It’s ok, I’m a rogue

This weekend had its ups and downs.  One of the ups was I finally hit 80 on my mage and went on to pew pew very poorly in some regular dungeons.  I got lucky in several of my groups.  As soon as I zoned in I told them that I had just dinged 80 a few hours ago and might not be geared for the runs (the new 5 mans on reg).  Each group told me I was fine and let me stay.  One of them was REALLY nice and kept giving me good support.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that this was my 3rd 80.  On Saturday I managed to snag the robes that drop off Loken in regular HoL.  I already had the ebonweave gloves in the bank, so imagine my surprise when I ended up with 2 more pairs of gloves on Sunday.  Of all of the gear that could drop, I got 2 sets of gloves.  One from ToC and one from Heroic Nexus.  I did manage to get a really nice ring from FoS.  The healer needed it as well but he let me have it because it was a better upgrade for me.  Even though it has MP5 on it, it was far and away a huge upgrade over the quest reward rings I had on.  So thank you again Tree healer I ran with on Sunday!

One of the downs was we called our TotC run after a little over an hour and several wipes on the beasts.  I don’t know why we have so much trouble on this fight.  We usually can breeze through Gormock but when the worms come out everything falls to shit.  We do somewhat ok until the worm enrages when we kill the first one.  Then people just drop like flies.  It doesn’t matter how much healing is being thrown out.  No one can stay alive.  When we finally get the damn worm killed there are usually 4 people left alive.  One tank, one dps and two healers.  Or some variation of that.

The highlight of the raid was when we got past the worms and had like 6 people alive.  Mis was tanking, Andrew was on his rogue, I was still alive healing along with Vel and Zakk was dpsing on his ele shammy.  Suddenly Mis went down.  Over vent you hear Andrew say “It’s ok guys.  I’m a rogue.”  He then proceeded to try to tank Icehowl.  Vel and I overloaded heals on him just to see him go splat.  I think I was laughing too hard to really keep the heals up.  I then ran to the door and shadowmelded.  I of course lived while everyone else died.  Shadowmeld saved me 3 corpse runs :D.  Zakk was rather pissy about it each time I did it :D.  I of course bragged about it.  What else would you expect me to do?

Our other tank, Ness, had to leave for work and the PuG dps we picked up dropped group so instead of replacing them, as I wanted to, everyone else said they wanted to call it.  So I was sad that my raiding for the week was ended.  Everyone said to just move it to the next day (Sunday) and we would go from there.  From past experience I knew that this would end up with us not doing ToC for the week.  Sunday raids with our guild never seem to work.  I, of course, was proven right when Dily and Zakk had to call off because of a RL thing that came up.  Several other people who were in the raid the night before didn’t come online until around an hour after when we said we wanted to start.  Needless to say, we didn’t go back into the raid.

Andrew and I ended having dinner together on Sunday and talking about the run brought up the “I’m a rogue” comment and I just about choked on my food.  I seriously wish I could take a picture of the faces he makes when he says these things.  I’m laughing now while I write this just thinking about it.

He brought up that we should start farming the trash in ICC to get our rep up.  Since we have already set up a weekly raid daily day, we might as well add ICC trash farming afterwards.  The people who I have mentioned this to have been on board for it and think it is a great idea.  So here’s hoping we actually can pull it off.

In the meantime I will be plugging away on my mage getting her geared so that she wont be a total embarrassment to mages everywhere.  Also, she needs to start bringing in the dough to pay for her epic flying.  She already has the Valiance Expedition rep to exalted but needs to get her gold up.  I am a little over half way there and she still hasn’t finished the chain to unlock the Sons of Hodir.  I am having way too much fun in IC atm to go back over there.

So if you are on the Ruin battle-group and get stuck with a mage named Calieah from Echo of Fate, be nice, my noob mage will thank you for it and give you strudel :D.

