I R gud

Yesterday afternoon (I was lucky and got a paid day off) I decided to play my baby lock over on the horde side.  I have been doing a mix of the dungeons and questing.  I have yet to pvp with her, not from lack of interest, I just don’t think about it.  She is about halfway to 45 and leveling is cake.

I queued up for a dungeon and got into Mara, because apparently the queue can only put you in there every single time from level 40 to level 50.  Heaven forbid you do any of the other instances, or even purple crystals!  Nope, orange crystals over and over and over again.

We zoned in, buffed (I ❤ kings) and went to town.  Right away the tank says “Oh wow! A warlock who knows how to play their class correctly!”  I replied “I have a lock as my main.”  Turns out he has 3 warlocks, one for each spec, and was leveling a pally tank for fun.  He went on to tell me that most warlocks don’t have a clue how to play at this level.  It was pretty cool to be complemented so much.  I of course thanked him.  Throughout the run he kept up a steady stream of chatter with me.  At one point one of the other dps, a warrior I believe, asked “U have more than 1 lock?”  That is when he said he had 3 and I replied that I had like 5-7, I have since lost count of how many I have.  His little mind could not wrap itself around that concept.  Silly warrior.  All muscle, no brains 😀

She has gotten to the point where she is just a blast to play.  The fact that I am leveling horde has made the leveling grind that much more fun.  Areas where there are like 4 or 5 quests for alliance (if even that many) have at least a dozen for horde.  Things make a bit more sense.  I couldn’t understand why these areas were there, and so big, if there weren’t any quests available.

Since I am a newbie horde there are things I just don’t know off-hand.  For example, the best way to get to Stonard, short of taking a mage portal.  Now I know how to get there as alliance, it is quite simple.  Getting there as horde was another story.  It just seemed like a very out of the way place that is a pain to get to.  What do you mean I have to run all the way from STV?  Wow that is a crappy distance.  I don’t think Blizzard was thinking things through when they placed some of these locations.  Take the Hinterlands for example.  The horde outpost is ACROSS the entire area.  There is NOT an easy way (at least not that I am aware of) to get there.  At least with alliance there are boats we can take to get to these places or easy routes for the most part.

I went to twitter to ask the hordies there how to make my way there.  None of them realized that I didn’t know I could take a zep from UC to STV.  They realized this once I complained about the super long flight from UC to STV.  Of course this was Arrens, and he might have done this on purpose, at least I wouldn’t put it past him. 😉  The lovely MoodyDK at http://moodyloner.wrecklist.net/ didn’t realize until it was too late that she should have suggested I take the portal in the blasted lands to get to Stonard.  I can’t believe I forgot about that.  Now I just feel dumb.

By the time I made it to Stonard, turned in my quest there and picked up the other quests I was already over the area.  There just wasn’t enough there to warrant all the time it took for me to get there.  There were about the same number of quests for horde as there are for alliance in that zone, which is not many.  I was very disappointed to say the least.

So now I am in a quandrary.  I have several quests for the Badlands, all of which are green or red, a few for Stonard, which I don’t really want to do.  Several dungeon quests, which means I have to queue specifically for the dungeon and miss out on the bonus for the random.  I am not sure where else to go.  I am 44 1/2.  I know I could do STV, but having been there, done that, I don’t know if the horde quests are really all that different from the alliance quests.  Is there somewhere else I should be questing?  I don’t really want to do Tanaris.  Feralas maybe?  All you hordies out there chime in and give me some direction.


I am a slacker

I REALLY don’t want to make a post today.  All weekend long I have just felt blah.  I don’t want to play WoW, hell I haven’t wanted to wash my hair.  Which is gross, yes I am quite aware of that fact, thank you very much.  Maybe I am depressed or just blah.  I haven’t figured it out yet.

Thursday night saw a lot of fun in my guild.  We managed to pull off the first 5 bosses of Ulduar and do an OS run on top of everything.  We got the 8 man Sarth achievement on 2 separate groups last week.  So that was awesome.

