Fail Mage Powers Activate!

Yesterday was a fun filled adventure in fail mage dps.  I didn’t do too too bad according to Dily.  Of course with him he then went on to tell me all about the tier gear and which would be better for me here and there etc.  I had to stop him because I just wont remember it.  I am not the best when it comes to gear.  I can’t grind for hours/days/weeks/months for a shiny new piece of gear.  As long as the character I choose to raid with is geared for the encounter we are raiding, I am good.  Right now both of my raiders (Millea & Tatia) are geared for TotC.  Millea is geared for 10 man and Tatia is geared for 25 man.  We are running 10 man regular.  I am perfectly fine for what we are raiding.  When we decide we want to move further along, I will get the appropriate gear then.  I don’t need to be fully geared out in 245 ilvl gear on every toon to be happy.  Is that not putting the optimal amount of dps or hps out there?  Probably, but then that is why I am not in a hardcore raiding guild.  We take raiding seriously, but we aren’t going to tell you to spec a certain way or squeeze out every last drop of dps that you can by turning yourself into a machine.  I can hold my own when I dps.  I might not always be #1, but I am usually up in the top 3.  When I heal, we usually stay alive.  Although I don’t know if that is because of the other healers in the group or if we just all work so well together that we have less deaths.  Couldn’t tell you.

I got into it a bit yesterday with Dark/Soth over at Clearcasting and I agree with some of his points but I also think that his mentality is what a lot of people have now.  Since so much better gear is now available sooner, everyone should be maxing out on their dps and there should be no such thing as a learning curve.  I call bullshit right there.  The VAST majority of the people playing don’t hit 80 with an entire set of epics waiting for them complete with a rotation that they have down pat.  I know not everyone does the regular dungeons before they hit the heroics, even though they should.  Most people are content to have their guildies carry them through Naxx to get them geared out to do chain heroics.  I don’t want to be “that guy” so I went the PuG route.  I did the regular dungeons until I got better gear then I started on heroics.  I am following the natural chain of progression.  Since I am doing that, I WONT BE DOING 2K DPS RIGHT OUT THE DOOR.  I am sorry but it just doesn’t work that way.  As I do instances more and get a piece of gear here and there, my dps slowly climbs.  Hell I managed to pull off 2k dps overall in Heroic VH with my guild.  I did around 1700 on each boss.  I was ecstatic.  Then we went to the next instance and I was fail dps all over again.  It happens.

I only hit 80 on my mage on Sunday early evening.  While I have been doing a bunch of heroics, I haven’t been sitting there doing nothing but.  I don’t have a ton of badges.  On Monday I got my first piece of badge gear, an ilvl 200 off-hand that has hit on it.  I had 29 badges and I was able to get that with 25.  I went and got the rep weapon from Kirin Tor and I was finally able to lose my heirloom staff.  I was EXCITED when I did this.  I was so happy to get those two items you would have thought that I had gotten a legendary weapon.  I ran heroic VH on Monday night.  I walked away with three upgrades.  I swear I was floating I was so thrilled.  Yesterday I found I had 31 badges, so what did I do?  I went and got myself tier 9 shoulders.  Why did I do that?  Well having already leveled a clothie I know that shoulder upgrades are for shit until you raid.  The best shoulders I had on my warlock were the ones that drop in heroic CoS.  I had those shoulders for almost a whole year.  When we did raid Naxx and I got to go on my warlock, the T7 shoulders never dropped for me.  I had to wait until I could save up 30 triumph badges when I could only get 2 a day in order to upgrade my shoulders.  Even then it took forever because my guild needed me to heal, so Millea got benched.  My getting those shoulders was a big deal.  I am not quite ready to see if I want to get this tier set or that tier bonus, I just wanted to get the biggest gear hurdle knocked down.  I am not sure I explained that to Dily correctly.

