To boldly go!

Last night was our first “official” EoF ToC 10 run despite there only being 5 guildies there to start off with.  *sigh*  It wasn’t that people signed up and didn’t show up, we just didn’t have anyone online.  We recently updated the raiding rules and they now say that we will PuG if we don’t have enough guildies.  I told the other officers that I was going to PuG that I wasn’t going to let a lack of sign ups make me miss out on my raiding.

Considering that outside of the people we nabbed, only one of our guildies had been in ToC before, we did a fantastic job.  We had a rough start with the Northern Beasts.  Those worms were just a big PITA.  Once we got them down we managed to one-shot everything else up to the final boss.  Yes, we one-shot faction champions :D.  We just got lucky with their composition.

I don’t know what our problem was with the last boss.  We had the dps, we had the heals, the tanks were great, we just couldn’t pull it together.  It might have been a lack of unity of the players.  We have gotten spoiled doing 100% guild runs and being with a bunch of PuGs, who all knew the fight, was a bit much to handle.  Although one of the guys we brought in was Australian and I was seriously melting at his voice.  I told him several times that I loved it, which he never replied.  *sigh*

With the advent of a weekly raid quest our raiding calendar has changed a bit.  Now instead of 2 nights where we raid we have 3.  This makes me very happy indeed.  Wednesday night we are going to do the weekly raid quest.  Thursday night, formerly our 8 man Naxx run, will now be Ulduar, which will be extended as far as we can take it.  Saturday, which was our Ulduar progression run, will now be ToC.  I am thinking that once we get used to ToC we can probably add Ony into the mix on the same night.  I am so tingly with excitement :D.

We have so many new members in our guild I don’t recognize anyone anymore.  The hunter we brought in a while back, Viva, has brought in at least 10-15 people with him.  All friends, family and coworkers.  Many of them keep bringing in their other toons.  Dily said the other day that they enjoy our guild.  They have gotten tired of the raiding guild mentality and like our relaxed atmosphere.  We also recently brought in a guy who one of our Vets was leveling an alt with.  He has a level 80 rogue that he doesn’t like to play and is in the process of leveling a shaman.  He has since brought in a half a dozen of his friends.  Several who are level 80 and very nicely geared.  All of these people are nice and get along with us very well.  I just need to get used to them.  When I was gone for a few days because my sweetie was visiting, we got like 6 or 7 new people.  I logged in on Sunday and saw all these names I had never seen before and was slightly disconcerted.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to everyone yet, but the few that I have talked to are pretty nice.

I wanted to put a shoutout to a guildie’s blog.  Nite started it up a bit ago and I feel horrible for not sending people over there sooner.  He doesn’t have a lot of posts yet, but I know that he will most likely put more up when he can.  He is in the process of moving his family cross country AND has a new baby on the way.  😀  So go stop by his blog and leave him a comment.  As I told him earlier today, he is my favorite tank to heal.  Favorite tank to run with too.  Enjoy!


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  1. Ness
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 14:09:32

    Northrend Beasts, FC, and Anub’arak can all be a pain in the ass some times, just gotta have smart people. NRB is possibly the hardest fight in there, being you have 3 bosses to take down with no breaks. I know that’s the case in ToGC, you get past them, you’re pretty much set until Anub. Wish I would’ve had a little more time to help explain the Anub fight too, but I figured you guys would be alright. The lock was annoying as hell, but all the PuG’s we had were all pretty decent and knew what they were doing, thankfully.

    My personal vote is to start Ony runs on a different day. That raid is quick and easy, IF, once again, you have smart people. Everyone does what they are supposed to, it’s a piece of cake. Then once we get them both down pat, start running them the same night. At that time if we are one shotting everything, it shouldn’t take an hour and a half to do both. Which is bad at all.

    And I think Nite is your favorite tank because of his bear dance. Everyone gets mesmerized by that. They should put a little clown hat on the bears when they dance…. throw ’em on a unicycle or something =D


    • koalabear21
      Dec 15, 2009 @ 14:18:41

      I actually booted the lock at the start of the twins. I think you were still there for that. He didn’t leave me alone for the rest of the night. Kept sending me mail messages and couldn’t understand what I was pissed about.


      Yes they should have little hats when they dance. The dance has edged him into position slightly, but the fact that he actually waits for me is what really put him as #1.

      You are up there too Mr! Warrior tanks are just impatient on principle.


      • koalabear21
        Dec 15, 2009 @ 14:29:23

        The lock was a jerk from the get go. I almost didn’t bring him because of it. The only reason I did was because there weren’t a lot of people in queue for the 10 man raids. He refused to get in vent, despite us telling him that most of us had never been there before and that is where everyone was talking. He kept spouting off stuff in raid chat, which was either ignored or missed. He would die right away, not from lack of heals, at least not from me, and then spend the rest of the fight asking for a battle rez. When we got to the twins we had to bring in another player because we lost one of our dps. Since he wasn’t in vent he didn’t hear this. However, he took it upon himself to start the encounter to get his hellfire buff welllllllll before we were even situated. I understand that the boss didn’t aggro, but you do NOT start the encounter unless asked to.

        I had several people telling me that he was a jerk and didn’t want him there. When he started the fight I had enough and asked the group if they would hate me if I booted him, no one had a problem with it. So away he went.


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