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No wonder I could never get to the boat in time. Look at the size of that dock!

I guess we are ninjas

Yesterday EoF got together to go take down Maly in EoE.  We knew that we needed another guildie to get the key.  We all talked and decided that Vel would get the key on his Shaman.  I grouped us up and we headed to Naxx to kill Sapp.  Since we only had 6 people we nabbed a couple pugs.

There was a ret pally sitting in queue for Ulduar 10.  I whispered him and asked if he would be willing to come help us kill Sapp for the key for our guild.  He said sure and I nabbed him up.  After no responses from several other people in queue, I found a dps DK (have I mentioned how I HATE bringing in DKs from LFG?) and told him the same thing.  We were doing a guild run to kill Sapp to get the key, would he be willing to come help us do that.  Sure!  Ok let’s go.

We zone in, quick recap for those that hadn’t been there in a while and we go to town.  Boom! Boom! DEAD! Woot!  I loot the dragon and give Vel the key.  Immediately the DK pipes up “What we aren’t going to roll for it?!”  To which several of us replied back to him and said “No, this was a guild run specifically for the key.  We told you that.  Do you really think we were going to bring in a pug for a guild run and then give the pug the item?”  Apparently he did.  He started bitching at us.  Left the raid and went back to Dalaran where he immediately started talking shit about us in trade chat.

Since we are all obviously not quite right in the head, we jump into trade as well.  I say “It is not our fault you don’t have any reading comprehension.  Especially since we told you it was a guild run for the key.  It isn’t a ninja when we tell you what we are doing UP FRONT!”  Vel was a bit more vocal to him.  What I thought was HILARIOUS was the way trade chat was treating him.  They were calling him names and telling him to go bitch elsewhere.  Trade obviously did not see the importance of the key to Maly.  I mean it gives you a trinket!! O_o

The pally who came with us to kill Sapp was invited to the Maly kill.  As Dily pointed out, we would have invited the DK too, had he not been a tool.  After we finished the first Maly kill I switched back over to Millea (she was in the Naxx run) and I immediately got a whisper from the DK telling me that he had reported me and had sent screenshots to a GM.

All of this because the DK didn’t read what was said to him.


Because I like calling out retards for being retards, this is the moron DK and this is his buddy who joined in in the smearing of our guild.

The best part of the night was joking to all the new pugs, and our friends, how we are all ninjas.  Vel would pipe up each time we would get a new person and say “Don’t forget to tell them that we are ninjas!”  We even came up with variations on our guild name.

Oh yeah, we also killed Maly twice.  Tatia got her new title, among other people in guild and we are ninjas.


Go go flying dragons!

Our weekly raid quest is Malygos.  Our guild has never successfully completed this raid.  In fact only 5 guildies even have the key.  4 of them no longer play/rarely play.  Dily has the key on his mage, but she is not his “raiding” toon anymore and thus doesn’t “really” need the frost emblems.  This is slightly problematic.

Luckily Blizzard make it to where you no longer need to clear all of Naxx to get to Sapp and KT.  So it looks like we will be heading into Naxx first to get some of our core raiders the key.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am the one who gets it on my tree.  If not me, then Vel on his shammy.  The two of us are in 99% of every raid.  If I am not healing, he usually is, or vise versa.  Dily has several different people he brings, Andrew is a good one to give it to, but sometimes he has to tank and other times he has to dps.  It isn’t ultimately up to me to decide, as much as I would like it to be.

I know that I just need Maly to get my title on Tatia, and I am pretty sure Millea too.  I know there are several other guildies that require this kill as well.  The last time we went in to do this most of us died right before phase 3 and the 2 or 3 that were still alive died right away.  The few of us that are familiar with this fight don’t play anymore.  So this should be interesting to say the least.

I have been running a thought around in my head.  I have in the last week or so helped several new warlocks with how I level.  I know there are a lot of great warlock guides out there, but I was thinking of writing up a how-to level warlocks Koalabear style.  Would you guys be interested in reading that?  Or should I just stick to pictures and long rambling rants?

