I love my guild

Our weekly raid quest was to kill Sarth.  We try to knock out the weekly raid on Wednesday night.  Last night we had like 5 people signed up for the raid with 2 people signed up as tentative.  There were four of us online when the raid time started.  We all decided we didn’t mind waiting until some more people came online.

The hunter who ran ToC with us on Saturday had kept up with talking with me.  He asked if we were doing the weekly raid.  I told him we were going to do it that night and he was welcome to join us.  While in vent Andrew, Vel and I were talking and I said “Let’s go 5 man OS!”  The best part of that, they were totally on board. ^_^  I whispered the hunter and let him know our plans.  Turns out he had a mage friend who was kind of undergeared but wanted to go.  No problem!

While the six of us were making our way to OS our resident enhancement shammy Shavok logged in on his warrior.  He was one of the guildies who had put tentative.  His work schedule is never exactly the same so he (and several others) never know when they will be home from work.  He whispered me and wanted to know if we had waited and that Viva (another guildie) was on his way home as well and wanted to come on his pally.  Sweet!  Now we had 2 tanks.  Since Viva wasn’t quite online yet we started clearing trash and the drakes.  Vel solo healed us.  He said he actually had fun healing.  We did lose Shavok on the first drake pull, but all things considered, we were doing just fine with one healer.  I got to bring fail mage so it was interesting attempting to dps while decursing everyone.  I still managed to come out as #3 or #4 in each fight.  I was quite proud of myself.  Especially since she is not in a raiding spec.  Go fail mage!

Viva logged in right as we were about to kill the 2nd drake, so it was perfect timing.  We finished the instance without any problems.  I can’t remember if we lost anyone on Sarth or not.  We managed to snag the 8 man Sarth achievement in the process though :D.

When we finished that run we decided to put together yet another 8 man run for our alts that still needed the raid.  Andrew popped on his pally to MT, Dily jumped on his DK, who has a tanking off-spec with gear, but he had never tanked.  Considering this is his 3rd tank, I really don’t think he had too much to worry about.  What I found hilarious was he was “technically” the OT, but he ended up becoming the MT.  When I brought it up in vent Andrew said “I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was the OT.”  I don’t think Dily could ever really be the OT, lol he has been the MT for far too long.  Even though I had already done OS on 25 man (I logged in on Tuesday and Ness says “Want to heal OS 25?” umm sure?) I was free on my druid for 10 man.  The hunter had a holy priest he wanted to bring.  I didn’t think we would really need 2 healers, but we brought his priest to “watch” the tanks.  I heal more in 5 mans then I had to in that run.  The mage we brought for the 1st run had a DK he wanted to bring.  Rex the “priest tank” from our friend guild was online on his hunter.  I asked him if he needed the run, he said yeppers and brought another hunter friend of his.  Since we were unsure on dps, we snagged a DK from the LF raid and headed in.

Turns out the DK was a fantastic player.  He was hitting 5.5k overall and 6.3k on the boss.  He was a bit overkill, but he was nice and thanked us for inviting him.  Rex, *sigh*, plays drunk 99% of the time.  While drunk he will attempt to tank on his priest and will pull on his hunter.  This of course pissed off Andrew so I had to yell at Rex to cut it out.  I even pulled all healing on the hunters until it stopped.  He cried a bit, but quit doing it.  He then apologized to the wrong tank at the end, but yeah.  I like Rex, but sometimes he just drives me nuts.

The really funny thing was the EXACT same items dropped in both runs.  Not that anyone needed any of them, except for maybe an off spec or something, but it was funny.

We tried to get a 3rd group going, but we didn’t have heals and it was 10 pm PST.  We decided to try to come back in tonight and get the few people who still needed it the quest completion.  Heleva can solo heal it ;).

The hunter stayed in vent with us chatting and doing 5 man randoms with us.  Dily ended up helping him with his gear and spec, because that is what Dily does best.  It was a ton of fun helping out Curtis get set up on his hunter, so I can understand why Dily likes to do it.  I think the hunter is really liking us and most likely will end up joining us.  We shall see, but it looks promising.

Tonight is supposed to be an Ulduar alt run, so we will see if we can pull it off, or at least get going in it.  Wish us luck!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trixyheleva
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 11:52:55

    I was stuck playing chauffeur for my boss. God hates me and never wants me to see OS. 😦


    • koalabear21
      Jan 14, 2010 @ 11:58:27

      We still have until Monday to do it. Both Andrew and I have our lock’s free. Dily has a tank free and Vel has his DK (lol). Nite said he would tank it, assuming we were still free to do so by the time he gets online. Matt still has his two 80s that are free to come.

      We are just lacking a 2nd healer. Which assumes you think you will need a 2nd healer. Vel didn’t, and I don’t think I would have needed one either.

      You will get to go. 😀


  2. repgrind
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 13:16:13

    I dunno why exactly, but I giggle every time you call her ‘fail mage’ … it just amuses me.


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