Screenshot Friday

So yeah I have kind of copped out with posts lately, but hell, I didn’t have more to say on the current topic that is around the blogosphere beyond what I put up on my rebuttal post.  I get long winded and end up repeating myself.  That is how I operate.  My friends and guildies know this and somehow still put up with me.  As Andrew is so fond of saying “She is a good healer.”

Sad to think that is the only reason that they put up with me >.>

Well to that effect, this is my reaction:

Don't hurt the tree! See the green heals!! I am healing I swear!


I swear I wasn’t ignoring you while you were doing the gauntlet for Skadi

I can float too priests! See!


I also wasn’t moving around trying to find a better angle to get on the ledge either:

You perv! Looking up my trunk like that!


At least I pulled it off, ulike some others I could mention . . .

Yeah, couldn't even balance on it.


So yeah, I am totally in your groups healing you.  I swear!