To PuG or not to PuG, that is the question

Since the patch went live I have attempted the random dungeons to get my emblems of frost.  I only did it a few times before yesterday because my sweetie was here for a while.  Yesterday I thought I would run several and see how I liked them.

I found out that I am a very bitchy testy healer.  If you are the tank and run away from me, you obviously don’t need me.  Plain and simple.

The night started off bad.  I queued up on my healer and got Old Kingdom.  No biggie I can do it.  I wasn’t even fully loaded on the screen when the tank was pulling the mobs in the front area.  We didn’t even have all of the dps.  Nor was anyone buffed.  I waited for the hunter to show up, he had left to repair, then I moved forward and started looting and skinning.  I kept going slow.  I figured the tank would wait for me eventually or at the least say something.  I was wrong.  I was 2 rooms away when he pulled the first boss.  Then when I finally made it to where the boss was, no one bothered to keep the adds off of me.  How I managed to heal that, I’ll never know.  I was being interrupted left and right.

The rest of the instance was like that.  He just charged through the whole damn thing like we were on a fucking timer or something.  Each pull got me pisser and pisser.  By the time we got to the trash before the final boss I was livid.  I had stopped healing him by this point and he was down to like 25% health.  He finally stopped though and asked “uh healz?”  I replied “Maybe if you slowed down a bit and made sure I was there you might get some.  I just figured that since you were so far ahead of me that you obviously didn’t need me so I didn’t need to heal you.”  His reply was that he was used to running instances in 15 mins or less.  We were at the 17 min mark.  Then the hunter pipped up, “fast instances are the way of the future lolz.”  I said “not with me” and promptly dropped group.  oopsie, my bad!

I then did some other stuff on her that I wanted done then queued up again because I still did not have my badges of frost on her.  Just my luck I got Halls of Reflection.  Now I have only done this instance on regular and had a hell of a time healing it on that.  I had never done it on heroic and had hoped to do it first with my guildies.  I was in a group with a warrior tank, a dps DK, an arcane mage and a destro lock.  I was the least geared out of all of them and I am geared for ToC 25.  I had such a hard time keeping everyone healed.  The tank started the instance each time before everyone was in the corner, including me, nor was everyone buffed.  Then while I am in the corner he kept running out of it and staying out, which not only put him out of range but out of line of sight.  When I complained the asshole DK said “then move!”  My reply to that was “I thought we were supposed to stay in this room, NOT run all over the place, was I wrong?”  No one replied, but the tank came back into the room.  What he did do however, was stop picking up the mobs that came for me.  I was stunned and cursed and attacked more than I should ever be.  I am the fucking healer, if I die, we all die.  No ifs ands buts about it.  We wiped like 4 or 5 times before we finally cleared that room.  Then as I was looting my mobs suddenly I see the DK tell the tank to pull.  I wasn’t even in the room.  I said, “guess I am not needed then.”  His reply was “Yeah instead of running forward just stand there and type that.  Solid!”  I told him “Yeah I am not needed.” and promptly dropped group.  Fuck him.

At this point I was fed up with healing.  So I switched over to my warlock to get her her 2 frost emblems.  She got queued up for Forge of Souls, which I had only healed on twice, once on regular and once on heroic.  I had no idea how to dps on it.  The group didn’t care.  I died in the first 2 seconds of a pull.  I didn’t even have time to get a cast off.  The healer either hated healing warlocks or just was a bad healer.  I was afraid to life tap because she wasn’t giving me heals.  No one asked questions they just plowed through the instance.   I think I died a total of 5 times.  I still don’t know how to dps that instance.  I spent more time dead then actually doing anything.  What I couldn’t understand was how I could have possibly pissed off the healer.  I stoned her when I got in, I didn’t life tap unless we were out of combat, and then only once because I don’t like being a burden on the healers.  I didn’t say a damn word in chat, but I still didn’t get any heals.  It wasn’t like the rest of the group was taking a ton of damage either. *sigh*

Since I had about an hour before dailies reset I knew I had to get  my druid back in there.  So I queued up yet again and got into the Nexus.  The people in my group were average geared and so far were pretty nice.  The bear tank was around ilvl 200.  He said that he hadn’t played since Naxx 25 was the end raid and was out of practice.  He was a nice guy, kept things at a normal pace.  There was, however, a ret pally that wanted him to just “go go go” and I said “If he does then I wont heal.  I can switch to boomkin and you can heal.”  The pally was all “Yeah!  Let’s do that!  I solo healed regular HoS as ret!”  Yeah I wasn’t doing that to the rest of the group, who was actually pretty nice.  So I just didn’t heal the pally.  When he died on the 2nd boss he was all “Did you seriously just do that on purpose?”  My reply, “Who me?  Never!”  Apparently sarcasm is not something they were used to because the pally didn’t get it and the tank started taking the blame.  I jumped in and said that I didn’t heal him.  The tank said oh, and the pally didn’t talk for the rest of the run.  We finished the run (finally got my badges) and the pally needed on the orb after everyone else had greeded.  I turned to him and said “You seriously just needed on a frost orb?!”  His reply “Well yeah, isn’t that what you are supposed to do?”  *headdesk*  I was just like whatever and waited for him to leave.  When he was gone I told the tank that I liked running with him and was interested in doing another instance.  He was all for it so we queued up for another one.  We got HoL and got a group of DPS that was all ICC geared.  They killed the first boss in 19 seconds.  The overall dps was 14k.  On the first fight the pally did almost 8600 dps.  They were all for barrelling through the instance too.  I said “If you do that you will die, I don’t heal stupid.”  So they calmed down a bit.  They were killing things so quickly that the poor tank couldn’t even get any rage.  I think we finished in there in like 10-15 mins.  The tank kept talking about how crazy their dps was.  One of them made a comment “At this point EVERYONE in the game should have this high of dps.”  My reply to him was “You must live in a bubble then.”  No, EVERYONE does not do 5k dps.  I am excited that my warlock does 3k dps in 5 mans.  Am I just missing something that says EVERYONE is averaging 5k dps?  Sheesh.

