Groups part 2

Since I started playing WoW my views on playing in groups has changed.  When I first started making the push to get my warlock to level cap I was leveling with Andrew.  He was running his pally and we were making our way through STV.  Then, as usually happens, he stopped having time to level his pally and my poor warlock just sat there unloved.  Just as she was getting really fun to play.  So I made the decision to stop waiting for him and just move off on my own.  A similar thing happened when my warlock hit 60 and moved on to the Outlands.  I didn’t have BC until I was almost 60 so I wasn’t able to go there at 58.  My now ex boyfriend had re-joined the game to play with me.  He had a level 60 warrior left over from Vanilla WoW and we decided to level together.  He had already been through HF several times on other toons so he was all for rushing through it and just leveling through instances.  This was my first toon there and I wanted to experience it.  I wanted to read the quests, take in the sights, and figure it out on my own.  Our playing together lasted all of 2 days.  After that I decided I wouldn’t level with someone again.

For most of my playing, I have gone solo.  This reflects on how I am in RL as well.  I prefer to do things myself because if I don’t then I have no guarantee it will get done.  I am just too much of a control freak to allow someone else to take charge.  I’d like to think that I have gotten better, to an extent, but I know that I really haven’t.  At least I am honest about it.

A while back I mentioned how I was trying to lead the raid groups when I wasn’t truly the raid leader.  That has since changed and I am the raid leader 98% of the time.  But back then I wasn’t.  Since I started playing with Call of Fate (now Echo of Fate) I wanted to be an officer and raid with them.  I used to sit in vent while they were raiding Kara and wish that I could see what they were seeing and join in on the fun they all seemed to be having.  When CoF had officer voting right before Wrath came out I wanted to be on the list soooo badly.  Unfortunately the requirements were that you had to be 70 and raiding.  So I never told anyone (until now) that I wanted to be on the list of prospective officers.  When Wrath came and went and the guild dwindled down to 4-5 people logging in at any given time I was kind of pushed into an unofficial officer position.  Which I just loved.  Eventually our GL made it official and I had finally achieved what I had wanted for so long.  I felt like I was part of a special group of people and that all my time and hard work had finally paid off.

Then we all left CoF and Mis created EoF.  I felt sure I would be an officer since I had been one in CoF and had proven I was an asset.  Instead Mis said that he didn’t want to make officers because there were too many people who deserved that title and it would seem odd to new recruits if there were like 10 officers and only 5 members.  Because of all that I had done for the guild I was put in charge of scheduling and organizing raids.  Mostly since I was already doing that job.  I referred to myself as the “scheduling bitch” and thus became the calendar nazi.

As with most casual guilds, ours went through a “nice” downturn in people signing in.  You have already heard me complain about it in the past so I wont repeat myself (for once) and go over all the details.  In the last month or so, probably closer to two now, we have regularly had 9-14 people online each evening.  It has been wonderful.  We have had enough people for raids and heroics and general fun stuff.  Since Mis has been dealing with a lot of RL stuff and hadn’t been online people started turning to those of us who were online all the time.  Namely me and occasionally Dily.  We joked that I had become the De facto guild leader in Mis’ absence.  This put me in a slight problem because I wasn’t even an officer anymore.  The only person who was an officer and was online at least somewhat regularly was my sweetie.  I am of the firm impression that no one realizes that he is an officer, and he sure as hell isn’t going to tell you he is unless you ask him.  So people weren’t going to him with issues, they were bringing them to me mostly.

I loved it.  I have always been the bossy one.  When I was a kid, despite being the middle child, I was the one who lead everything.  In school I was the group leader, if I wasn’t then things went sour.  Mostly because I am essentially a brat at heart and would throw a fit.  I still do that, I just hope it has lessened in frequency.

One of our fairly new recruits, Viva, had asked me to come heal a heroic for him and his friends.  He has brought in several of his friends and coworkers over to our guild.  Some of them have even server and faction changed to join us.  These guys are awesome and fit in so well with us.  I like all of them, well maybe not Devil ;-), oh ok fine, I like Devil, he is so easy to tease.  One of the guys in the group with us was a shaman friend of Viva’s who was currently without a guild.  Viva introduced me as the guild leader.  Whoa.  I had to stop him and say that no, I wasn’t the guild leader, I wasn’t even an officer.  I just happen to be online every day and had kind of taken up the reins while Mis was gone.  No harm, no foul.

Since then I had been thinking.  Did I want to be a guild leader?  Did I want that kind of responsibility?  The answer boiled down to yes.  However, I also acknowledged that I would be perfectly happy just being an officer.  Something that legitimately gave me authority to do what I was already doing.  It only made sense.  The ship has to have someone at the wheel and EoF was lacking in this department.

Last night, patch night of course, Mis logged in and made promotions.  He is not stepping down, despite what his blog post the other day might have implied, but he made some new officers and promoted some members to Vet status.  As he said last night, it was long overdue.  So now Dily, Andrew, Vel and myself are now officers.  Heleva was promoted to Vet, and when I get online tonight one of the “new” recruits, Shavok, will also get promoted to Vet.  He was brought in with Viva and is such an awesome guy and is so helpful, that he really deserves getting a promotion.  Congrats to everyone.

Yesterday my post talking about my college time brought back all the memories.  How I had grown to hate groups and being in charge of them.  Now when it comes to this game, I am thriving on it.  I know eventually I will want to be a GL of my own guild.  Not any time soon, but eventually.  Like Mis when he formed EoF, I have ideas and plans that I would like to do.  However, I enjoy what I have in my current situation and am satisfied enough to where I don’t need to make changes.  The brat inside is content.