The Syphilis Meme

Tam over at started a Syphilis meme, aka a blog content exchange and I was given a topic:

Ooooh, I notice you’ve been PUGing a lot recently.  Bwahahaha.

In which case: What are your 7 Deadly Sins of PUGs, and how should those who transgress them be punished by the WoW gods?

Hmmmm, my deadly sins of pugging.  I had fairly decent PuGs on my mage this weekend, but the horrid ones on my druid are still fresh in my memory, so I will do my best to not be too too bitter.

1.  Running away from your healer.

Yes I know you are totally uber and leet and you don’t have to have a healer with you, because you know, you could totally solo heroic Halls of Reflection.  Who needs to make sure the healer is even in the same room?  You don’t!  You also don’t need to make sure the mobs are gnawing away on your healer’s face, because you are so leet the mobs will be dead before the healer does.  They can heal themselves, they will be fine.

First of all, if you DIDN’T need a healer then the group would be queued up without one.  There is a reason there is a shortage of healers.  It is you dipshits who ignore us, run away from us and allow the mobs to chew our faces off.  I will not heal you and most likely I will drop group.  If you keep running away from me then I know that you don’t need me and I will not waste my time playing with you.

Punishment – Being one shot by Hogger every time they log in

2.  Running so fast that you should have the final boss killed by the time everyone has zoned in.

OMG why is this taking so long?  We have been in here for a whole 2 minutes!  We should totally be done by now!  God you are so fucking slow!  I’m going to pull this entire instance in the first 5 seconds because my DPS is so awesome that I can just AOE the shit out of everything and then move onto the next instance and fly through it!

Not everything is better faster.  In fact most things are better savored.  No I am not saying that you have to take an hour to do once instance, but would it kill you to wait 30 seconds for everyone to be on the same page?  Faster pulls are sloppy.  It is one thing when everyone in the group is ICC 25 heroic geared, but shocking fact, NOT everyone is that geared.  Not everyone is doing 5-6k dps.  I know, I know, HUGE surprise, but there it is.  If the whole group is good for moving at lightning speed, then go for it.  If however your healer is 3 rooms behind you getting mana back because she had to rez the dipshit DPS that died on that last boss fight, then maybe you should WAIT THE FUCKING 20 SECONDS IT TAKES FOR HER TO GET MANA BACK!  Just saying.

Punishment – Every time they do a heroic they are stuck inside for an hour and they cannot zone out or log out.  The instance will always take a minimum of 1 hour no matter how quickly they try to go.

3.  Kicking low DPS.

Oh what a nub!  They are only doing 1k-2k dps.  They suck!  We should totally kick them!  They aren’t good enough to play with us.  Everyone vote kick to get rid of this fail dps! /votekick

Not everyone rolls into level 80 fully geared to the teeth in T10.  Some of us are still in quest/crafted greens/blues/purples.  We are running heroics to gear ourselves up.  We are not running them to mindlessly farm badges.  When everyone starts out in heroics they should be pulling 1k-2k dps.  If they are on the upper reaches of 2k, then they know their shit no matter what gear they are in.  Give the people a chance before you immediately kick them.  Remember you were here at one point too.  Or if you weren’t, then you were carried by your friends/guild and are a blight on the game, L2P.

Punishment – Every time they are zoned into a group they will be kicked out, no matter what dps they put out.

4.  Assuming everyone knows the fights, especially in the new dungeons.

The patch has been out a whole 2 hours, you should know this fight by heart.  There is no possible way you have never been here before so I am not even going to bother telling you anything about it.  You can learn by mutely following behind me, cause I am so UBER that I don’t really need you to know how to do anything in here.