Luckily that run netted me 2 more emblems of Frost so I technically don’t have to do it again today on my druid.  Outside of last night’s run with my warlock, I haven’t had too much trouble with dpsing in groups.  I just apparently had all the luck last night.

What I want to know is, why do people treat the healers like crap?  You NEED the healer.  Why would you go out of your way to be an asshole to them?   It makes absolutely no fucking sense to me.  Before this patch I avoided PuGs, I just wouldn’t do them.  If I couldn’t have a full guild run, I wouldn’t go.  Now I am essentially being forced to PuG at least once a day.  I wasn’t a true angry healer before, but damn if I am not one now.  So be warned, if you piss me off, I will not hesitate to either let you die, or drop group right before the final boss.  If you are going to be a dickwad to me, then I will fuck over your group.

Fuck you


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  1. Misneach
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 13:53:25

    I gave the random dungeon thing a go this past weekend. I had two guildies with me on dps…don’t think I’d do it without a couple of people I know.

    I pulled quick…at least it felt quick to me…but I never pulled once without making sure the healer was on me.

    Clearing an instance in 15 minutes isn’t worth the headache or the repair bill, IMO. I’d much rather have a clean run.


    • koalabear21
      Dec 14, 2009 @ 13:55:25

      Thats because you are a good tank. There was never any question there. I might give you crap about pulling, but you would at least wait for me to be ready.


  2. kaozz
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 15:13:49

    I know exactly how you feel. I am sooo glad I have my own tank to do groups with. We both get treated like crap a lot. GO GO GO.. I swear if I hear this one more time I’m going to scream lol.

    We are insulted some days even before a run starts, by dps that can’t even pay attention, or can’t speak proper English. I want my kick button back. I want to remove these jerks from my groups. Chances are someone doesn’t care and they end up staying… gee thanks.

    But yeah.. everything is so fast paced. I have debated letting jerks die. The obviously don’t need heals!! Superstar dps, they can do it all. What’s really funny is when they can’t even out dps my tank, yet they insult us.


  3. Nitedragon
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 15:53:35

    I must just be the lucky one. I haven’t had many problems with my groups, could be that I’m the tank. I do get the “go go go” crap, but I go at my own pace although I still try to get through it pretty quick. But I don’t pull the next group unless the entire group is with me.

    I did have a couple that liked to pull without the group. I let a dps warrior die during 1 run when he charged the boss before I got there. I had a huntard that like to pull and misdirect to me. I tried letting her die.

    I guess I like the new system, it’s kinda turning me into an ass. May have to start telling them if they pull before me, they will die.


    • koalabear21
      Dec 14, 2009 @ 16:11:39

      You are the tank, you can do that. Just like I am the healer and can choose to not heal them. 😀

      You could never be an ass Nite, you are too sweet of a guy


  4. Hinenuitepo
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 17:11:44

    Sorry to hear it. 🙂
    My experiences have really been quite positive as dps and heals.. 😉


  5. Ness
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 07:07:10

    Not EVERYONE is doing 5k dps, but the dps people are doing has GREATLY increased. I don’t think I’ve been in a PuG so far where the low man isn’t above 2.5-3. It’s crazy really.

    The best thing to do is grab a tank from the guild and queue up with them. It’ll be a little slower getting the Pug, but you’ll get 3 random people each time and have control over the two important spots, tank and heal. You guys set the pace. And since everyone needs tanks and heals, you’ll probably get a group right away, every time.

    And then just remember that you’re now playing with less experienced people with better gear that think they can do anything and people from other servers that you’ll never see again, so they’re jsut gonna wanna get through as quickly as possible and not care about anything else. So, fuck ’em =D


    • koalabear21
      Dec 15, 2009 @ 11:54:19

      Yeah I plan on it. I have become the angry healer who wont heal you and will drop group if you are a jerk.

      It is kind of a nice feeling, like a weight has been lifted.

      I like it 😀


  6. Syrana
    Dec 19, 2009 @ 11:02:04

    Regarding the “at this point everyone should have uber dps” *rolls eyes*

    I’m sorry, I didn’t know every character in WoW started at the same time…. or has the same /played…



  7. Syrana
    Dec 19, 2009 @ 11:03:04

    Added note: Comment is directed at the idiot pugger that said that to you 😛


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