Epic man!

Yes you can


Another thank you to Andrew for this gem.

So last night I finally got a chance to check out the new 5 mans, on regular.  The first 2 were really easy to heal.  In fact I didn’t have any problems until the gauntlet in the round room.  I don’t remember what the hell it is called.  Those rogues suck ass.  I spent most of the time being dazed and stunned, which meant I couldn’t even get a rejuv off.  BTW the new glyph means I need to change my healing a tad bit.  The HoTs fall off so fast that I need to up my reaction time.

We finally found a strategy that kept us alive, well at least me so that I could keep everyone else alive.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was having a hell of a time seeing people in there.  There was something about the light in the dungeon that just wasn’t allowing my horrid vision to see my guildies.  Not fun.

After we finished up in there I did my daily random dungeon on my girls.  First up Millea.  I queued up, took several minutes before I was even put into a group, then I got teleported to VH.  Ok no biggie, cake.  3 of the people in the group were in the same guild, and all of them were TOC 25 geared.  Then there was me, who is probably TOC 10 geared.  The final guy was a boomkin and was sitting in ICC gear level.  I was the least geared person there.  We get to the first boss and it is the water boss.  I offer to get the switches, they tell me ok.  So I am standing next to a switch by the water tank, because that just happened to be where I was when we found out who the boss was.  I don’t know what happened, but the boss came straight for me and started beating on me and I died.  I didn’t get one fucking heal.  The tank is all “oh I am sorry, my taunt didn’t work.”  First of all he is a fucking Pally, where was consecrate?  How would Avenger’s shield NOT work?!!?!  He didn’t even bother to taunt the boss.  I WASN’T ATTACKING I DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING TO KEEP AGGRO.  Fuckers.  Then, something I found hilariously pathetic, the tank NEEDED on the items that the final boss dropped.  Everyone else, including his guildies, rolled disenchant.  Dipshit.

I ended up with UK on my druid.  We had a super geared DPS warrior, an average geared (uld-toc) kitty druid, a fresh 80 mage and a fresh 80 pally tank.  It was interesting to say the least.  He didn’t know what he was doing and blamed it on being in the the “milatary” (his spelling not mine) and not having played for a while.  The warrior kept pulling aggro and I kept dying because my healing aggro was too much.  *sigh*  This was heroic UK, I’ve 3 manned it before.  >.<

Oh well.

Anyway I must leave you now.  My sweetie’s plane has landed and I need to go get him 😀