One of the cool things from last night was I got randomly put into a PuG group with Trixy, Heleva’s tank.  She had been telling us in vent and gchat how she had made this macro for when she tanks PuGs.  The next thing I knew I was in a heroic AN and her macro was being posted in party chat.  We laughed in vent that we got put into the same group and she told me that I now had blog fodder.  Yeah I kind of do ^_^

That run was a piece of work >.>

The highest geared toon was the DK dpser.  Then Trixy, then me (fail right there if that tells you anything) the pally healer and then the rogue.  The rogue was still in mostly greens and some quest blues.  Considering that, he actually didn’t do too badly on his dps.  I don’t know if the pally was just new to healing, if his gear was the reason, or something else, but he had a hell of a time keeping us all healed.  He was really bad about keeping the poisons off us.  Especially that leeching poison the 2nd boss does that heals her.  I died on the first pulls in the room with the first boss, then he wasn’t making any move to rez me.  I died trying to save him and he couldn’t be arsed to rez me.  It took Trixy running over to try to rez me with the army knife before the pally figured out I was dead. >.> *sigh*  I actually won Essence of Gossamer which I thought was hilarious.  So many tanks ran that instance over and over again to get that trinket, and here I am on my mage and I win it.  I laughed a lot.

We ended up doing heroic Nexus next and when Trixy popped up her macro the healer started laughing.  Said they couldn’t kick her because they had to wait 5 mins.  They were a pretty cool group of people, who might not have been had she not posted that.  There was a moment of “oh shit” when the hunter targeted the rift and pulled the whole group.  He was all “When the hell did that change!?”  Trixy replied “2 patches ago.”  Yeah I laughed again.  I think I was the only death, as per usual.  Totally wasn’t my fault though.  We were on the 4th boss and just as I started to move away from the spikes, he rooted me into place and I died instantly.  *sigh* fail mage.  Trixy was all “why didn’t you blink or ice block?”  Well it happened too quickly for me to react, and I just didn’t think to use those abilities at that time.  When the spikes come, you move.  I think I need to move my “oh shit” buttons around.  I did manage to get the achievement off the final boss though.  That was awesome.  I’ve only ever gotten it on my druid because she can shapeshift to get out of the ice.  I love being a human :D.

I’d like to think that once I get used to doing instances on my mage that I will stop being such a fail dpser.  I noticed that over the course of the evening I got progressively better.  Dily and I were talking about that and he wanted to know if I thought it was the upgrades or if I just fixed my rotation.  I honestly think it was me getting better with my rotation.  Considering I normally play an affliction warlock, you would think I wouldn’t have a problem with keeping my mage DoTs up, but apparently I do.  I am REALLY bad about making sure living bomb is always up.  I am bad about clipping fireball when I get a hot streak and scorch falls off before I realize it.  I know there are add-ons I can get that will help me keep everything in line, but frankly I don’t want to rely on an add-on to tell me how to play.  It will take practice, and I need to do it.  I haven’t had an opportunity to hit up a training dummy as of yet, but I will soon.  I like to use the ones in Darn.  No one is ever there.  I am not sure where the ones in the Exodar are, but that place just confuses me so I avoid it when I can.  All the bright lights from the crystals make it difficult for me to see stuff.

Hopefully soon I won’t be as much as a fail mage as I am now.  Keep your fingers crossed. ^_^


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  1. Dark/Soth
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 11:11:30

    Wow, someone other then Arioch referenced me in a blog. I am not worthy. =p

    An excellent add-on that is simple to use and set up is MageFever. I used to use EventAlert but it hasnt been updated for 3.3 and the developer is AWoL.

    As far as the dps thing goes, and not to continually beat the dead horse here, I just wanted to add two things.

    First, if you head over to Ensidia’s blog you can read about their stories and their race to level 80 when Wrath launched back in 2008. They linked screenshots from normal Utgarde Keep with their toons at level 70-72. They are decked out in T6/Sunwell gear (roughly equivalent to level 78 blues) and pulling 1500-2k dps. This is done without level 80 epics and without all the ranks of their spells, and without the new spells you get at 75 and 80, which boost dps. Obviously, these are the best of the best raiders out there. So an average person cannot compare to that. But is it too much to ask to meet their performance once you hit level 80 and have access to level 80 epics, max spell ranks, and access to a wealth of information detailing exactly how to spec and what rotations to use.