Thanks to the new LFG system a lot of people who never did instances are dipping their toes into instances.  Many of these people have never been in even the most basic heroic dungeons.  What is routine and boring to you just might be brand spanking new and confusing to them.  This does not mean they are a bad player.  I did a regular HoL with a hunter this weekend who had never been there before.  When I let him know about the fire room and to put his pet on passive, he said he already did that and knew to do that before we went in.  He was a great hunter and knew what he should do even without having been somewhere.  He was not a “nub” he just hadn’t been in that particular dungeon before.  The guy knew his shit.  I’d rather run instances with guys like him and have to explain every fight than just be dragged behind some jerk who blithely assumes I know what the hell is going on.

Punishment – The tactics for every fight you do change each time you do them.  They are never the same and you never know what you will need to do.

5.  When running lower level instances you run them like you are an overgeared 80.

Why should I slow down and let the healer who has no mana regen get mana back?  The faster we do this instance the quicker we can level and the faster we get better gear!  No I don’t need to slow down, everyone agrees with me that faster is better.  No one but you is complaining!  Shut up and dps noob.

First of all, all healers have shitty mana regen until they are 80 and get gear with mana regen on it.  Most healers (not all I know) usually heal in dps gear when they are not 80.  They might have a piece or 2 of “healing” gear, but they really don’t have a full healing set.  This means that they will need to stop and drink after fights where they have to overheal because your dipshit ass pulled the whole room.  Not everyone is geared to the teeth at lower levels.  There is no reason for it because your gear gets upgraded too quickly for it to be logical and/or practical.  Just remember that you are NOT at max level or overgeared for the instance.  Stop and think, your groupmates will thank you.

Punishment – Anytime you do an instance you are stuck doing auto attacks or standing and not healing because you will always be out of mana/rage/energy/runic power and there is nothing you can do about it.

6.  Pulling more mobs when you are not the tank.

Man this tank sucks.  They keep marking the mobs when everyone knows we need to just dps them all down really fast.  I am going to go pull that group of mobs around the corner so we can kill them faster.  Stupid tank.

If you are not the tank then YOU DO NOT PULL!  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  I don’t care how slow the tank is doing things.  Maybe, just maybe, the tank is not geared enough to do those kinds of pulls with the overgeared DPS in the group.  Not all tanks are UBER upon hitting 80.  I have a guildie who is a fantastic tank.  However, she knows that she cannot pull the entire instance and hold aggro, so she marks and keeps a steady pace.  She gets yelled at for not chain pulling large groups.  This is not acceptable.  If you are in that much of a fucking hurry dps, then you can find another group.  Her favorite tactic when she gets jerks like that is to pull a huge group of mobs then leave group.

Punishment – Every time you go into an instance and start fighting, you will gain aggro on every mob and you will be unable to lose the aggro.  You will die every time.  Enjoy your repair bill.

7.  Not taking care of your healer.

I cannot stop chain pulling or we might not finish the instance in 30 seconds.  Well I cannot stop AoEing because my dps will go down.  So what if the healer has 6 mobs hitting them, they can heal themselves.  Interrupts?  What are those?  What do you mean the healer is dead?  Wait did the healer just leave?  Why would they do that?

KEEP THE MOBS OFF THE HEALER IF YOU WANT THE HEALER TO LIVE.  Healing generates a lot of aggro.  If a healer puts a HoT up on the tank right as the tank pulls, they can sometimes pull the aggro off the tank.  Sometimes when there are a lot of mobs and the tank doesn’t have great aggro on them all, the healer will be the next person they go to.  Some healers *cough* druids *cough* don’t have readily available offensive spells while in healing form.  When I am healing on my druid I cannot cast offensive spells unless I switch out of tree form, which I should NEVER have to do.  When the healer is being gnawed on by 20 million zombies they cannot get any non-instant heals off.  I don’t know about you, but my instant HoTs don’t heal a shitton right off the bat.  I need to use my 1.5 sec cast spell to pull off bigger heals when you are taking a lot of damage.  If I am being whacked around like a hacky sack then I cannot get that big heal off.  All it takes is for one DPS to get those buggers off me.  Trust me, the healers will love you for it and you won’t have to wonder if you are actually getting healed.  Because if you think you aren’t getting heals, then you most likely aren’t.  I know that I won’t heal stupid.