Things have been pretty quiet on the guild front.  Not many people have been online lately.  Except for late at night when our lovely Air Force crew logs in.  So suddenly we go from 2 people online to 7.

I finally got my pet pug on my mage.  I think I am like 14 people or so from getting it on my druid.  I still have a ton left on my warlock.  I need to figure out what would be the best gear upgrade for her.  She has like 89 BoT and I don’t know what to buy with them.  She is currently sitting around ilvl 219 with a few 226 items thrown in for good measure.  Hell, I think my mage is better geared than her now.  Which is really sad because I have no intention of raiding with my mage.  I really need to bring Millea out more often and keep the cobwebs from re-forming.  How sad is it when your main has been put on the back burner for so long to where she is no longer considered by people to be your main?  I even played into that a bit by having Tatia be the character that was promoted to officer instead of Millea.  I am just never on Millea.  It really makes me sad.  I will probably play her even less when I level up a worgen warlock too.  😦

Ah oh well.

I will leave you with some link love though:  Go read Arioch’s post.  I can tell she is winding up for a good one.

Thanks to her I was turned on to this guy, who also happens to be awesome.  He recently ran with this, I hesitate to even call him a warlock.  Look at the summary on the side of the armory.  He just won a dodge rating trinket, AND EQUIPPED IT!

Why!  Why do people do this!?!!?!

Screenshot Friday

Dily asked me if he could submit a picture for my blog.  I of course agreed.  This picture is of his pally Catrynne.


What do you mean there is someone else in the picture with me?


Either later today, or tomorrow I will have a bonus post.  Stay tuned!

I love my guild

Our weekly raid quest was to kill Sarth.  We try to knock out the weekly raid on Wednesday night.  Last night we had like 5 people signed up for the raid with 2 people signed up as tentative.  There were four of us online when the raid time started.  We all decided we didn’t mind waiting until some more people came online.

The hunter who ran ToC with us on Saturday had kept up with talking with me.  He asked if we were doing the weekly raid.  I told him we were going to do it that night and he was welcome to join us.  While in vent Andrew, Vel and I were talking and I said “Let’s go 5 man OS!”  The best part of that, they were totally on board. ^_^  I whispered the hunter and let him know our plans.  Turns out he had a mage friend who was kind of undergeared but wanted to go.  No problem!

While the six of us were making our way to OS our resident enhancement shammy Shavok logged in on his warrior.  He was one of the guildies who had put tentative.  His work schedule is never exactly the same so he (and several others) never know when they will be home from work.  He whispered me and wanted to know if we had waited and that Viva (another guildie) was on his way home as well and wanted to come on his pally.  Sweet!  Now we had 2 tanks.  Since Viva wasn’t quite online yet we started clearing trash and the drakes.  Vel solo healed us.  He said he actually had fun healing.  We did lose Shavok on the first drake pull, but all things considered, we were doing just fine with one healer.  I got to bring fail mage so it was interesting attempting to dps while decursing everyone.  I still managed to come out as #3 or #4 in each fight.  I was quite proud of myself.  Especially since she is not in a raiding spec.  Go fail mage!

Viva logged in right as we were about to kill the 2nd drake, so it was perfect timing.  We finished the instance without any problems.  I can’t remember if we lost anyone on Sarth or not.  We managed to snag the 8 man Sarth achievement in the process though :D.