    Second point, and one I should of made in our argument/discussion from the beginning but eventually alluded to at the end, is that I do not really have any issue with any level 80s who can’t pull 2k dps. Its fine. If you don’t have your spec worked out, if you are still practicing your rotation, whatever. That’s perfectly alright. Go to normal dungeons or run with your guildies in Naxx 10 or have them take you through a few heroics to get you caught up. That is a great idea. Once you get up to speed, improve your spec, improve your rotation, go pug heroics and get a lot of loot, and boost your dps even more.


    • koalabear21
      Dec 23, 2009 @ 13:58:26

      On a completely off topic note, the icon that wordpress gave your IP is a dead bunny. For some unknown reason this makes me laugh so very hard.


      Eventually I wont be fail mage. Right now she isn’t my top priority so I haven’t given her the time and attention she needs. I am sure you’ll have a field day with my next alt I am leveling, my unholy DK ^_^

      deathtard activate! 😉


    • Heleva
      Dec 24, 2009 @ 12:49:41

      I’d just like to make one point…

      PuG heroics *are* the classrooms for the learning curve. There is only so far you can go in regular 80 dungeons. (It’s especially hard on tanks because they can’t hold aggro on over-geared dps unless they themselves have gear. That’s why there is a shortage of them.)

      Sure, guilds can be great for helping with spec, gear, etc., but let’s remember that guilds that are capable *and* willing to do that are few. Personally, I’m thankful I’m in one of those rare guilds.

      In my opinion, you shouldn’t PuG anything if you can’t handle helping people out. Just stay in pure guild runs and congratulate each other on your 1337ness.


      • Dark/Soth
        Dec 25, 2009 @ 00:50:16

        To summarize your comment, I shouldn’t pug if I have an issue with carrying people. So, the problem is with the person doing the carrying and not with the person who willfully enters an instance knowing they will need to be carried?


        Let me share a story with you. On the 23rd, about 11:45PM PST I logged onto my DK tank toon and queued up a random heroic. I get into a group and immediately get inspected by half the group, including the healer. I’m used to this, it happens all the time. So, I inspect back. The priest healer is in a mix of blues, greens, heroic epics, and 1-2 pieces of emblem gear. Nothing is enchanted and nothing is gemmed. The dk dps is blues, a few epics, and a couple pvp pieces. No chants, no gems. The hunter is in a mix of 200s and 219s, with a piece or two of T9 from emblems. A few enchants, a couple gems, one of which was mp5. I didn’t bother to inspect the warlock dps. The instance was Utgarde Pinnacle. I didn’t say a word. We finished the instance with no wipes. I was the #1 dps with just over 2200, with the DK dps pulling up the rear at 1300. The hunter did not know how to assist, even though I marked skull and X every pull. He took aggro and died twice. He almost died a third time. The hunter barely broke 1600, and the warlock was just a tad over 2k. During the run, I had to pop my cooldowns consistently during trash pulls and every boss. I fell under 10k hp several times (Unbuffed I have 42k with the lfg 5% buff).

        If I was as geared/skilled as the healer, the dk, or even the hunter. There would of been a considerably higher number of deaths, wipes, and the time spent in the instance would of been tripled at the bare minimum.

        The story I just described above is not that rare. I encounter similar pugs all the time. Why is it too much to ask that people meet a minimum performance standard to PuG heroic content? Why is it ok for people who are still on the learning curve to ride the coattails of the more experienced? Why won’t you stay in the normal content with the rest of the underperformers until you can perform at a level that doesn’t require someone else to pick up the slack for you?


      • Heleva
        Dec 25, 2009 @ 21:55:05

        Yup. Really.

        This is an MMO game. That means it’s something many people do to have fun. If you don’t like new 80’s in your PuG, don’t PuG. Don’t like “underperformers”, go instance with your guild or play a 1 player game.