I logged into EoF last night and was shocked at how few people were online.  Even the night birds were missing, which is really odd.  Kind of made me want to log off and go level my warlock.  I didn’t, but I wanted to.  I guess I am just back in the whole level grinding mode.  I got like this when I first leveled Millea.  It was so much fun to level that all I wanted to do was level her.  Unfortunately I am no longer just the nobody lowbie in the guild and I just can’t do that.  There are times where I wish I was back as the lowbie nobody, then I stop, laugh at myself and remind myself that I am too much of a control freak to ever be happy with that.

I just wanted to mention this last little tidbit.  When you are dolling out “advice” and “knowledge” about a class to someone who is playing it, please make sure you are 100% POSITIVE your advice is correct.  Even when the person tells you that what you are telling them is in fact contrary to what EVERY SINGLE BLOG AND ARTICLE on the topic tells you to do.  Especially then.  You might be “trying to help” a player who doesn’t have as much raid experience as you, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know the first thing about their class.

For those of you now curious – Everywhere I read about resto druids it says that you need to have over 800 haste for the soft cap.  I was informed by someone that I only needed about 600.  I told them “I keep reading that I need around 800.”  “That is wrong, you only need 600.”

Read and weep

6. Typical PvE talent setup:

There are multiple restoration builds that can be customized to the job you do in raids (tank healing or raid healing) or adapted as necessary to specific fights, but the basics are usually the same. Due to the Gift of the Earthmother change implemented in patch 3.3, it is generally recommended that players spec into the balance tree for Celestial Focus if they are below the soft haste cap (856 haste). With 3/3 Celestial Focus, you need only 735 haste to reach the soft haste cap with raid buffs. If you are between 735 and 856 haste, you can drop one point in Celestial Focus for each 40 haste rating (approximate) you add to your gear, until you reach 856 and can drop the talent entirely.

See I told you I would post

First things first – Yesterday in my name dropping post I left out someone.  She was very upset at me and warned me that it was too late, the car had already driven off the edge of the cliff.  Well in a last ditch effort to grab her before she hits the ground allow me to drop one more name at you.

Avalonna over at Tales of a Priest is not only an absolutely hilarious person, but she is also an awesome priest in the top Alliance raiding guild on Bloodhoof.  Go check out her site and try not be eaten by the zombies running amok.

It has been a shitty year for me outside of the game, which considering this is still January, does not bode well.  Even having Panda Express for lunch has not cheered me.  Alas the kung pao has failed me.

Things are going swimmingly in game though.

On Saturday EoF has their progression raids.  We had been doing ToC 10 and other than having issues with the first fight, we can usually walk in and one shot everything.  In an attempt to step things up a bit we decided to try heroic.  We had pugged a few individuals who were doing the run for shits n giggles and of course Ness had done it on heroic.  Everyone else?  Not so much.

I was under the mistaken assumption that ToGC was easier than ICC.  Using this assumption I figured we would be in ICC in a month, tops.  That would give us around 4 times in ToGC to fill in the gaps in gear for the raiders.  I wasn’t sure if we really had enough players to be truly ready for ICC so I wanted to be cautious.

I will be the first to say it – I was wrong.  ToGC can suck my ass.

We start it up, all full of excitement.  We are PROGRESSING!  We might be a bit behind the curve, but damn it we are still moving forward!  Which, frankly, is really all that matters.

Except when we try to do Northrend Beasts on heroic.  Seriously, fuck that fight.  The snobolds were coming out and the people who were getting nommed were also having fire bombs thrown on them AT THE SAME TIME.  So as they are trying to run out of the fire, they can’t because of the stupid snobold on their head.  The dps looked like they were trying to get the snobolds off, I couldn’t be too sure of that because OH MY GOD EVERYONE IS TAKING SO MUCH DAMAGE!  We had 2 trees and Vel on his shammy.  Vel was healing one tank and I was healing the other.  Both of us were helping out with raid heals as well.  The tree we pugged was on raid heals and tank back up.  Even then the tanks were dropping like flies.  The stupid fire bomb DoTs were killing people like crazy.  The immediate changeover from one beast to the next SUCKS. 

I will give us credit though, each time we threw our heads at it, the better we got.  After several wipes Zakk ditched us claiming his guild needed him, which was total bullshit.  When we called him out on it he got bitchy and complained that he signed up for regular not heroic.

Can you see my eyes rolling through the computer screen?  I can guarantee they are.  See?  Oh look, there they go again.