Punishment – No matter when or how many times you put yourself into LFG you will never get a healer.  You will never be able to run instances.

So those are the 7 deadly sins of pugging according to me.  As a return post for Tam – Since you are now on an RP server, how much, if any RP are you doing?  If you are RPing, what kind of characters have you created for your toons?

If anyone else wants to get in on this, you can either post a comment here or on Tam’s original post.

Screenshot Friday

Yesterday I was talking about my bags, so tonight I took a picture of what my mage’s bags look like.

Have I mentioned that my buff timers have to match too?

Status update, kind of

Somewhat busy day today at work.  My boss is getting ready to leave on vacation for a week so he goes through and has a ton of last minute things that “have” to be done right now.  This means I end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get it done yesterday for him.  I swear the man has no concept of how long something takes to get completed.

Things appear to be going smoothly on the game front.  Although there might be something simmering, I have a mental note to look into it to make sure there isn’t anything happening, or if there is, then to nip it in the bud.  Ahh guild drama, how you never fail to appear when things are going good.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my mage.  I just have lost the urge to chain run heroics for badges.  I just don’t care that much.  Both of my 80s are geared for the raiding level we are actually running.  I don’t NEED to be ICC geared to run Ulduar and regular ToC.  My guildies are all making this mad rush to get badges and more badges and even more badges.  It has turned me off from wanting to do heroics.  I’d like to do the new 5 mans, get a better grasp of healing and dpsing in there, but I don’t really care what drops.  Yes the upgrades are cool and are nice for my girls, but it isn’t the end all for me.  I want to have fun when I play, not pour over the gear lists and freak when someone else gets the drop I’ve been farming for days.  So I have been leveling my mage.  And herbing.

I officially hate level 80s and their fast drakes in the lowbie zones.  I know all is fair in farming your herbs and WoW, but I need these damn things to level my alchemy, *sigh*.  I really don’t even plan on selling the flasks or herbs for the most part.  If I need the cash I might, but for the most part I will be making stuff to use for myself.  Flasks can get expensive when you are buying for more than 1 80, especially when you start raiding more than normal.  On Bloodhoof it is cheaper to buy the pre-made flasks than getting the mats to have someone make the flasks for you.  The price on frost lotus is just insane.  Since I started herbing in Northrend I have gotten about 15 of them and I obsessively get every herb node I find.  It was quite funny last night because while questing in ZD I had picked so much of one kind of herb that I had ran out of designated room for it in my 32 slot herb bag.

Ok I guess I should explain that part.  I have to be very organized in my bags.  If things are in the wrong bag, or even in the wrong place in my bags they need to be moved.  Call it OCD I don’t care.  My bags are organized as much as humanly possible.  Specific bags are for specific things.  I have a bag that has my hearthstone, any tools needed for my profs, reagents, potions, bandages, food and the such.  A bag for quest items only.  A bag for useful items such as greens and cloth.  If the character has a gather profession, like my mage with herbs, or my warlock with her soul shards, then I have a 32 slot bag for that.  My LW keeps her bag in the bank.  My backpack is used for vendor trash only.  The moment I get quest items, a BoE green or cloth, it gets moved to the appropriate bag, unless I have already received one of the item and then it just stacks.  I pick up everything that drops.  I don’t care if it is grey or purple, it gets picked up and sorted.  I have to routinely sort the bags.  If I don’t then it drives me nuts until I do.  I’ve gotten good at doing it while autorunning, especially in instances.  If I am doing a lower level instance and just looting everything I can, I STILL have to have my bags organized.  My guildies were teasing me about it last night.  The fact of the matter is I can find everything in my bags whereas other people *cough* my sweetie *cough* can never find anything in their bags.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway back to the lack of “designated room” in my bag.  As many of you gatherers know when you gather stuff you get different items.  When I farm herbs I end up with 8 different kinds, on top of eternal/crystallized life.  That all needs a slot in the bag.  So to keep things in order I make designated slots so when a stack gets full, I wont have to reorganize the items.  This means putting a single item in the spot I want to use.  In my herb bag I have a row of goldclover, tiger lily, t-rose, adder’s tongue, dreadnettle, a spot for frost lotus, ice thorn, lichbloom, crystallized life and eternal life.  I compulsively keep only one stack of crystallized life around, but will only change it over to an eternal once I get 11.  When I was leveling in BT I actually had 2 rows of GC and TL.  I haven’t given IT and LB their own rows because I haven’t found a whole lot of them yet.  To be fair I just hit 77 before I went to bed, so I am sure that they will end up with their own row now.  Well last night I was in ZD and the herb of choice for the region is T-rose.  It is everywhere and no one is around farming it.  I had, at one point, over 120 of them.  That is MUCH more than the amount allotted in my bag for it.  I noticed it when I went to move a quest item and saw that I had several herbs in my backpack.  Then I was all uncomfortable that the t-roses weren’t all in the same row.  That is why they were picking on me last night.  Not that they ever need a reason, but that was the particular one they had last night.