When we finished that run we decided to put together yet another 8 man run for our alts that still needed the raid.  Andrew popped on his pally to MT, Dily jumped on his DK, who has a tanking off-spec with gear, but he had never tanked.  Considering this is his 3rd tank, I really don’t think he had too much to worry about.  What I found hilarious was he was “technically” the OT, but he ended up becoming the MT.  When I brought it up in vent Andrew said “I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was the OT.”  I don’t think Dily could ever really be the OT, lol he has been the MT for far too long.  Even though I had already done OS on 25 man (I logged in on Tuesday and Ness says “Want to heal OS 25?” umm sure?) I was free on my druid for 10 man.  The hunter had a holy priest he wanted to bring.  I didn’t think we would really need 2 healers, but we brought his priest to “watch” the tanks.  I heal more in 5 mans then I had to in that run.  The mage we brought for the 1st run had a DK he wanted to bring.  Rex the “priest tank” from our friend guild was online on his hunter.  I asked him if he needed the run, he said yeppers and brought another hunter friend of his.  Since we were unsure on dps, we snagged a DK from the LF raid and headed in.

Turns out the DK was a fantastic player.  He was hitting 5.5k overall and 6.3k on the boss.  He was a bit overkill, but he was nice and thanked us for inviting him.  Rex, *sigh*, plays drunk 99% of the time.  While drunk he will attempt to tank on his priest and will pull on his hunter.  This of course pissed off Andrew so I had to yell at Rex to cut it out.  I even pulled all healing on the hunters until it stopped.  He cried a bit, but quit doing it.  He then apologized to the wrong tank at the end, but yeah.  I like Rex, but sometimes he just drives me nuts.

The really funny thing was the EXACT same items dropped in both runs.  Not that anyone needed any of them, except for maybe an off spec or something, but it was funny.

We tried to get a 3rd group going, but we didn’t have heals and it was 10 pm PST.  We decided to try to come back in tonight and get the few people who still needed it the quest completion.  Heleva can solo heal it ;).

The hunter stayed in vent with us chatting and doing 5 man randoms with us.  Dily ended up helping him with his gear and spec, because that is what Dily does best.  It was a ton of fun helping out Curtis get set up on his hunter, so I can understand why Dily likes to do it.  I think the hunter is really liking us and most likely will end up joining us.  We shall see, but it looks promising.

Tonight is supposed to be an Ulduar alt run, so we will see if we can pull it off, or at least get going in it.  Wish us luck!

Warning, pissy healer in group

Yesterday, for unknown reasons, I was pissy. Hell I am female, do I REALLY need a reason? What did I decide to do with my pissiness? Why heal heroics of course!

Ness and Dily were available so we had Ness tank and Dily bring the pew pew on his shadow priest. We queue up in heroics and because I was also feeling sassy, I announced in party chat that I was an angry healer and that if they thought they weren’t getting heals, then they most likely weren’t. I did that complete phrase with a smiley at the end.

The DK and pally we picked up thought I was joking. Silly dps.

The DK kept wanting to rush, rush, rush. We were in ToC, you can’t exactly “rush” in there. I told Ness to drag the instance out as long as possible. Dily and him laughed and agreed. Despite my “not healing you” mantra, no one died. Although it was quite close for the DK. Good thing he was blood huh? ^_^ At the end of the run he was telling us all what a good run it was, but it sure took a long time. I replied that we had done that on purpose because he told us to hurry. I am convinced this dude was a kid. His replies never changed in tone. They were all very childlike, which is pretty easy to see in WoW when there aren’t assholes (besides myself of course) around. The kid was decked out in triumph badge gear and was only pulling around 2k dps. It was sad really.

After that run was done more guildies had come online so we were able to do a full guild heroic. I switched to Millea since I didn’t need to heal. We got AN and gave Dily shit for his tanking abilities on his pally. I swear to god I was running away from the boss’ face when suddenly I was eating a pound. Heleva says over vent “Did you seriously just eat a pound?” Well I can safely say that I was not the only dps in the group to eat one. Andrew ate one on his rogue, and I am not quite sure how Vel died, but he did. One min I notice I am almost out of mana, the next I see that everyone but Dily and I are dead. We died shortly afterwards. Yes, we wiped in AN. I blame Dily ^_^

We ended up doing another run to cycle in some alts. Got HoS. I got a pretty cool picture of my mage frozen while running towards the big stone boss dude. Which I of course forgot to email to myself so I could upload it up from work. If I remember I will upload it into this post when I get home from work. EDIT – I remembered! 