After Zakk left, we all talked and decided that we would quit the heroic idea and just do regular.  We nabbed a new dps and charged back in.  We then proceeded to one shot everything, including Northrend Beasts, with no deaths.  Did you hear that?  NO DEATHS!  😀

Floating high we decided to go clear trash in ICC so that we could get our main raiders their 251 rings.  We needed Andrew on his rogue to see the traps so he couldn’t tank on his pally.  We nabbed a warrior tank  and went in.

Right off the bat we ask the tank to get in vent.  We informed him that we had never been there.  His reply?  “It is just trash.  You don’t need vent for trash.”

Excuse me?

What part of “WE HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE” did you fail to grasp?

He kept just chain pulling.  That’s right, chain pulling ICC trash for a group that had never seen ICC trash.  Classy, I know.  I finally just said I wasn’t going to heal him anymore.  When he would pull, and we weren’t ready, we would just stay back and let him duke it out on his own.  We had someone in our group, who was on vent, explain the trash to us so we had an idea of what was going on.  At one point Vel had to alt tab for something and the tank died.  He then said in chat that he was back, and oh the tank would have known that the one healer healing him was afk if HE HAD BEEN IN VENT.

We finally cleared the trash for the first time.  We had a couple deaths, mostly just the tank who wouldn’t get into vent.  A couple of the dps seemed to be a bit shocked over our reaction to the tank.  I am not going to apologize for being a bitch to a jerk.  Not gonna happen.  You get me when I am bitchy paired up with Vel and oh man watch out.  The two of us together are vicious.  We actually had Dily joining us in that mix too.  Triple Threat!  BOOM!

Apparently one of the dps pugs we picked up liked us so much he stuck around with us for the rest of the evening.  Even did a random with us.  He started asking us about our guild and expressed interest in joining us.

The hard part with have with new recruits is they join us thinking we raid, despite us telling them that raiding is just something we do, it isn’t what our guild is.  We try to raid more than we have in the past, but we are by no means a raiding guild.  If people are accepting of that fact, AND they get along with us (more notably the “stronger personalities” ie me) then they usually work out.  The warlock we picked up from our last ToC run fits in with us quite well.  He is snarky and perverted and picks on me, just like the rest of the guild >.>.

Due to our wins against the trash in ICC, I changed our raiding schedule.  Wednesday stayed as the weekly quest.  Thursday was changed to alternate between Onyxia and ToC.  The best news is that Saturday is now ICC.

That is right people!  Echo of Fate is entering Ice Crown Citadel when everyone else is actually raiding it!

Yay for us!!!


I was late to work this morning (3rd time in 3 weeks >.<) which is REALLY not good.  This means that I will not be able to post until my lunch break in about 3 hours. 

This is just filler and most likely will be deleted, but I promise I will put up a real post.

Odds and Ends. Oh and a lot of name dropping

So apparently I am putting out wow porn without realizing it.  Thanks guys for pointing it out for me >.>

This turned out to be quite the busy weekend for me in the game.

As most of you can tell, I am a huge fangirl of Arioch.  I am always sending you to her site, well, because she is so fricken awesome!  Maybe not as awesome as Jong, but I don’t know if anyone can BE that awesome, you know, besides Jong. Tam is up there, but that could be because I am such a Tam fangirl too!  You can’t have him Elimeny!  So there! :-p

Because I am such a fangirl of Arioch (and Pie.  Of course I could never forget Orangeslice!  You are so awesome dude!) and I wanted to bug Dark/Soth (j/k) I allowed myself to be “convinced” by Orangeslice and Pie to transfer my baby blood elf warlock to their server and guild.

Now they are on a PvP server.  I FAIL at PvP.  Yes I am a warlock, yes I am supposed to do very well in PvP.  I still FAIL AT PVP.  It is that simple.  Now if I am in WG I just run around spamming CoA and Corruption.  Maybe throw in a little Howl of Terror or Death Coil here and there.  I have a blast doing that.  When it comes to one on one stuff, I fail.  I get stunlocked and die, EVERY, SINGLE, TIME.  I don’t care if I have all these awesome abilities to get out of that, I can never find them and I die.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Don’t mind me guys I’ll just be over here faceplanted on the floor.  You didn’t need my help right?