Ah well, such is my life.

I didn’t become an accountant for no reason you know.

What!? No way!

Yes, I actually had a decent PuG.

My mage dinged 75 the other day and yesterday I finally picked her up and started playing her again.  She was sitting all during my time off this last weekend and has built up a nice chunk of rested XP.  Last night I decided to do some quests in ZD until she hit 76 then head on over to SB because of all of the delicious herbs there.  While running around Dalaran (I really am not sure why I was doing that) I saw that I was high enough for the Violet Hold quest.  Sweet!  So I got myself in queue and headed off to quest while I waited.

Right off the bat the tool told me I had around a 17 min wait.  Ok, not too bad.  I started killing trolls and putting out fires when someone in general chat was looking for more for the amphitheater.  Sweet!  I had picked up the quest while running around Dalaran earlier, but was going to bother my guildies to help me with it at some other time.  I replied to the guy that I was interested and boom, I was grouped.  Whoops, I was just booted out of the queue for VH, damn it.  Oh well, no biggie, I can always get back in when I am done.

We had no problem getting the guys down in the ring.  I was quite proud of myself with my dps, both overall and actual.  I was #2 on the meters, just behind the level 77 elemental shammy.  Now let’s face it, ele shammies are so OP it isn’t even funny.  I swear they hit 80 doing 3-4k dps in quest greens >.>, but I digress.  As soon as we were done I queued myself back up, got another 17 min wait time, then went back to killing trolls and putting out fires.

I had completed all of the quests I had wanted to do in that area when I noticed I had the quest to kill the monster in the lake.  I asked my guildies if someone was free to help me and Dily flew on over and helped me slaughter it.  Again, got dropped out of queue *sigh*.  Popped myself back in and about 15 mins later got a group.  Woot!

Zone in and the party leader, who is a hunter, starts chatting away.  There was a shammy who was in the group with us who didn’t zone in right away.  The hunter immediately starts off on the guy about getting in here quickly, etc, etc.  I chimed in that maybe he was stuck on a loading screen or stuck fighting and not able to teleport right away.  The hunter kept going off on the shammy, ignoring me.  Fed up, the shammy left the group.  We queue up another dps and get a level 73 rogue.  The guy was really nice and told us that he had never done this dungeon so he was worried he might goof up.  Me, the pally tank, and the resto druid all reassured him that he would be fine.  The instance was fairly self explanatory and we wouldn’t boot him.  The pally called the rogue “babe” and the hunter couldn’t swallow that.  Started going off about how that was just “gay” because they were both male characters.  Turns out they were both guys IRL too and found the hunter’s reaction hilarious.  I chimed in with something along the lines of the hunter not being comfortable with his sexuality, which the pally obviously was.  Everyone but the hunter laughed.

