Status update, kind of

Somewhat busy day today at work.  My boss is getting ready to leave on vacation for a week so he goes through and has a ton of last minute things that “have” to be done right now.  This means I end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get it done yesterday for him.  I swear the man has no concept of how long something takes to get completed.

Things appear to be going smoothly on the game front.  Although there might be something simmering, I have a mental note to look into it to make sure there isn’t anything happening, or if there is, then to nip it in the bud.  Ahh guild drama, how you never fail to appear when things are going good.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my mage.  I just have lost the urge to chain run heroics for badges.  I just don’t care that much.  Both of my 80s are geared for the raiding level we are actually running.  I don’t NEED to be ICC geared to run Ulduar and regular ToC.  My guildies are all making this mad rush to get badges and more badges and even more badges.  It has turned me off from wanting to do heroics.  I’d like to do the new 5 mans, get a better grasp of healing and dpsing in there, but I don’t really care what drops.  Yes the upgrades are cool and are nice for my girls, but it isn’t the end all for me.  I want to have fun when I play, not pour over the gear lists and freak when someone else gets the drop I’ve been farming for days.  So I have been leveling my mage.  And herbing.

I officially hate level 80s and their fast drakes in the lowbie zones.  I know all is fair in farming your herbs and WoW, but I need these damn things to level my alchemy, *sigh*.  I really don’t even plan on selling the flasks or herbs for the most part.  If I need the cash I might, but for the most part I will be making stuff to use for myself.  Flasks can get expensive when you are buying for more than 1 80, especially when you start raiding more than normal.  On Bloodhoof it is cheaper to buy the pre-made flasks than getting the mats to have someone make the flasks for you.  The price on frost lotus is just insane.  Since I started herbing in Northrend I have gotten about 15 of them and I obsessively get every herb node I find.  It was quite funny last night because while questing in ZD I had picked so much of one kind of herb that I had ran out of designated room for it in my 32 slot herb bag.

Ok I guess I should explain that part.  I have to be very organized in my bags.  If things are in the wrong bag, or even in the wrong place in my bags they need to be moved.  Call it OCD I don’t care.  My bags are organized as much as humanly possible.  Specific bags are for specific things.  I have a bag that has my hearthstone, any tools needed for my profs, reagents, potions, bandages, food and the such.  A bag for quest items only.  A bag for useful items such as greens and cloth.  If the character has a gather profession, like my mage with herbs, or my warlock with her soul shards, then I have a 32 slot bag for that.  My LW keeps her bag in the bank.  My backpack is used for vendor trash only.  The moment I get quest items, a BoE green or cloth, it gets moved to the appropriate bag, unless I have already received one of the item and then it just stacks.  I pick up everything that drops.  I don’t care if it is grey or purple, it gets picked up and sorted.  I have to routinely sort the bags.  If I don’t then it drives me nuts until I do.  I’ve gotten good at doing it while autorunning, especially in instances.  If I am doing a lower level instance and just looting everything I can, I STILL have to have my bags organized.  My guildies were teasing me about it last night.  The fact of the matter is I can find everything in my bags whereas other people *cough* my sweetie *cough* can never find anything in their bags.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway back to the lack of “designated room” in my bag.  As many of you gatherers know when you gather stuff you get different items.  When I farm herbs I end up with 8 different kinds, on top of eternal/crystallized life.  That all needs a slot in the bag.  So to keep things in order I make designated slots so when a stack gets full, I wont have to reorganize the items.  This means putting a single item in the spot I want to use.  In my herb bag I have a row of goldclover, tiger lily, t-rose, adder’s tongue, dreadnettle, a spot for frost lotus, ice thorn, lichbloom, crystallized life and eternal life.  I compulsively keep only one stack of crystallized life around, but will only change it over to an eternal once I get 11.  When I was leveling in BT I actually had 2 rows of GC and TL.  I haven’t given IT and LB their own rows because I haven’t found a whole lot of them yet.  To be fair I just hit 77 before I went to bed, so I am sure that they will end up with their own row now.  Well last night I was in ZD and the herb of choice for the region is T-rose.  It is everywhere and no one is around farming it.  I had, at one point, over 120 of them.  That is MUCH more than the amount allotted in my bag for it.  I noticed it when I went to move a quest item and saw that I had several herbs in my backpack.  Then I was all uncomfortable that the t-roses weren’t all in the same row.  That is why they were picking on me last night.  Not that they ever need a reason, but that was the particular one they had last night.

Ah well, such is my life.

I didn’t become an accountant for no reason you know.