Weekend recap

EoF went back into ICC this weekend.  We got lucky and our fearless leader (note, not me) Misneach was able to come tank for us.  It was nice having him around to crack dirty jokes and take a beating for the team.  We miss you Mis!  Come back more often!

Last week we 2 shot Marrowgar; this week we wiped, then wiped, then wiped some more.  As Orange so nicely put it “that happens when you change strats.”  Well it also happens when you change tanks as well.  Last week we had Auralio on his pally tank and a pug DK (we did Ony with him and kind of “made” him tank ICC) and the two of them were really good together; This week we had Mis and Dily on his pally.  Andrew briefly made an appearance on his pally, but we decided that we needed his rogue’s dps more and he switched back.  Last week we wiped the first time due to positioning and people not knowing the fight yet, then managed to kill him on our second attempt.  This week we tried the “stack on him to avoid the coldflame” gimmick thing.  From what I am being told this is only something you can do in 10 man.  I will be the first to say I don’t like this strat.  Want to know why?  Because I ate half of the cleave thingy he does instead of one of the tanks.  They moved him around so much that frankly I am not surprised more people didn’t get wacked.  Yes it made it nice for the bone spikes, but only our melee seem to be taking them down.  That bothers me.  When it is announced “Get so-and-so off the bone spike” that means everyone, not just the rogue and shammy. *sigh*  We also had problems with the tanks being stuck together.  Many jokes were made.  I do have to laugh though.  They didn’t start sticking together until after the Brokeback Mountain jokes were made.  Guys is there something you aren’t telling us? 😉  We finally manged to take him down after we said to hell with the strat and Andrew yelled at us to just have some situational awareness and stay out of the fire.

Vel has been dealing with a bunch of health related things so he had to leave after the first fight.  Luckily the PuG we had in the group was main specced for healing holy and just had shadow as an off spec.  Another guildie also happened to log online right at that time too.  He wanted to bring his warrior, but we made him bring his hunter.  He was pissed until the bow dropped off Lady D.  Silly Mat.

I was so very proud of the group in Lady D.  We managed to 2 shot her.  Last week we wiped so many times I lost count.  This week we had the first attempt where we hit her enrage.  We ended up taking too long to take down the adds and not enough DPS was focused on her shield.  The second time around we nailed it.  We had like 30 seconds left until her enrage.  In fact I was running around panicking that we were going to wipe when suddenly she was dead.  Go us!  I think on top of the bow she dropped the plate chest which Dily nabbed.  Mis got the weapon from Marrowgar.  I can’t remember what else dropped off the first boss, I think some kind of caster thingy.  I think the pug priest won it.

We went upwards to the airship only to be reminded of the raid weekly.  We picked it up and it was the frost giant.  That fucker is hard.  We wiped on the trash before him then on him before going to the gunship battle.  Of course we had to play with the rocket packs.  We had 2 people who had never been there before.  They had to experience the joy that is the rocket pack.  I am not quite sure why we wiped the first time.  I know it was because Mis died on the other ship, but I wasn’t sure why he died.  He might have just gotten out of range of Kate.  On our second attempt we didn’t have a single death.  In fact I think on each fight where we didn’t wipe we didn’t have any deaths.  At least none that I was aware of.  Andrew got a nifty axe for his rogue.  As soon as I linked it he had rolled.  LOL.  The other item was a caster leather belt.  I had the 264 badge one already but this one had more crit on it and I took it for off spec.  I have enough haste as a boomkin.  I just don’t have enough as a tree.  WTB more haste PST!  I think I am sitting at like 650 or so and I need 856 😦 *cries*

After the gunship we went back down to tackle the frost giant again.  It was a general consensus that 5 badges was better than a possible 2 badges and gear from Saurfang.  We spent the rest of the night wiping on the frost giant.  That disease thing is a bitch.  We had a “plan” on how to deal with the disease, just to have people get confused with what they needed to do and the stupid giant infect more than one person at a time.  We called the raid at midnight my time (3 am EST) and there were some ramblings about possibly coming back in tonight.  As much as I would love to see that happen, I am not exactly keeping my hopes up.  By the time the west coasters get online it is too late for most of the east coasters.

The rest of my weekend was spent leveling the baby lock.  On Sunday I managed to get her from 55 to 59.  Not bad at all considering she has no heirlooms and no rested xp.  Friday night I got in a random for BRD.  I fucking hate that place now.  I wish the dungeon finder would tell you which one you were in when you zone in and not make you guess what you need to do.  Especially in this instance.  I got in a decent group, for the most part.  They wanted to do the key quest so we cleared all the lower bosses.  This is how we found out that the we had upper city and not the jail.  We lost one of the dps halfway through the lower level.  The tank DCd as soon as we cleared out the bar.  We had kicked him and were waiting for a replacement (after about 10 mins or so) when he was able to log back in.  We nabbed him, warlock summon and away we went.  We finished the entire place just to not get a satchel (I just realized I have been spelling that wrong all weekend >.> go me!).  We spent 3 hours in that place just to not get credit.  I was pissed.  I did put in a ticket and was nice and listed the people in the group with me.  On Sunday I got a GM response telling me that they went through the dungeon for us and look what they found!  It was definitely corny.  I did get my satchel though.  It was even an upgrade from what I had.  It was a very nice belt.  While I lost a few spellpower, I gained so many other stats that it was worth it.

