.  Since Nite has come back online we have been trying to do more heroics because we have a tank!  Woot woot!!  And of course there was much rejoicing.


Thursday night started it off.  I had put on the calendar that we were going to do WG then Vault.  I got 2 sign ups other than me.  When I logged in a new guildie was asking about the run and wanted to come, so she became introduced to our calendar.  Turns out she is a very well geared holy priest.  Hell I didn’t even know we had her available.  Go us!  The several of us that were online decided to do the daily (Nexus) twice since we all had 2 80s.  She came along and healed for us.  I got to go as druid dps, go me! >.< Vel ended up tanking on his druid, Andrew came on his rogue and we pugged a newbie DK.  Cake, no biggie.  For the 2nd run we had a dilemma.  There were no tanks.  I was going on my warlock, Andrew was on his warlock, Vel was on his shammy and Heleva was all set to heal on her priest.  Our new guildie said she had a level 80 DK who could attempt to tank.  She warned us that she didn’t have any tanking gear outside of a pair of boots, but if we were willing she was willing to give it a shot.

It was so much fun!

Vel switched back from elemental to resto and we decided to 2 heal it.  I brought out my VW to help with the tanking duties.  Andrew managed to die on his warlock on some trash I believe.  Other than that, we lived.  I used the VW to off tank some adds and we slowed on our dpsing.  Vel and Heleva just overhealed the hell out of us.  All of us kept saying how much fun we were having and how much of a challenge (in a good was) this run was.  As I sit here typing I have a smile on my face remembering the fun.


Friday Nite was around and we knocked out HoL and ToC.  Have I mentioned how I hate healing ToC?  Cause I really fucking hate healing ToC.  I hate it on heroic and I hate it on regular.  It sucks soooooo bad.


Saturday was the Ulduar continuation raid.  We had 80% of the people from the last run.  We walked in, I gave strats for IC and we took them down in one shot :D.  FINALLY!  I’d like to think that the nature resist totem helped big time.  My suggestion btw.  Two shammies and I had to suggest it >.<

We then made our way to Freya and her oodles of trash.  After some miscommunication from the bear OT turned MT when the MT switched to his shammy and we brought in Dily’s lesser geared pally tank, and a wipe on the first trash pull, we managed to clear out the place.  It was cool being able to use my CC ability.  I learned something new too.  Apparently I can rebanish something and it removes the banish on the mob.  I never use the spell.  I had to go find it for the trash fights.  Fun times.  I was so proud of myself.  I had the mob I was CCing on my focus bar, gave the proper calls out.  Yeah I did my job right! 😀  I will say though, we had 2 druids in the party, and neither of them could put that damn dragon to sleep.  WTH?

Everyone I have talked to said they hate Freya’s fight.  I fricken loved it.  There was so much you have to remember, and the waves being random was awesome.  It was a very creative fight and I just had a blast.  Yes we wiped over and over and over again, to where we had 10 mins left on her trash respawn when we finally got her down.  But we managed to take her down.  Then got the hell out of dodge before her trash respawned.

Despite our tanks not having any frost resist gear, we went ahead and decided to attempt Hodir.  Yeah I can’t understand it either.  Those snakes in the ice tunnel suck, but they sure do make for pretty dps numbers. 😀  Seed of Corruption FTMFW! 😀  Hodir was another interesting fight.  I was so confused in it though.  I think I would prefer to heal it in the future.  Seemed like it might be easier.  I don’t think  we even got him to 50%.  Oh well, we will get him eventually.  Our pally tank was already talking about getting some frost resist gear made.

After we decided to call it (it was like 1:30 in the morning for the east coasters) the night owls and west coasters decided to knock out the tourney dailies and the heroic daily.  Fun times were had by all.


Sunday, the day that I am still pissed about.

So I wake up on Sunday planning to play for like an hour or so, then start my laundry and house cleaning.  I’m logged in for like 20 mins and I beg Andrew to run me through Ramps on my mage for a quest she needs.  He had just bought Dragon Age and was about to log to go play it.  As we are making our way there (I ALWAYS get lost trying to find the entrance to ramps) a call goes out in the guild for an imprompto Naxx run.  Because heaven forbid we do Onyxia like I had on the calendar.  Can you see my eyes rolling through the screen?  Because they are really making a circut.  I said no, I was doing ramps.  Andrew said no at first, but then his need to play his lesser geared warlock won out.  He said he would go if they still needed him when we were done.

Fast forward like 15 mins.  They still haven’t started.  There were 2 other guildies online besides me who weren’t in the raid.  I asked if they were good to go and the RL said “we need another healer, we can’t go until we get one.”  So, thinking it would be like 2 wings then I could bail, I said “Ok I’ll heal you.”  Famous last words.  This was around 1:30 pm.  What I thought would be a 2 maybe 3 wing clear turned out to be a FULL FUCKING CLEAR.  This was not a group of over geared players running it for shits, giggles and badges.  Around 1/3 of the raid was still getting gear from bosses.  Several people got a ton of upgrades.  That didn’t phase the RL, he just kept going.  People died, and while I was trying to rez, he was pulling the next group.  Now this is our normal pally tank.  He knows this isn’t a geared group.  So I don’t know where he was coming from, but damn dude.  I didn’t ask to be an assistant to the raid, I didn’t even ask to be master looter.  He asked me if I wanted to ML since I normally am for the raids.  I said sure.  We started getting to bosses and he was all for jumping in with no explainations, despite several people asking for one.  Then he started giving the strats for 25 man.  Yeah not a good idea for 10 man.  So me and a couple others jumped in and corrected him.  For the rest of the run I would preface each boss fight with “Do you want to explain the fight or would you like me to?”  It was about 50/50 from him on his answers.  I wasn’t trying to take over his raid, and I tried to stay quiet, but damn I am just not a quiet person.  If you are doing it wrong I will tell you.

Since we started Ulduar I have been for all intents and purposes, raid leading and I love it.  There is a part of me that just likes to be in charge.  I am a control freak, I will be the first to tell you that.  When I am not the leader I have to be careful that I am not unconciously trying to take over the raid.  I am really bad about that.  I think that is what ended up happening during the Naxx run.  I just somehow took over.  I don’t know if it was because he really didn’t want to be leading the raid or if it was something else.  I just know he was decidedly pissy with me by the middle of the run.

Well whatever, I was pissy because no one told me this was a full Naxx clear or that I would be spending 7 FUCKING HOURS in this instance.  The longest breaks we took were like 5-10 mins for a bio.  Which I was doing, so I didn’t have time to cook food, let alone get any of my chores done.  Needless to say, when we finally got to Sapp I was livid.  Then we wiped on KT because people wouldn’t stay out of the 10 yard range.  I was not a happy camper when we finally killed him.


I then logged for like an hour.  Took a hot bath, got something to eat, then logged back in to do tourney dailies.


I am not looking forward to Naxx again on Thursday. >.<


Screenshot Friday

I was in Halls of Lightning last night when I noticed that there was a globe of Azeroth.  Now I know the whole place has planets and stars etc, but I had never realized what one of them was.  So I decided that it would be the picture for today.






The Malstrom can be seen from space, damn that thing must be huge.

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