Super Saturday

Saturday’s Ulduar run was just fantastic.  We had a 100% EoF run.  We didn’t have a former guildie, or a random PuG, or even a friend in another guild.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, we have some fantastic players in our guild.

We had 2 pally tanks, 2 rogues, an enhance shammy, a frost DK (dps), ret pally (my sweetie), Dily on his holy/shadow priest, and of course Vel and myself healing.  For most of the night we 2 healed.  We had dily 3rd heal on Ignis, Kologarn and IC.  Our dps was just fantastic.  The two rogues (Andrew and Devil) are usually at the top and try to beat each other.  For some reason recount is bugged only on Tatia, so I don’t have exact numbers, and we try not to link dps stats in raid chat, but pretty much everyone else does.  I was getting whispers telling me that we just had amazing dps.  I am so proud of all of us.

Thursday night’s raid went really well too.  We tackled the construct wing and knocked out everyone up to Gluth.  That fight is tough for us with 10 people, 8 is just impossible.  We just have a hell of a time with the zombie chow.  WTB frost mage.  When we wiped a few times we decided to call that wing quits and went to spider.  Cleaned that place out.  This week we have military.  I am kind of bummed because I wont be able to join them, but I am not super sad because I will be with my sweetie!

I finally hit 74 with my mage and got the Dalaran portal spell.  I am useful now! 😉  Leveling with her is just cake.  I really don’t even feel like I am really doing a lot, or even many quests, then BOOM! new level.  I think I got through outlands in less than a week.  It took me MONTHS to get through there with my druid.  Of course my druid only had the XP shoulders and no flying, so that makes a huge difference.  I know that my DK will probably go just as quickly.  I do need to get her enchanting up to par though.  I got her to like 300 something enchanting so she can DE the outlands stuff, but I am going to have to get her higher.

My sweetie is leveling his rogue recently and still hasn’t gotten the cold weather flying for her.  Which I, of course, think is silly.  His argument is that he might not be leveling her for much longer so why get it if he is just going to stop leveling her soon.  My response is that he will have to get it eventually.  Might as well get it now and make life easier on himself.  But hey, that’s logic, which being a woman I am not supposed to have nor use /sarcasm.

The “Midnight Raiderzz” as Andrew calls us, just might turn into the ToC group.  Dily, Andrew and I were talking about it.  At first I was thinking of having an Ulduar run for our alts (we have a ton of 80s that are geared alts) but Dily suggested ToC instead.  In reality we are more than geared for regular ToC.  We just have to be able to go in with 3 healers and good dps.  We have the tanks, we have the healers, and we have the dps.  Luckily all of these people (excluding like 1 or 2) are free for the late night runs.  I think we might just be getting our 2nd real raid day.

Another option I was thinking of was having Thursday night be day 1 of Ulduar where we knock out the siege areas and the antechamber and Saturday be progression where we take out the keepers and move on to the general and yoggy.  I want to complete this raid soooo badly.  I want to see all of it.  Then when we are raiding in ICC, I want to do the hard modes.  Hey just being realistic.  This raid is so very well done.  Props to Blizzard for making it available to everyone.

Now if only they would get rid of 25 man raiding and the gear disparity.  Because seriously, if the gear was the same, no one would raid in 25 man.  No one.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nitedragon
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 14:45:32

    wish i would have signed up for sat uld raid. but i really don’t like riding the damn mounts at the begining. oh well. btw, he got the flying last night.


    • koalabear21
      Dec 07, 2009 @ 14:52:41

      Probably waited until I logged off for the night and did it when I wouldn’t know about it.


      I wondered why you didn’t sign up for the raid. 😦 You missed an awesome night


  2. Ak
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 15:46:36

    I may have decided I like ‘Midnite Raidaz’ better.


    …Maybe jazz it up a bit.

    [(~xXx~)] M I D N I T E • R A I D A Z [(~xXx~)]

    Oh there we go.

    That’s classy.


  3. Vel
    Dec 08, 2009 @ 02:56:45

    Honestly now that the gear there is going to be obsolete fast, I think we should start raid extending Ulduar so we can practice at the bosses we havn’t hit yet.

    I actually had some other ideas, but notsur who, if any of us, would have the time or and/or knowledge to carry them out/


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