What!? No way!

Yes, I actually had a decent PuG.

My mage dinged 75 the other day and yesterday I finally picked her up and started playing her again.  She was sitting all during my time off this last weekend and has built up a nice chunk of rested XP.  Last night I decided to do some quests in ZD until she hit 76 then head on over to SB because of all of the delicious herbs there.  While running around Dalaran (I really am not sure why I was doing that) I saw that I was high enough for the Violet Hold quest.  Sweet!  So I got myself in queue and headed off to quest while I waited.

Right off the bat the tool told me I had around a 17 min wait.  Ok, not too bad.  I started killing trolls and putting out fires when someone in general chat was looking for more for the amphitheater.  Sweet!  I had picked up the quest while running around Dalaran earlier, but was going to bother my guildies to help me with it at some other time.  I replied to the guy that I was interested and boom, I was grouped.  Whoops, I was just booted out of the queue for VH, damn it.  Oh well, no biggie, I can always get back in when I am done.

We had no problem getting the guys down in the ring.  I was quite proud of myself with my dps, both overall and actual.  I was #2 on the meters, just behind the level 77 elemental shammy.  Now let’s face it, ele shammies are so OP it isn’t even funny.  I swear they hit 80 doing 3-4k dps in quest greens >.>, but I digress.  As soon as we were done I queued myself back up, got another 17 min wait time, then went back to killing trolls and putting out fires.

I had completed all of the quests I had wanted to do in that area when I noticed I had the quest to kill the monster in the lake.  I asked my guildies if someone was free to help me and Dily flew on over and helped me slaughter it.  Again, got dropped out of queue *sigh*.  Popped myself back in and about 15 mins later got a group.  Woot!

Zone in and the party leader, who is a hunter, starts chatting away.  There was a shammy who was in the group with us who didn’t zone in right away.  The hunter immediately starts off on the guy about getting in here quickly, etc, etc.  I chimed in that maybe he was stuck on a loading screen or stuck fighting and not able to teleport right away.  The hunter kept going off on the shammy, ignoring me.  Fed up, the shammy left the group.  We queue up another dps and get a level 73 rogue.  The guy was really nice and told us that he had never done this dungeon so he was worried he might goof up.  Me, the pally tank, and the resto druid all reassured him that he would be fine.  The instance was fairly self explanatory and we wouldn’t boot him.  The pally called the rogue “babe” and the hunter couldn’t swallow that.  Started going off about how that was just “gay” because they were both male characters.  Turns out they were both guys IRL too and found the hunter’s reaction hilarious.  I chimed in with something along the lines of the hunter not being comfortable with his sexuality, which the pally obviously was.  Everyone but the hunter laughed.

Throughout the first boss fight and up to the 2nd boss fight the hunter showed his age.  He HAD to be a kid.  His reactions to our comments just showed his severe lack of maturity.  Oh man, when he found out I was a female, the terribad flirting never stopped.  *sigh*

We got Lavanthor (sp?) as the first boss and he went down like melted butter.  He also dropped some delicious cloth gloves.  Since I was the only clothie, guess who won :D.  The next boss was Morag.  I don’t know what happened but I got targeted with his eye beam thingy and went splat.  Then the tree went splat.  Then the hunter.  The rogue and the pally were doing pretty good for a while, but they weren’t putting out enough dps to bring down the boss and it ended up being a wipe.  When we made our way back in we noticed that the hunter had dropped group.  None of us were bothered by it.  We all agreed to keep going and found another dps, a DK.  Suddenly I had dps competition, and it was awesome.  Between the pally and the DK I wasn’t pulling too much aggro off them.  I do ❤ my invisibility button though.  Nifty little fact:  In regular VH, when you wipe after you have killed a boss, when you kill him again, he drops more loot.

By the end of the run I was above and beyond every other dps in there.  I started out at level 75 and dinged 76 at the 3rd to last portal.  I am sure the healer was thrilled that my health went way back up lol.

Overall it was a great group.  Each person, sans the hunter, was really nice and content to move through the instance at a human pace.  I haven’t been in such a good PuG in a long time.  I kind of wish I had kept their names so I could have given them a shout out, but alas I didn’t.  I don’t think this run will completely change my mind on PuGs, but at least now I am not 100% against them.

So to you great people I ran regular Violet Hold with on the Ruin battlegroup, thank you!!

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  1. Lisa
    Dec 16, 2009 @ 15:18:41

    Yay! Hey, how was the visit?


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