See I told you I would post

First things first – Yesterday in my name dropping post I left out someone.  She was very upset at me and warned me that it was too late, the car had already driven off the edge of the cliff.  Well in a last ditch effort to grab her before she hits the ground allow me to drop one more name at you.

Avalonna over at Tales of a Priest is not only an absolutely hilarious person, but she is also an awesome priest in the top Alliance raiding guild on Bloodhoof.  Go check out her site and try not be eaten by the zombies running amok.

It has been a shitty year for me outside of the game, which considering this is still January, does not bode well.  Even having Panda Express for lunch has not cheered me.  Alas the kung pao has failed me.

Things are going swimmingly in game though.

On Saturday EoF has their progression raids.  We had been doing ToC 10 and other than having issues with the first fight, we can usually walk in and one shot everything.  In an attempt to step things up a bit we decided to try heroic.  We had pugged a few individuals who were doing the run for shits n giggles and of course Ness had done it on heroic.  Everyone else?  Not so much.

I was under the mistaken assumption that ToGC was easier than ICC.  Using this assumption I figured we would be in ICC in a month, tops.  That would give us around 4 times in ToGC to fill in the gaps in gear for the raiders.  I wasn’t sure if we really had enough players to be truly ready for ICC so I wanted to be cautious.

I will be the first to say it – I was wrong.  ToGC can suck my ass.

We start it up, all full of excitement.  We are PROGRESSING!  We might be a bit behind the curve, but damn it we are still moving forward!  Which, frankly, is really all that matters.

Except when we try to do Northrend Beasts on heroic.  Seriously, fuck that fight.  The snobolds were coming out and the people who were getting nommed were also having fire bombs thrown on them AT THE SAME TIME.  So as they are trying to run out of the fire, they can’t because of the stupid snobold on their head.  The dps looked like they were trying to get the snobolds off, I couldn’t be too sure of that because OH MY GOD EVERYONE IS TAKING SO MUCH DAMAGE!  We had 2 trees and Vel on his shammy.  Vel was healing one tank and I was healing the other.  Both of us were helping out with raid heals as well.  The tree we pugged was on raid heals and tank back up.  Even then the tanks were dropping like flies.  The stupid fire bomb DoTs were killing people like crazy.  The immediate changeover from one beast to the next SUCKS. 

I will give us credit though, each time we threw our heads at it, the better we got.  After several wipes Zakk ditched us claiming his guild needed him, which was total bullshit.  When we called him out on it he got bitchy and complained that he signed up for regular not heroic.

Can you see my eyes rolling through the computer screen?  I can guarantee they are.  See?  Oh look, there they go again.

After Zakk left, we all talked and decided that we would quit the heroic idea and just do regular.  We nabbed a new dps and charged back in.  We then proceeded to one shot everything, including Northrend Beasts, with no deaths.  Did you hear that?  NO DEATHS!  😀

Floating high we decided to go clear trash in ICC so that we could get our main raiders their 251 rings.  We needed Andrew on his rogue to see the traps so he couldn’t tank on his pally.  We nabbed a warrior tank  and went in.

Right off the bat we ask the tank to get in vent.  We informed him that we had never been there.  His reply?  “It is just trash.  You don’t need vent for trash.”

Excuse me?

What part of “WE HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE” did you fail to grasp?

He kept just chain pulling.  That’s right, chain pulling ICC trash for a group that had never seen ICC trash.  Classy, I know.  I finally just said I wasn’t going to heal him anymore.  When he would pull, and we weren’t ready, we would just stay back and let him duke it out on his own.  We had someone in our group, who was on vent, explain the trash to us so we had an idea of what was going on.  At one point Vel had to alt tab for something and the tank died.  He then said in chat that he was back, and oh the tank would have known that the one healer healing him was afk if HE HAD BEEN IN VENT.

We finally cleared the trash for the first time.  We had a couple deaths, mostly just the tank who wouldn’t get into vent.  A couple of the dps seemed to be a bit shocked over our reaction to the tank.  I am not going to apologize for being a bitch to a jerk.  Not gonna happen.  You get me when I am bitchy paired up with Vel and oh man watch out.  The two of us together are vicious.  We actually had Dily joining us in that mix too.  Triple Threat!  BOOM!

Apparently one of the dps pugs we picked up liked us so much he stuck around with us for the rest of the evening.  Even did a random with us.  He started asking us about our guild and expressed interest in joining us.

The hard part with have with new recruits is they join us thinking we raid, despite us telling them that raiding is just something we do, it isn’t what our guild is.  We try to raid more than we have in the past, but we are by no means a raiding guild.  If people are accepting of that fact, AND they get along with us (more notably the “stronger personalities” ie me) then they usually work out.  The warlock we picked up from our last ToC run fits in with us quite well.  He is snarky and perverted and picks on me, just like the rest of the guild >.>.

Due to our wins against the trash in ICC, I changed our raiding schedule.  Wednesday stayed as the weekly quest.  Thursday was changed to alternate between Onyxia and ToC.  The best news is that Saturday is now ICC.

That is right people!  Echo of Fate is entering Ice Crown Citadel when everyone else is actually raiding it!

Yay for us!!!


I was late to work this morning (3rd time in 3 weeks >.<) which is REALLY not good.  This means that I will not be able to post until my lunch break in about 3 hours. 

This is just filler and most likely will be deleted, but I promise I will put up a real post.