Run failmage! Run!


Fail mage failed in dps against Dily’s DK and Vel’s druid, but that was to be expected.

Fail mage dps is fail


After that run Heleva went to get food and never came back online, Dily logged off to sleep for work in the morning and everyone else went off to do their own thing. I debated getting into another group, but decided I was too pissy to be able to be objective about the PuG. Instead I popped onto my DK and decided I was going to finally get her to 68 so I could go to Northrend.

While I was plugging away on her Vel asked me if I wanted to come with him while he was grinding Lower City rep in Shadow Labs. I jumped on it for the XP and possible drops. Ness wanted Outlands rep so he joined us. Fun times were had by all. 😀

I also managed to snag a few upgrades. Including some sweet plate pants with INT on them. Oh yeah baby. My Death Coil is going to do oodles of damage now :D. The only thing that would make those pants even better would be spellpower. There is a red socket so I guess I could technically put a spellpower gem in there. hmmmm *ponders*

Now before you all get all on my case about being a deathtard with the INT, I want to remind you that sarcasm is good for a balanced healthy lifestyle.

I totally am keeping the pants equipped though.

Yeah I am boring

Last night I wasn’t really into doing much. For some reason I was having major fps issues. Normally I can run around at 70-75 fps, even in Dalaran. Last night I was getting 12-18 fps in Dalaran topside, 66-68 fps in the sewers. Since I figured the issue was in Dalaran I left the city and started flying elsewhere to see if the issue would be fixed. I ended up in GH, all alone, and was still getting 22-40 fps. This made no sense. I could understand Dalaran with all the people, despite there hardly being anyone around, but Grizzly Hills?! It was a ghost town. Ok so maybe it was my computer. I shut everything down, made sure I had updates downloaded and installed and restarted my computer.

Log back in, I am still getting around 40 fps in Grizzly Hills and about 17 fps in Dalaran. I got frustrated and just moved my toon down to the sewers because at least there I was getting 66-68 fps. I normally run at around 240 latency. Last night it ranged from 80 to 308. When I had really low frame rates I would have about 80 latency, the higher rates would get me around 300. Very, very odd.

Since I was bored I decided to do some instances. I hadn’t done much on my druid lately in regards to PuGs so I figured why the hell not. I queue up and got CoS. There was an overgeared Unholy DK, the warrior tank was about ilvl 207, the rogue was 187 and the mage was about 196. The first thing I noticed was no one was doing the crates. Everyone just ran to the front entrance. Since I was the last one running I ended up doing the crates, which is probably what they had in mind. I think most people forget that you have to do the stupid crates to start the instance. I finally get up to the front and check everyone out. I like to know what I will be up against for healing. If I can sleep through the instance, or if I will actually have to pay attention and heal. I said in party chat that the tank should vig the DK, he said he had already done it. Good tank :D. The mage didn’t make a table, didn’t offer food and that made me sad. I asked her for a stack (I like to have some for other instances) and she made me two. I gave her a hug and she started kissing me. It was very odd.

The first thing I noticed was the rogue knew his shit. He was #2 on my meter behind the DK, who also knew his shit. Which would mean that the warrior knew his shit because he held onto aggro with these 2 guys. The mage, eh I am still kind of up in the air on her. She never refilled her mana, ever, in the entire instance. Even when we had time for her to drink she didn’t. She didn’t use a mana gem, she didn’t evocate, no potions, nothing. She was an arcane mage so I don’t know if you guys have something else, but at one point she went completely oom. I wasn’t sure if she was just expecting me to innervate her, since I obviously didn’t need it or what. I have this thing with innervate. If it is obvious that you are having mana issues, and you are working towards keeping your mana up (hunter’s using viper, mages drinking every chance they get, etc) I will innervate you when you need it. If you just run around and ignore the fact that you use mana, I will most likely ignore you as well. It is my innervate, I can be a bitch about it if I want :D. Despite her never drinking, she didn’t do half bad. Her numbers didn’t pick up until the 3rd boss fight though. I don’t know if she just hadn’t gotten her groove or what. Overall the group was a quick easy run. We made it to the optional boss with 8 mins left on the timer. The extra badge was delicious.

