Lazy post is lazy

So I was faced today with no blog material.  I didn’t play last night because I was busy taking EVERYTHING out of my kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom closets.  My apartment was sprayed for ants this morning.  The ants have taken over my bathroom and half my kitchen.  Fun times I tell ya.  On top of that, the maintenance guy for the apartment complex is due in today to replace my bathroom sink and bathtub faucets.  AND the vinyl guy is coming to look at the vinyl around my toilet because it has apparently been leaking and now the floor around it is discolored.  Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment and my sweetie is coming out to visit me next week.  Add work on top of everything and you have one uber stressed out woman.  Did I forget to mention it is the bad week of the month?  Yeah I think I did. >.<

I queried twitter for some sort of idea, but no one replied.  The only followers I have lost were bots, so I am not sure if I was just buried in other posts, or if I am being blacklisted.  Most likely the former since I haven’t done anything to be blacklisted, nor can I see the awesome people on my twitter list doing that.

Since my boss has left for the day (thank goodness!) I was able to get some of my blogroll read.  One blog I read is Tree of Life and today she had a nifty little post about blog personalities.

When I was in high school I was heavily involved with the theater department.  When I was a junior I took the MBTI test, several times.  I always came out as being an ENFJ.  I went to the site Keredria linked and came up as an ESFP.  I found it quite interesting to see how closely my personality (at least when I was 16) matches how I blog.

Now you could ask any of my friends/guildies who read my blog if it acurately portrays me.  I am almost 99.9% sure that they would say yes.  Mosty me toned down, but still me.  I geneuenly enjoy playing WoW and a lot of my life revolves around it.  Yes I know that can be a bad thing, but look at it from my perspective.  I am sure I have mentioned this before but I am single with no kids.  I have a sweetie who lives on the other side of the country who I play WoW with, among other things.  My friend who got me into playing (Andrew) lives down the street from me and I do see him in person from time to time (in fact I had lunch with him and his sweetie (Heleva) on Sunday).  I honestly don’t have much else to do with my time.  Other people would tell you “get a hobby.”  Well naysayers, playing WoW IS A FUCKING HOBBY.  *sigh*  Gamers always get such shit from people.

Now that I have gone off on a tangent (I do that quite often, in case you hadn’t noticed) I should probably come back to my point, which I have since forgotten. >.<  I am not blonde anymore I swear!

So yeah I guess I will just end this with asking my guildies who read my blog, and there are several, to post and tell me if my blog and my personality are close.  Hell, anyone who knows me tell me if you think those personality types are really me (Mason I am looking at you here!).  As for everyone else who reads my blog, and hasn’t had the “pleasure” of chatting with me in game, on twitter, or IM, what in the world are you waiting for?! 😉  I am awesome I swear it! 😀

Yes this is me begging for comment love.