Warning, pissy healer in group

Yesterday, for unknown reasons, I was pissy. Hell I am female, do I REALLY need a reason? What did I decide to do with my pissiness? Why heal heroics of course!

Ness and Dily were available so we had Ness tank and Dily bring the pew pew on his shadow priest. We queue up in heroics and because I was also feeling sassy, I announced in party chat that I was an angry healer and that if they thought they weren’t getting heals, then they most likely weren’t. I did that complete phrase with a smiley at the end.

The DK and pally we picked up thought I was joking. Silly dps.

The DK kept wanting to rush, rush, rush. We were in ToC, you can’t exactly “rush” in there. I told Ness to drag the instance out as long as possible. Dily and him laughed and agreed. Despite my “not healing you” mantra, no one died. Although it was quite close for the DK. Good thing he was blood huh? ^_^ At the end of the run he was telling us all what a good run it was, but it sure took a long time. I replied that we had done that on purpose because he told us to hurry. I am convinced this dude was a kid. His replies never changed in tone. They were all very childlike, which is pretty easy to see in WoW when there aren’t assholes (besides myself of course) around. The kid was decked out in triumph badge gear and was only pulling around 2k dps. It was sad really.

After that run was done more guildies had come online so we were able to do a full guild heroic. I switched to Millea since I didn’t need to heal. We got AN and gave Dily shit for his tanking abilities on his pally. I swear to god I was running away from the boss’ face when suddenly I was eating a pound. Heleva says over vent “Did you seriously just eat a pound?” Well I can safely say that I was not the only dps in the group to eat one. Andrew ate one on his rogue, and I am not quite sure how Vel died, but he did. One min I notice I am almost out of mana, the next I see that everyone but Dily and I are dead. We died shortly afterwards. Yes, we wiped in AN. I blame Dily ^_^

We ended up doing another run to cycle in some alts. Got HoS. I got a pretty cool picture of my mage frozen while running towards the big stone boss dude. Which I of course forgot to email to myself so I could upload it up from work. If I remember I will upload it into this post when I get home from work. EDIT – I remembered! 

Run failmage! Run!


Fail mage failed in dps against Dily’s DK and Vel’s druid, but that was to be expected.

Fail mage dps is fail


After that run Heleva went to get food and never came back online, Dily logged off to sleep for work in the morning and everyone else went off to do their own thing. I debated getting into another group, but decided I was too pissy to be able to be objective about the PuG. Instead I popped onto my DK and decided I was going to finally get her to 68 so I could go to Northrend.

While I was plugging away on her Vel asked me if I wanted to come with him while he was grinding Lower City rep in Shadow Labs. I jumped on it for the XP and possible drops. Ness wanted Outlands rep so he joined us. Fun times were had by all. 😀

I also managed to snag a few upgrades. Including some sweet plate pants with INT on them. Oh yeah baby. My Death Coil is going to do oodles of damage now :D. The only thing that would make those pants even better would be spellpower. There is a red socket so I guess I could technically put a spellpower gem in there. hmmmm *ponders*

Now before you all get all on my case about being a deathtard with the INT, I want to remind you that sarcasm is good for a balanced healthy lifestyle.

I totally am keeping the pants equipped though.