Back to the grind

Arioch has a fantastic guest post today.  You should go read it if you haven’t already.

I had been home from work until today so I had a bunch of extra time to play.  When this happens I usually make a new character.  I’ve mentioned in the past that if Andrew had not been alliance I would most likely be rocking max level horde toons.  Most of the new toons I make are hordies.  I currently have a blood elf warlock on Undermine that is my highest level at the moment, not counting a DK I made on a random server.  Yesterday I spent most of the day playing on her.

I had forgotten how much fun leveling an affliction warlock is.  It has been so long since I had to level or do any kind of grinding with Millea that I had just forgotten.  I have found that most classes don’t start getting fun until around level 40, with exception to my hunter.  She just got boring at that point.  From all the piles of hunters out there I am sure I will be told I am wrong, but there is only so much standing there and auto-shooting I can do before I get bored.

This was the first time since they nerfed the void walker that I actually saw first hand how much he was weakened.  I had noticed that I had to heal him after several mobs on my 80 lock, but man oh man does he get hurt fast at the lower level.  It might just be how I have been using him.  An example would be my leveling in Arathai.  I had to get the keys to unlock this prison for some elemental princess and the keys are surrounded by all these elementals.  I would send in my VW to one, DoT it up, then have him taunt another one, DoT that one up, then move on to another one.  I think at one point he had like 6 or 7 mobs on him.  Now mind you these are all yellow level mobs.  I tackled about 10 green level mobs doing the same thing.  Toward the end of their life the mobs would run towards me, but since I was at max range they usually died before they could even hit me.  The problem I was finding was he was getting close to dying before all of the mobs were killed.  I would have to stop DoTing and switching targets to heal him.  We still got the job done, but I sure had to work for it.  Made me start paying attention more.

I managed to get in a random dungeon, just to see what they were like and to see what loot I would get.  I was 37 when I got in and got Uldaman.  I had been here once on my hunter, and once as a max level toon running a guildie through.  I don’t remember what went on with my hunter, or when I ran someone through, so I told them I had never been there before.  I was the lowest level in the group and the only one without any heirlooms.  The greens that dropped were actual upgrades, to which the group laughed then congratulated me.  I seriously made bank on that run.  I got 3 green upgrades.  I got an off-hand to go with my dagger, a helmet and some gloves.  Then one of the bosses dropped a cloth chest that was a clear upgrade, except I had to be 40 before I could equip it. >.>  When we finished the dungeon I opened my bag o’ loot and there were some really, and I mean REALLY nice cloth shoulders.  Made me happy I didn’t have the heirloom ones because then I could actually use them.  The people I ran with were really awesome too.  It was one of the better PuGs I had been in.

When I finished there I ran over to Ratchet and got my warlock robes of prettiness, I mean bloodrobe, yeah, BLOODrobe, cause warlocks are ALL ABOUT KILLING YOU!  Umm yeah >.> moving on. . .

I had a quest to turn in at Org so I popped over there just to ding 38 where I got yet another warlocky quest.  Back to Ratchet I went.  Let me tell you, horde warlocks have it easy on these warlock quests.  There are so many major cities and flight paths in Kalimdor that alliance just doesn’t have over there.  Where these quests were a chore on Millea, I was done with them super quick on Lyssianna.

My original goal was to level in as many of the horde areas as I could before Cat comes out.  I want to see what the horde leveling is like before it gets changed.  So far I am really liking their leveling zones.  Take Arathai for example.  There are only a few Alliance quests there, and the ones they do have, frankly suck.  All these questions I had for the area with the odd stone rings and random giants walking around were answered when I did the horde quests.  The area isn’t so empty now.  The same goes for Desolace.  I tried leveling there on my mage way back when and there just weren’t enough quests.  I was surprised at how many quests the horde has there.  Changed my outlook on leveling in that area.

The hardest part I have had in doing this is actually finding the horde outposts.  I think I ran all over Desolace for about an hour before I found the horde camp at the very bottom of the frickin map.  They didn’t exactly make it easy to find these places.  Some of them I knew where to go because I had inadvertently found them while on an alliance toon.  Gromgrol (sp?) in STV is a prime example.  If you even get within sight of that place on an alliance toon you get chased by the guards.  I have died more times than I care to think about from those guards.  I always manage to get too close. *sigh*  But now I can walk freely through there!  Ha!  Take that guards!