That run over I decided to get into another group. Oh guess what, heroic Halls of Lightning. I swear I cannot go one day without getting this instance. Turns out it was a guild run and they were lacking a healer. My biggest peeve as a PuG healer is the tank running away from me. As soon as I zoned in, I was buffed and the tank was pulling. The tank was alone on the mobs because everyone else was still buffing themselves and refilling mana/health. The tank just kept pulling, despite her guildies being on the lower end of the gear/dps scale. No sooner were the first mobs killed then the tank was pulling the boss. I hadn’t even finished bending over to loot when I heard “I am the greatest of my father’s sons!” and saw bars start dropping. As soon as the boss fell down the tank was off and running again. She had the arc weld on her and just kept running. At that point I stopped healing her. She obviously did not need me there to heal her. She kept running away from me and the party. The rest of the group wasn’t much better. The warlock would life tap until there were nubbins left then run in and melee. Yes the warlock was whacking things with his dagger. The lowest geared person was the shammy, who at least was smart enough to stay with the healer. I healed her. The other player was a shadow priest. She stuck with me and the shammy, but wasn’t getting any damage so I didn’t have to heal her. At one point I asked the tank if she really had to keep running constantly, even when she had a debuff on her. Silence was all I got. I finally had enough when we killed the 2nd boss and the tank immediately ran into the next room with the spawning Vrykuls. I wasn’t even in the room with her. I just said to hell with it, they obviously don’t need me so I dropped group.

Maybe I was an asshole for that, but frankly I hate runs like that. If you cannot even bother to make sure everyone is there, then you don’t need anyone. That is the one thing guaranteed to piss me off in a PuG run.

Andrew came online and wanted to tank with his pally. We queued up together and got UP. Turns out we had 3 freshly geared 80s. Two were alts and one was someone who hadn’t played in over 6 months. The shammy (the one who hadn’t played in a while) asked if the tank (Andrew) was going to bail immediately. I told them he better not because I would kick his ass. Andrew then pipped up with “Yeah she knows where I live >.>” to which everyone laughed. I told them we didn’t mind that they weren’t uber geared as long as they didn’t do something stupid. I said if they do something stupid I wouldn’t heal them.

We had an arcane mage, a hunter and the enhancement shammy. This was the first hunter I had come across who wasn’t spamming volley every pull. When we got to Svala I had to tell them to kill the adds. Only the shammy and the tank were doing that and each time the ritual came up it was one of them who was caught in it. The mage and the hunter finally stopped dpsing the boss long enough to kill the mobs. I was close to changing out of tree form and spamming hurricane. I had to heal so little that I was joking in vent that I should just go boomkin and heal that way. I would have probably beat their dps too.

Skadi was a pain in the ass because they didn’t seem to know what to do with the harpoons. I swear they were just shooting them each time they got one. Andrew said “how much do you want to bet that the shammy will die in the whirlwind?” To which I said in chat “MOVE AWAY FROM HIS WHIRLWIND WHEN HE COMES DOWN.” He whirled and the shammy ate it. *sigh* He ate it again on the final boss too.

At this point I just felt bad for the kid. He truly was a fail shammy. Having a fail mage, I can relate. Even then I still was never as bad as this dude. He did get a few upgrades and I wished him luck then we bailed.

The best part – I was getting 88-90 fps in the instanced runs.

Fucking game.