Throughout the first boss fight and up to the 2nd boss fight the hunter showed his age.  He HAD to be a kid.  His reactions to our comments just showed his severe lack of maturity.  Oh man, when he found out I was a female, the terribad flirting never stopped.  *sigh*

We got Lavanthor (sp?) as the first boss and he went down like melted butter.  He also dropped some delicious cloth gloves.  Since I was the only clothie, guess who won :D.  The next boss was Morag.  I don’t know what happened but I got targeted with his eye beam thingy and went splat.  Then the tree went splat.  Then the hunter.  The rogue and the pally were doing pretty good for a while, but they weren’t putting out enough dps to bring down the boss and it ended up being a wipe.  When we made our way back in we noticed that the hunter had dropped group.  None of us were bothered by it.  We all agreed to keep going and found another dps, a DK.  Suddenly I had dps competition, and it was awesome.  Between the pally and the DK I wasn’t pulling too much aggro off them.  I do ❤ my invisibility button though.  Nifty little fact:  In regular VH, when you wipe after you have killed a boss, when you kill him again, he drops more loot.

By the end of the run I was above and beyond every other dps in there.  I started out at level 75 and dinged 76 at the 3rd to last portal.  I am sure the healer was thrilled that my health went way back up lol.

Overall it was a great group.  Each person, sans the hunter, was really nice and content to move through the instance at a human pace.  I haven’t been in such a good PuG in a long time.  I kind of wish I had kept their names so I could have given them a shout out, but alas I didn’t.  I don’t think this run will completely change my mind on PuGs, but at least now I am not 100% against them.

So to you great people I ran regular Violet Hold with on the Ruin battlegroup, thank you!!

To boldly go!

Last night was our first “official” EoF ToC 10 run despite there only being 5 guildies there to start off with.  *sigh*  It wasn’t that people signed up and didn’t show up, we just didn’t have anyone online.  We recently updated the raiding rules and they now say that we will PuG if we don’t have enough guildies.  I told the other officers that I was going to PuG that I wasn’t going to let a lack of sign ups make me miss out on my raiding.

Considering that outside of the people we nabbed, only one of our guildies had been in ToC before, we did a fantastic job.  We had a rough start with the Northern Beasts.  Those worms were just a big PITA.  Once we got them down we managed to one-shot everything else up to the final boss.  Yes, we one-shot faction champions :D.  We just got lucky with their composition.

I don’t know what our problem was with the last boss.  We had the dps, we had the heals, the tanks were great, we just couldn’t pull it together.  It might have been a lack of unity of the players.  We have gotten spoiled doing 100% guild runs and being with a bunch of PuGs, who all knew the fight, was a bit much to handle.  Although one of the guys we brought in was Australian and I was seriously melting at his voice.  I told him several times that I loved it, which he never replied.  *sigh*

With the advent of a weekly raid quest our raiding calendar has changed a bit.  Now instead of 2 nights where we raid we have 3.  This makes me very happy indeed.  Wednesday night we are going to do the weekly raid quest.  Thursday night, formerly our 8 man Naxx run, will now be Ulduar, which will be extended as far as we can take it.  Saturday, which was our Ulduar progression run, will now be ToC.  I am thinking that once we get used to ToC we can probably add Ony into the mix on the same night.  I am so tingly with excitement :D.

We have so many new members in our guild I don’t recognize anyone anymore.  The hunter we brought in a while back, Viva, has brought in at least 10-15 people with him.  All friends, family and coworkers.  Many of them keep bringing in their other toons.  Dily said the other day that they enjoy our guild.  They have gotten tired of the raiding guild mentality and like our relaxed atmosphere.  We also recently brought in a guy who one of our Vets was leveling an alt with.  He has a level 80 rogue that he doesn’t like to play and is in the process of leveling a shaman.  He has since brought in a half a dozen of his friends.  Several who are level 80 and very nicely geared.  All of these people are nice and get along with us very well.  I just need to get used to them.  When I was gone for a few days because my sweetie was visiting, we got like 6 or 7 new people.  I logged in on Sunday and saw all these names I had never seen before and was slightly disconcerted.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to everyone yet, but the few that I have talked to are pretty nice.