Even knowing this, I still transferred over Lyssianna on Friday night.  She was level 45 1/2.  After playing her this weekend she is now 49 :D.  They want a warlock for their raids so I am TRYING to level as quickly as I can, but frankly, without heirlooms, it is going to take me a bit.  Plus I don’t want to neglect EoF.  EoF is my guild.  They are who I call home.  I have no plans to take out any of my toons away from that guild.  That is where my friends are.  This does not mean I cannot make new friends though. ^_^

Shadow Rising has a very set guidelines for joining their guild.  This means that even though I will not be raiding with them anytime soon, I still had to fill out an application and sign their guild charter.  No worries, I can do that.  So Friday I did the necessary “paperwork” and awaited the officer’s decision on if they would let me in.  I stuck around the server leveling and receiving pie from Pie because he promised me pie for transferring.  Twas delicious pie.  I dinged 46, trained and logged back over to EoF to finish up the evening working on my baby priest.

Saturday rolls around and I get an email from Shadow Rising forums telling me that I have been accepted into the guild and to just nab an officer when I am next online.  I had decided that I would spend Friday and Sunday with Shadow Rising, and Saturday with Echo of Fate, staying online in EoF’s vent just in case I am needed.  The weekdays would just depend on what we were doing with EoF.  Wed & Thurs would obviously be with EoF because of our raids, but Mon & Tues are up for grabs.  At some point in time I will need to level up my baby druid in All Together Now as well. >.> *sigh* The life of an altoholic.  Saturday was quite interesting in itself, but I will leave that for tomorrow’s post.

Sunday appears and I logged into my baby lock and who is online but Dark/Soth! *evil grin*  I popped him a whisper and informed him that I was stalking him, which he didn’t seem to mind.  O_o  There weren’t any officers online so he couldn’t get me an invite at that time.  It wasn’t a big deal.  Him and I chatted for a few then he had to go tank HoL.  I was doing ZF anyway so it was all good.  On Friday night I won the cloth gloves that drop off the witch doctor in there, and on Sunday I won the bad mojo mask.  Because it is so damn hideous, I keep it visible.  ^_^  She is a blood elf, she needs to be taken down a peg or two.

Took a break around 1 and had lunch with Andrew at Panda Express.  Delicious, delicious Panda.  Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm how I love you kung pao chicken.  You make me so very very happy.  When I came back online Zug was available to invite me.  Right off the bat I am involved in a conversation in guild chat talking about smothering melted butter and honey.  The conversation was ORIGINALLY about chili and corn bread, but yeah we uh kind of got sidetracked *shifty eyes*.

Arioch came online and had to make sure I was behaving myself with Dark/Soth.  I reassured her I was, then someone else said that we had been talking about smothering with butter and honey instead.  I ❤ these guys already.

They all went into their raids a little bit later and I got yelled at by Orange because I wasn’t 80 already.  I am leveling as fast as I can!  *cries*  Hopefully I will get some nice rested XP while I mess around with EoF.  All things considered, I think I was doing pretty well.  I went from 45 1/2 to just over 49 this weekend.  That is with no heirlooms and no rested xp.  All in all, not bad.  I am NOT looking forward to HP though.  Stupid DKs.

Just as a final note:  I got my first ganking on a PvP server Sunday night.  I was leveling in the Hinterlands because I know that not many Alliance even bother going there.  I was 47 at the time and was making my way up the troll temple in the south.  My voidwalker was tanking 3-4 mobs (I can’t remember exactly how many) and I was focusing on keeping both of us alive while killing them all.  All of a sudden this human pally rides up, a level 80.  She rides past me on her horse, stops, turns around, comes back and kills me in 2 shots.  Then she gets back on her horse and rides away.  Now tell me, was that seriously necessary?  Did she really think that a level 47 warlock was ANY kind of threat to her?  I know this is a PvP server and it is to be expected, but that was a dick move.  Now I am all stressed out over leveling the way I normally do.  I don’t want to be busy managing a huge group of mobs while worrying if I am going to be ganked at any moment.  *Grumble*  Stupid PvP server.

****EDIT****  I have to add because theerivs cried.

Also – I forgot Tel and I feel horrible for missing him!  Tel you are awesome dude! 😀

Screenshot Friday

Who is ready to heal?

She is ready to heal.

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