Since I won that chest piece and Lyssianna is now 40 I have to give up my pretty bloodrobes.  It makes me sad.  I love how the robes look.  I went through all of these loops to get these robes made just for me to only wear them for 2 levels.  Makes me sad.  I gotta remember to take a picture before I put the robe away.  I think I can make room for it in her bank somewhere.  I just hope I don’t end up DEing it on accident like I did on Millea.  Those robes are special.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more adventures to tell.  I should at least have a picture for you. 😀  Until then!


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  1. trixyheleva
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 14:56:12

    I love doing things Horde-side as well. (My first toon was an undead warrior in vanilla) When you quest on both sides, you get a wonderful look on how things fit together. It’s something you’d miss if you only play one faction exclusively.


    • koalabear21
      Jan 06, 2010 @ 15:30:07

      I made an undead mage on a random rppvp server. I am still not sure how well that will go over. She is soaking up some rested xp right now though.

      I made a rogue there too. Because seriously if you are going to be on a pvp server, you need to have a rogue.


  2. Curtis
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 15:08:58

    If you need any help with Horde areas you should come to me and you KNOW it….LOL


    • koalabear21
      Jan 06, 2010 @ 15:28:40

      Well since I am on another server I am usually alone so there isn’t anyone I can ask while looking at that exact moment.

      I try to hold off looking on thottbot or asking someone until I am completely frustrated


  3. For The Pie
    Jan 26, 2010 @ 10:39:37

    I found leveling a lock to be similar to leveling a hunter. Send pet, wait for aggro, pew pew.

    I was leveling Demo on my lock and got so bored, I deleted him. Maybe I need to do some other spec.

    Teach me Obe One Lockobi


    • koalabear21
      Jan 26, 2010 @ 11:11:35

      Spec as affliction

      Put 2 points in Fel Synergy

      Get put points in affliction until you hit Siphon Life (level 32 at the earliest when you take Fel Synergy)

      Now the fun begins!

      There are 2 (probably more, but I know of 2) ways to do this: drain tanking and my way.

      Drain tanking – You use either your imp or succi to dps, and you become the tank. You dot up the mob then use your drain life spell to replace your life that you lose from the mob hitting you.

      My way – I don’t know if this has a name or not, but this is how I do it.

      Send in the voidwalker to a mob.
      Put up your 3 dots, immolate, Corruption, CoA
      Life Tap
      Send the voidwalker to the next mob
      Put up your dots
      Life Tap
      Repeat 5-12 times (depending on the level of mobs)

      If you need to heal the voidwalker stop your rotation and heal his ass.

      By the time you pull aggro off the VW the mob will be close to death. Most of the time I find that the mob will either die as they are running towards me or will start to flee, then die.

      If they start beating on you, dot up again with corruption and fear them off you.

      If the mobs are green you can cycle through about 10-12 of them very easily. Tab targeting helps big time. I found that it is helpful to keybind the “send pet” button to an easy hit button. I personally use the Z key because I can hit it with my pinkie finger. When the mobs are yellow I tend to not pull packs of more than 5-6 at a time. They can quickly kill the voidwalker, especially since they nerfed him.

      Warlocks (for me) don’t really start getting super fun until around 30ish.

      Go forth and lock it up!


      • For The Pie
        Jan 26, 2010 @ 14:04:56

        See that seems very much like a hunter pet. Only we don’t have but one DoT.

        Sometimes when I get bored on my hunter, I try to figure out how much my pet and I can handle. Can I trap 1, kite 1, have the pet tank 2, and kill them all? This is with a non tenacity pet. Tenacity pet is: the packs of Mammoths in the Sons of Hodir area? Yeah, pull the group with all three traps down, have the gorilla or worm thunderstomp, FD and the volley them down. Great for farming.

        So to the lock, he’ll have full heirloom gear, which basically makes him unkillable at level. I am thinking one of each of the rings, the mana and haste one.


      • koalabear21
        Jan 26, 2010 @ 14:10:45

        The pvp staff might work well too if you are short on badges. The extra stam on it will help with all the life tapping you do


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