I wanted to put a shoutout to a guildie’s blog.  Nite started it up a bit ago and I feel horrible for not sending people over there sooner.  He doesn’t have a lot of posts yet, but I know that he will most likely put more up when he can.  He is in the process of moving his family cross country AND has a new baby on the way.  😀  So go stop by his blog and leave him a comment.  As I told him earlier today, he is my favorite tank to heal.  Favorite tank to run with too.  Enjoy!

To PuG or not to PuG, that is the question

Since the patch went live I have attempted the random dungeons to get my emblems of frost.  I only did it a few times before yesterday because my sweetie was here for a while.  Yesterday I thought I would run several and see how I liked them.

I found out that I am a very bitchy testy healer.  If you are the tank and run away from me, you obviously don’t need me.  Plain and simple.

The night started off bad.  I queued up on my healer and got Old Kingdom.  No biggie I can do it.  I wasn’t even fully loaded on the screen when the tank was pulling the mobs in the front area.  We didn’t even have all of the dps.  Nor was anyone buffed.  I waited for the hunter to show up, he had left to repair, then I moved forward and started looting and skinning.  I kept going slow.  I figured the tank would wait for me eventually or at the least say something.  I was wrong.  I was 2 rooms away when he pulled the first boss.  Then when I finally made it to where the boss was, no one bothered to keep the adds off of me.  How I managed to heal that, I’ll never know.  I was being interrupted left and right.

The rest of the instance was like that.  He just charged through the whole damn thing like we were on a fucking timer or something.  Each pull got me pisser and pisser.  By the time we got to the trash before the final boss I was livid.  I had stopped healing him by this point and he was down to like 25% health.  He finally stopped though and asked “uh healz?”  I replied “Maybe if you slowed down a bit and made sure I was there you might get some.  I just figured that since you were so far ahead of me that you obviously didn’t need me so I didn’t need to heal you.”  His reply was that he was used to running instances in 15 mins or less.  We were at the 17 min mark.  Then the hunter pipped up, “fast instances are the way of the future lolz.”  I said “not with me” and promptly dropped group.  oopsie, my bad!

I then did some other stuff on her that I wanted done then queued up again because I still did not have my badges of frost on her.  Just my luck I got Halls of Reflection.  Now I have only done this instance on regular and had a hell of a time healing it on that.  I had never done it on heroic and had hoped to do it first with my guildies.  I was in a group with a warrior tank, a dps DK, an arcane mage and a destro lock.  I was the least geared out of all of them and I am geared for ToC 25.  I had such a hard time keeping everyone healed.  The tank started the instance each time before everyone was in the corner, including me, nor was everyone buffed.  Then while I am in the corner he kept running out of it and staying out, which not only put him out of range but out of line of sight.  When I complained the asshole DK said “then move!”  My reply to that was “I thought we were supposed to stay in this room, NOT run all over the place, was I wrong?”  No one replied, but the tank came back into the room.  What he did do however, was stop picking up the mobs that came for me.  I was stunned and cursed and attacked more than I should ever be.  I am the fucking healer, if I die, we all die.  No ifs ands buts about it.  We wiped like 4 or 5 times before we finally cleared that room.  Then as I was looting my mobs suddenly I see the DK tell the tank to pull.  I wasn’t even in the room.  I said, “guess I am not needed then.”  His reply was “Yeah instead of running forward just stand there and type that.  Solid!”  I told him “Yeah I am not needed.” and promptly dropped group.  Fuck him.

