Group Projects

Everyone can remember a time when they were in school and they were forced to do a group project.  Everyone hated group projects.  You would end up doing all the work and the rest of the group would get full credit.  I’ve even had teachers tell me that it didn’t matter if someone in the group didn’t pull their weight, the whole group would get the same grade.  The “smart” kids hated these assignments the most.  Especially if the groups were assigned by the teacher.  My teachers always put me, one of the “smart” kids, in a group with total morons.  Every.  Single.  Time.  It never failed.  I would always get put into a group with the dumbest people in the class.  Since I was usually in the “honors” classes, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but even then,  some of those people in the honors and AP classes really did not belong there.

Things changed when I got into the higher levels of college.  By the time I was in the 400-500 level of classes (jr-sr) I had become so burned out with school that I became the hated person in a group.  Don’t get me wrong, I did my work, but I was no longer making sure everyone else did their shit.  I refused to take charge and do anything more than the bare minimum.  My group originally was thrilled to have me in their group, I was one of the smarter people in the class, always was participating in lecture and got the answers correct when the professors would ask them.  When they found out that I just didn’t give a fuck anymore and wasn’t all for making sure I got 110% on everything, it pissed them off.  I know that the accounting field is rabid, not nearly as bad as the law field, but still pretty bad.  There are 4 big firms in San Diego and every single accounting major was supposed to be jonesing for a position with them.  I was apparently odd in not caring.  I put in minimal effort into the class, and I still wound up with an A-.  There were a few people in my group who were convinced I was going to fail only to find out I ended up with the highest test score in all of the classes combined.  I test well.  But that is another story and I went off on a tangent.  Time to get back on track

WoW is both a solo and a group game.  While leveling, it is essentially a solo game.  When you get into instances and raids then suddenly it is a group game.  You have to be able to function in a group.  Everyone will get the same grade essentially.  You will have the people who will want to slack off and not do anything, and you will have the few people who will carry the rest of the group.  Oh, you say, she is talking about PuG raids!  Yeah I am.

Several other blogs, and articles at have brought up this topic and discussed it to the ground, but dammit I want to talk about it too!

Last night in vent we got going about this topic.  Dily and I can get pretty heated about the morons that inhabit our server and run the PuG “raids” there.  I wont PuG raids, he does sometimes.  Since Vel was talking with us at that time, it is fair to say that he does occasionally, but admits it is just for the achievements.  He is an admitted achievement whore.  For the longest time our guild couldn’t even pull together enough people to do a 5 man let alone a 10 man raid.  During that time several people would PuG the raids available (at the time it was just Naxx) and upgrade from there.  Now we have guildies who regularly PuG TotC and Ony.  They don’t form the raids just join them.  As a result several of our guildies are geared enough to go into ICC.  It is rather cool when I think about it, especially because we are still in Ulduar.

The vast majority of the people on our server who set up PuG raids want to be carried through.  They demand you be geared, know the fights, have the achievement, etc.  Our guild does 10 mans, we have to PuG if we want to do 25s, which means we won’t have the achievement usually, but will still know the fights, and the vast majority of us know how to play our characters.  I made the comment last night, “I might not be in a hardcore, bleeding edge guild.  I might not be in the ideal spec for getting every last drop of dps out of my class, but damn it, I know how to play my character, and I know how to play her well.”

Frankly I wouldn’t want to be a part of these PuG groups.  They are the group projects from school all over again.  I am not about to go back to where I was in the past where I do all the work and the slackers get the credit.  Not happening.

Tomorrow I will finish up this thought I have on this, and where I am ultimately going, so stay tuned!