      • Dilynrae
        Dec 29, 2009 @ 17:15:54

        To Dark/Soth

        As stated previously heroics are designed to gear people FOR raids. Blizzard and many other posters have stated that heroics can be completed successfully in a group geared in ilvl 151 or better gear. Hell a European guild completed Uldaur in ALL ilvl 200 blues (including blue gems and less then top level enchants). How were they able to pull this off you ask? Skill, not FACEROLLING. 2k dps was considered amazing dps when many peeople were first gearing in Lich King heroics shortly after it’s launch. Now yes most T6 geared raiders could were capable not much less then that at level 70, but let me ask you this. What percentage of the player base now had that gear level AND could perform (ie not be carried through the content for pretty purples) to expected levels?

        The vast majority of the player base today are NOT die hard raiders that read up on every change to their class, make every adjustment to their spec and rotation and gear. How exactly do you tell a 9yr old kid that has a 71 point blood spec DK that he doesn’t deserve to be in heroics because he’s only doing 530 dps(and yes I have run into several players/classes like this). The same goes for older, perhaps retired people that play.

        Most of these people just need a bit of advice or a point towards the tools to improve their gameplay. But not everyone wants that advice or is willing to change the way they play. These people I will usually politely explain that there is a certain minimum dps that needs to be achieved by them as a player in order for them to contribute to the group as a whole, some of them understand, while others get their panties in a twist about it.

        Now as I stated earlier it DOES NOT need to be 2k out of the gate at level 80, around 1.5 is just fine even those yes it will take a bit longer with a group like that. Can 2k be achieved? Hell yes it can, but every player does not have the access (or the knowledge) to acquire the gold or materials necessary to have the BiS gear waiting for them when they ding 80.

        I’ll give you my final example:

        I personally have seven level 80 toons, each one at different at a different gear level. My last toon to reach 80 was my priest, shadow spec. I had two dilemmas with this toon, first was my inability to break 1k dps by level 75 on her and even after reaching level 80 I barely managed (with a few upgrades) to be able to do more then 1.4k at the start of her heroic career. Now mind you she dinged 80 two weeks prior to 3.3 coming out. I also did NOT spend the normal amount of gold and time pre-gearing this toon for her arrival at level 80. I felt it was a waste of gold buying ilvl 200 robes and gloves (the ebonweave cloth gear) for gear that would mostly likely be replaced within the first few days of doing heroics and buying emblem gear.

        This was first and only toon since starting heroics on my 80’s that was not able to do the kind of dps I had been used to on my other characters. Most could do 2k or better right at 80, but I also had purchased or had made the best gear available at the time for them, made sure each was at or near hit and/or expertise cap, etc.

        The 2nd dilemma I had was I had not read everything properly on the subject of shadow priests. Yes I had the correct spec, yes I had the correct rotation…. for single target. I neglected to properly research Mind Sear, the bread and butter AoE spell for Shadow Priests. Once I discovered my mistake I began using this spell for 3+ mob group pulls, dropping to single targeting when 2 or more mobs remained standing. I had never used this spell since I rarely did instances with this particular toon. My dps increased considerably in heroics topping at around 2k. But I still wasn’t happy, considering I was in some ilvl 226 and 213 gear by this point.

        Now that 3.3 is out and she is decked out in 232/245 stuff with only her dagger from H ToC being the lowest piece of gear she owns, I can easily pull 4k in heroics and 5.5k in 10/25 man raids and I’m usually in the top 3 in overall damage,which I consider to be even more important. I’ve seen some DPS in these raids that beat me in DPS by several hundred, but only do half of my overall damage, Which you would rather have?

        So what’s the point of all this? Not everyone is an elite player, and even GOOD players overlook details from time to time. If your expecting every player to meet the “raiding” standard that I’m sure you used to, you would best move on to another game, your not gonna find it here among this extreme mix of the player base. Gone for the most part are the days when games like this were played mostly and solely by dedicated gamers. Enforcing your standards on the player base as a whole is not fair, so your left with a choice, pick and choose to play with only those that play by your standards, or suck it up and deal with the less then stellar player that is todays WoW player base.

        Either way, it’s just a game, and games are supposed to be fun.


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