So I know that most of people raiding have roflstomped their way through ToGC and are completely done with ICC and think that EoF is silly for still raiding ToC.  Well screw you people.  We don’t exactly get to raid 7 nights a week, nor do we have oodles of people available to raid either.

With that done with, I want to say how happy and excited I am for Echo of Fate.  Saturday is our progression raiding night.  It was looking dismal for the raid actually going off.  We had 2 people signed up other than myself and I was tempted to not even log in.  Andrew was over at my apartment with his aunt.  We were doing our damnedest to get her hooked on WoW so she would come play with us.  I think we succeeded ^_^b.  I logged in really quick to see what the general feeling was for raiding and found several people who hadn’t been online in a while.  They were eager to raid.  Andrew called Kate and she needed about 30 mins before she was home from work.  All told we only needed to find 3 people to make a 10 man.  We nabbed Andrew’s roommate Justin and a rogue and warlock from trade.

Now we have a really difficult time with NRB.  Even with 3 healers.  Well this was the first time we had ran with Kate on her Disc priest.  I put her on Andrew (who came on his pally tank) and put Vel on our guildie Auralio who was another pally tank.  This left me with the raid and back up for the tanks.  Vel was also back up raid heals.

We headed in, fought valiantly and died to the worms.  I fucking hate those worms.  No biggie, we ran back in, rebuffed and charged back in.  Lo and behold we managed to kill all of them and still have like 6 people standing.  That alone was enough to make me one happy camper.  The previous times we had gone into ToC we just ended up banging our heads against the wall that is NRB.  The fact that we only wiped once on them was serious cause for celebration.  The cherry on top was the fact that we continued through and one shot every other boss in the instance. ^_^b

Ness had to leave after the faction champs, which were pretty easy for us again, so we had to bring in another person.  The rogue pulled wife aggro and had to leave too.  The warlock we nabbed from trade had a hunter friend who was willing to come in and help and a warlock I knew from helping him with a LW thingy was online.  I had no clue if the warlock would be geared enough, or even know what he was doing.  Turns out he was more than geared and topped the charts, as demonology.  He apparently hadn’t been in ToC for a very long time and didn’t know the fights.  I reassured him (and the other warlock for that matter) that this was a learning run and we would explain everything before we started the fights.  The hunter that was brought in was an experienced raider and was awesome about helping us with explaining the fights.  He also had this really awesome voice.  Not quite Barry White, but awesome along those lines.  His voice had Vel singing in guild chat, which was hilarious in its own right.

I won this and got all excited about the delicious haste.  Only to have the final boss drop this.  I let the warlock have it and I kept mine.  8 haste wasn’t enough to make a stink about.  Plus mine had a blue socket which means I could put a spirit gem in there.  Delicious spirit.  Andrew got several nice upgrades for his pally tank.  That made me happy that we kind of forced him to come tank instead of pugging one.  Dily wasn’t online so his shadow priest missed out on the dagger that he has been jonesing over.  He came online like 15 mins after we completed ToC.  Just bad timing.

When we finished ToC we were still all gung-ho and wanted to go do some more stuff.  It was fairly early for the east coasters and so I suggested we go and try Ony.  Everyone was on board, except for Justin, but since he refused to get into vent it was his own damn fault.  Luckily Dily came online at that exact time (as I mentioned above) and we made our way to Ony’s lair.

Normally when we do raids we somehow always have nothing but melee dps.  I don’t know how it ended up happening this time, but we only had one melee dps and it was our enhancement shammy Shavok.  This sort of posed a problem with the adds in Onyxia’s room, but the hunter suggested we put Dily on his shadow priest to help with the mobs.  We didn’t have anyone to disarm the mobs either.  I guess MM hunters can do it, but this guy said it would cause too many problems with his rotation on the boss.  So we just dropped it and didn’t keep arguing with him.

