Shoot me please

Work kicked my ass this morning.  My boss gets on these kicks where his mind goes in 20 million places at once and so instead of letting me finish what I had originally set out to do, he has me stop and do something else RIGHT THAT SECOND.  If I complain, he yells at me.  On top of this I am not in the office for the full day because I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so I have even less time to finish everything I need to get done.  Now that he left (gone until Tuesday! *arm pump*) I can finally eat something for lunch and finish up all the crap he left for me to do.

Oh and I can post ^_^

First I want to say that the new peanut butter I bought at the store is the best fucking peanut butter I have ever had.  Roasted Peanuts & Honey: CREAMY.  I swear it is like I am eating candy.  Sooooooooooo good. *drool*

ahem onward with the WoW talk

Wednesday is normally our weekly raid quest night.  We try to get 2 runs in at the minimum, more if the fight is really easy.  Our healing team is awesome cause we can totally solo heal Naxx & OS 😀

Since our raid was Razorscale we needed 2 healers.  Vel & Heleva knocked out the first round and I healed with our hunter friend’s not quite geared holy priest.  Yeah that went over somewhat ok.  The wipe was the tank’s fault.  I had 3 mobs chewing on me and I died.  The tank wasn’t near me.  Yes Dily I am talking about you! :-p  When I gave him shit over vent he sent me a raspberry.  Brat.  The 2nd attempt only went slightly better in that I lived.  The mage died to adds (*sigh*) to which I b-rezzed him, just to see him die a moment later to different adds. >.>  Other than the mage, no one else died in the 2nd fight and several people got the achievement for a quick shave.  Go us!

I got the go-ahead from most of the raiding team to start ICC on Wednesdays and move the weekly to Thursday.  Wednesday’s raiding will be from 10:15 pm to 12 am midnight EST.  We will go in, take down as many bosses as we can in the time allotted then pick up on Saturday what is left over.  Thursday we will do the weekly raid first thing, then pop over to Ony or ToC (it alternates each week).  Man Thursday is going to be a looooong night. >.<

Sorry for the short post.  I have to get back to work, I have like 45 mins left before I have to leave for my doctor’s appointment and I have a shitton of stuff to finish before that.  I can promise you that tomorrow’s Screenshot Friday is particularly awesome.  😀