At this point I was fed up with healing.  So I switched over to my warlock to get her her 2 frost emblems.  She got queued up for Forge of Souls, which I had only healed on twice, once on regular and once on heroic.  I had no idea how to dps on it.  The group didn’t care.  I died in the first 2 seconds of a pull.  I didn’t even have time to get a cast off.  The healer either hated healing warlocks or just was a bad healer.  I was afraid to life tap because she wasn’t giving me heals.  No one asked questions they just plowed through the instance.   I think I died a total of 5 times.  I still don’t know how to dps that instance.  I spent more time dead then actually doing anything.  What I couldn’t understand was how I could have possibly pissed off the healer.  I stoned her when I got in, I didn’t life tap unless we were out of combat, and then only once because I don’t like being a burden on the healers.  I didn’t say a damn word in chat, but I still didn’t get any heals.  It wasn’t like the rest of the group was taking a ton of damage either. *sigh*

Since I had about an hour before dailies reset I knew I had to get  my druid back in there.  So I queued up yet again and got into the Nexus.  The people in my group were average geared and so far were pretty nice.  The bear tank was around ilvl 200.  He said that he hadn’t played since Naxx 25 was the end raid and was out of practice.  He was a nice guy, kept things at a normal pace.  There was, however, a ret pally that wanted him to just “go go go” and I said “If he does then I wont heal.  I can switch to boomkin and you can heal.”  The pally was all “Yeah!  Let’s do that!  I solo healed regular HoS as ret!”  Yeah I wasn’t doing that to the rest of the group, who was actually pretty nice.  So I just didn’t heal the pally.  When he died on the 2nd boss he was all “Did you seriously just do that on purpose?”  My reply, “Who me?  Never!”  Apparently sarcasm is not something they were used to because the pally didn’t get it and the tank started taking the blame.  I jumped in and said that I didn’t heal him.  The tank said oh, and the pally didn’t talk for the rest of the run.  We finished the run (finally got my badges) and the pally needed on the orb after everyone else had greeded.  I turned to him and said “You seriously just needed on a frost orb?!”  His reply “Well yeah, isn’t that what you are supposed to do?”  *headdesk*  I was just like whatever and waited for him to leave.  When he was gone I told the tank that I liked running with him and was interested in doing another instance.  He was all for it so we queued up for another one.  We got HoL and got a group of DPS that was all ICC geared.  They killed the first boss in 19 seconds.  The overall dps was 14k.  On the first fight the pally did almost 8600 dps.  They were all for barrelling through the instance too.  I said “If you do that you will die, I don’t heal stupid.”  So they calmed down a bit.  They were killing things so quickly that the poor tank couldn’t even get any rage.  I think we finished in there in like 10-15 mins.  The tank kept talking about how crazy their dps was.  One of them made a comment “At this point EVERYONE in the game should have this high of dps.”  My reply to him was “You must live in a bubble then.”  No, EVERYONE does not do 5k dps.  I am excited that my warlock does 3k dps in 5 mans.  Am I just missing something that says EVERYONE is averaging 5k dps?  Sheesh.

Luckily that run netted me 2 more emblems of Frost so I technically don’t have to do it again today on my druid.  Outside of last night’s run with my warlock, I haven’t had too much trouble with dpsing in groups.  I just apparently had all the luck last night.

What I want to know is, why do people treat the healers like crap?  You NEED the healer.  Why would you go out of your way to be an asshole to them?   It makes absolutely no fucking sense to me.  Before this patch I avoided PuGs, I just wouldn’t do them.  If I couldn’t have a full guild run, I wouldn’t go.  Now I am essentially being forced to PuG at least once a day.  I wasn’t a true angry healer before, but damn if I am not one now.  So be warned, if you piss me off, I will not hesitate to either let you die, or drop group right before the final boss.  If you are going to be a dickwad to me, then I will fuck over your group.

Fuck you

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