Considering this was EoF first venture into Onyxia we gave a damn good showing.  We walked in and one shot her.  Yes we had 2 deaths towards the beginning of the fight, but I b-rezzed Shavok, since we needed him back up more so than the dead warlock.  I think we had only one or 2 more deaths by the time we were done.  She dropped a caster dagger that was a downgrade for everyone and a warrior chest piece, we had no warriors, and the priest helmet.  Both priests in the group had the 245 helm, sooooo Ony’s helm wasn’t worth anything.  I think Auralio won the bag, I won the jewel and Kate won Ony’s head.  I was kind of bummed that there was only jewel in the bag, but it was a blue one and I needed that for my new staff, so all was good. 😀

We called it after that, said goodbye to our new friends.  We might end up recruiting the warlock and possibly the hunter.  The warlock didn’t have a guild since he had been out of the game for a long time, but was unsure about joining us.  I hope he changes his mind.  We don’t have a destro lock and he really didn’t do too badly of a job.  The hunter most likely wont join us because our raiding times are too late for him, but he said he was free to help us with raids whenever we had a free spot.  The same went for the demo lock.  Nice to have people back on my friend’s list that I know are good guys.

We ended up doing several randoms for our frost badges then most everyone crashed out for the night.  Auralio and Shavok are pretty sure they will be able to make this next week’s Saturday raid.  They are in the Air Force so they don’t always know what their schedule will be like.  This was the first time I had seen either of them online in a few weeks.  They are part of our core raiding team so it is kind of hard to get a full raid together when we are missing them.

We all started talking after the raid broke up about how they want to give heroic ToC a shot.  I would really like to give it a try.  I am a little worried about the NRB fight though.  If we are having this much trouble in regular, I’d hate to see how many problems we will have in heroic.  However, I want to progress and in order to go knock on Arthas’ door, we need some more items from ToGC.  I changed the raid for Saturday to reflect that we “might” do heroic.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can pull it off.  Wish us luck guys! 😀

Screenshot Friday

So yeah I have kind of copped out with posts lately, but hell, I didn’t have more to say on the current topic that is around the blogosphere beyond what I put up on my rebuttal post.  I get long winded and end up repeating myself.  That is how I operate.  My friends and guildies know this and somehow still put up with me.  As Andrew is so fond of saying “She is a good healer.”

Sad to think that is the only reason that they put up with me >.>

Well to that effect, this is my reaction:

Don't hurt the tree! See the green heals!! I am healing I swear!


I swear I wasn’t ignoring you while you were doing the gauntlet for Skadi

I can float too priests! See!


I also wasn’t moving around trying to find a better angle to get on the ledge either:

You perv! Looking up my trunk like that!


At least I pulled it off, ulike some others I could mention . . .

Yeah, couldn't even balance on it.


So yeah, I am totally in your groups healing you.  I swear!

How to rogue

Since I admittedly cannot rogue, Andrew has taken it upon himself to make a flowchart to show me.

Just so you are aware, this is the proper rotation – 111116111131111311116



Go read Arioch’s new post!

Back to the grind

Arioch has a fantastic guest post today.  You should go read it if you haven’t already.

I had been home from work until today so I had a bunch of extra time to play.  When this happens I usually make a new character.  I’ve mentioned in the past that if Andrew had not been alliance I would most likely be rocking max level horde toons.  Most of the new toons I make are hordies.  I currently have a blood elf warlock on Undermine that is my highest level at the moment, not counting a DK I made on a random server.  Yesterday I spent most of the day playing on her.

I had forgotten how much fun leveling an affliction warlock is.  It has been so long since I had to level or do any kind of grinding with Millea that I had just forgotten.  I have found that most classes don’t start getting fun until around level 40, with exception to my hunter.  She just got boring at that point.  From all the piles of hunters out there I am sure I will be told I am wrong, but there is only so much standing there and auto-shooting I can do before I get bored.

