Twitter is AWESOME!

I know I overuse that word, but damn if the people on Twitter, especially those on my follow list, aren’t just the bestest people around.  They helped me spread the word about this guy and the sheer amount of comments made me squee with glee.  Thanks again you guys! 😀

Last night was interesting to say the least.  I logged in and queued up in LFG on my fail mage when Vel logged in and asked if anyone wanted to do a random with him.  I pipped up and we queued up together.  After a few minutes we got heroic HoL.  We zone in and while I am making the strudel table the tank has already pulled the first group of mobs, all by himself mind you.  Vel won’t heal people who pull stupid stuff.  If the tank runs off and starts the instance before everyone is there or before Vel is ready, he will stand there and watch the tank die.  He says that he won’t heal stupid and would rather pay a repair bill.  As I am sitting there next to Vel eating some stat food we are watching the tank and the DK dps die.  There was also a nicely geared hunter in the group who was smart enough to stay with Vel and I.  The tank dies, of course, and starts spewing off at Vel.  Vel just tells him “Now what did we learn today?”  This of course makes me laugh.  The tank tells us “good luck finding another tank” and leaves group, leaving his corpse in the instance.  We got a new tank rather quickly, so much for the “long wait” for a tank.  She was a decent bear tank and we completed the instance without any further issues.  Vel did keep logging over to the tank’s server to see if he was online.  He didn’t tell us what he was planning on doing, but we were laughing all the same.

When the rest of the regulars logged in we started doing randoms as a group.  Heleva/Trixy doesn’t like tanking PuGs because she isn’t super geared on her tank and most people won’t put up with a tank that isn’t over geared.  So we grouped up with her tanking then switched it up where she healed and Andrew tanked on his pally.  While we were in DTK they decided it was “fuck with Millea” night.  We had zoned in and Heleva starts spamming that she is oom.  I don’t know what it was but the Draenei voice talking just had me busting up laughing.  She seriously must have spammed that continuously for several minutes.  Then Andrew joined in asking for heals.  I was laughing so hard I had started to choke.  The custom emotes they kept posting back and forth were hilarious as well.  For the rest of the instance they would spam the oom macros and heal me macros.  I still don’t know how I manged to dps that instance at all, I spent most of it bent over laughing.

Yes I am easily amused, so what. :-p

I meant to take screenshots of it, but it just didn’t seem like it would make much sense to see the chat window filled with Heleva saying she was low on mana.  Heleva said that she was just trying to help me get blog material.  I ❤ my guildies. 😀