This was the first time since they nerfed the void walker that I actually saw first hand how much he was weakened.  I had noticed that I had to heal him after several mobs on my 80 lock, but man oh man does he get hurt fast at the lower level.  It might just be how I have been using him.  An example would be my leveling in Arathai.  I had to get the keys to unlock this prison for some elemental princess and the keys are surrounded by all these elementals.  I would send in my VW to one, DoT it up, then have him taunt another one, DoT that one up, then move on to another one.  I think at one point he had like 6 or 7 mobs on him.  Now mind you these are all yellow level mobs.  I tackled about 10 green level mobs doing the same thing.  Toward the end of their life the mobs would run towards me, but since I was at max range they usually died before they could even hit me.  The problem I was finding was he was getting close to dying before all of the mobs were killed.  I would have to stop DoTing and switching targets to heal him.  We still got the job done, but I sure had to work for it.  Made me start paying attention more.

I managed to get in a random dungeon, just to see what they were like and to see what loot I would get.  I was 37 when I got in and got Uldaman.  I had been here once on my hunter, and once as a max level toon running a guildie through.  I don’t remember what went on with my hunter, or when I ran someone through, so I told them I had never been there before.  I was the lowest level in the group and the only one without any heirlooms.  The greens that dropped were actual upgrades, to which the group laughed then congratulated me.  I seriously made bank on that run.  I got 3 green upgrades.  I got an off-hand to go with my dagger, a helmet and some gloves.  Then one of the bosses dropped a cloth chest that was a clear upgrade, except I had to be 40 before I could equip it. >.>  When we finished the dungeon I opened my bag o’ loot and there were some really, and I mean REALLY nice cloth shoulders.  Made me happy I didn’t have the heirloom ones because then I could actually use them.  The people I ran with were really awesome too.  It was one of the better PuGs I had been in.

When I finished there I ran over to Ratchet and got my warlock robes of prettiness, I mean bloodrobe, yeah, BLOODrobe, cause warlocks are ALL ABOUT KILLING YOU!  Umm yeah >.> moving on. . .

I had a quest to turn in at Org so I popped over there just to ding 38 where I got yet another warlocky quest.  Back to Ratchet I went.  Let me tell you, horde warlocks have it easy on these warlock quests.  There are so many major cities and flight paths in Kalimdor that alliance just doesn’t have over there.  Where these quests were a chore on Millea, I was done with them super quick on Lyssianna.

My original goal was to level in as many of the horde areas as I could before Cat comes out.  I want to see what the horde leveling is like before it gets changed.  So far I am really liking their leveling zones.  Take Arathai for example.  There are only a few Alliance quests there, and the ones they do have, frankly suck.  All these questions I had for the area with the odd stone rings and random giants walking around were answered when I did the horde quests.  The area isn’t so empty now.  The same goes for Desolace.  I tried leveling there on my mage way back when and there just weren’t enough quests.  I was surprised at how many quests the horde has there.  Changed my outlook on leveling in that area.

The hardest part I have had in doing this is actually finding the horde outposts.  I think I ran all over Desolace for about an hour before I found the horde camp at the very bottom of the frickin map.  They didn’t exactly make it easy to find these places.  Some of them I knew where to go because I had inadvertently found them while on an alliance toon.  Gromgrol (sp?) in STV is a prime example.  If you even get within sight of that place on an alliance toon you get chased by the guards.  I have died more times than I care to think about from those guards.  I always manage to get too close. *sigh*  But now I can walk freely through there!  Ha!  Take that guards!

Since I won that chest piece and Lyssianna is now 40 I have to give up my pretty bloodrobes.  It makes me sad.  I love how the robes look.  I went through all of these loops to get these robes made just for me to only wear them for 2 levels.  Makes me sad.  I gotta remember to take a picture before I put the robe away.  I think I can make room for it in her bank somewhere.  I just hope I don’t end up DEing it on accident like I did on Millea.  Those robes are special.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more adventures to tell.  I should at least have a picture for you. 😀  Until then!

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