The rest of the weekend I got BRD Upper City three more times.  Two of which I actually completed.  The one that I didn’t had the biggest tool of a healer that I have ever met.  The bear tank we started out with pulled rooms like he was 80.  He also didn’t wait for the healer to be in range.  That was my first tip.  Then as soon as we wiped the healer went ballistic on the tank.  The tank of course left as did one of the dps.  The healer then panicked and begged me and the other dps to stay.  I said “I’m staying.  I’ll just get this instance again when I queue up.”  To which they laughed.  As we were running back to the instance he started berating us that we should “take the shortcut FFS” and to “hurry up” despite us not having a full group.  We were queued up but it was just the three of us.  I immediately pointed this out to him and told him to chill the fuck out.  He apologized and said he was trying to.  Not 30 seconds later he was doing it again.  I zoned in, teleported back to Org and dropped group.  While I was doing this he was ranting about something else.  Yeah I think I will wait out the 3 mins left on my debuff.

I requeued and got Dire Maul East.  Now the only time I had EVER been here was on the warlock mount quest way back when on Millea.  Even then we didn’t exactly do the instance.  We just kind of went where we needed to go.  I zoned in, told the group I had never been there before and was met with silence as I noticed the tank had already started pulling.  The pally tank and the mage were both decked out in heirlooms and twinked.  You would have thought the two of them knew each other.  They were so far ahead of the rest of us, who you know actually looted and stayed with the healer, that you would have thought they were in vent together.  The healer was pretty good and was awesome and gave me renews.  I thanked her :D.  At one point the rogue had to go AFK, they just left him there and moved forward.  After one boss fight the priest DCd and I died.  The pally rezzed me and instead of waiting to see if the healer was coming back, ran into the next room to 3 man the boss.  I almost died, but I am sure neither of them would have cared. 

The tank was running through the place so fast I could have sworn he thought he was in a level 80 heroic.  We barely got the mobs close to death before he was pulling another pack.  Mind you the healer is still DCd.  When the rogue came back they vote kicked the healer and queued in another one.  They were all for pushing forward and making the healer find their way to us.  I chimed in and said I can make a portal.  I’d hate to see that group without a warlock.  They would have never seen that healer.  The shaman we got was just like the pally and the mage.  Twinked out and had the “go-go-go-go” mentality that I just hate.  The only good thing that came out of the run was I got a neck upgrade and the Crescent Key.  I don’t have that key on any of my other toons.

After the Dire Maul run I stayed out of instances and just did holiday stuff and quests.  The XP from the holiday quests is quite nice.  I was getting 8400 xp for each bracelet turn in.  I ended up with so many of them that I popped them over to the AH to sell.  I listed them right before I crashed out.  All 11 sold before I made it back to the mailbox.  I love holidays.  People are so lazy :D.  I now have enough gold to get my flying and mount without having to borrow money from Orange. 😀   I just wish the flying mounts for the horde weren’t so butt ugly.  I think I am going to get the blue one.  It at least isn’t as obviously ugly as the tawny one.  Ugh.  I can’t wait until I get my tailoring high enough to use the carpet.

Hellfire is only slightly different for the Horde.  It is essentially the same quests but with just a slightly different flavor.  The quest hubs are in different spots (obviously) but so far things are fairly on par with Alliance.

Last night reiterated to me why PvP servers can suck.

I was questing over near Zeth’Gor (or however it is spelled) and as soon as I finished killing some mobs I am suddenly sapped and insta-gibbed.  I tried to bubble and run, but I was kept incapacitated and couldn’t click on a damn thing.  I am level 58, a level 63 human rogue killed me and got an acheivement.  After she killed me she mounted up and rode off.  I waited a bit to make sure she didn’t double back then used my soul stone and got myself back up.  After about 10 mins she was back.  This time my VW was fighting.  I was able to bubble myself, hit Howl of Terror and run like hell.  This did me no good.  She got out of the fear almost instantly and was stabbing me.  I of course died.  Orange came over on his healy priest, because what else strikes fear into the hearts of rogues but a Disc priest?  I don’t know if she was just done with ganking me or if the fact that my level 80 guildie had shown up deterred her, but I was left alone.   Orange stayed with me until I finished my quests and dinged 59.  Thanks again hun! 😀

I hate rogues.


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  1. Misneach
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 09:54:10

    ICC was a lot of fun. I take full responsibility for the Marrowgar mess. Did too much dancing trying to get away from coldflame. Gotta do some more reading for the next trip and figure out how to execute better on my end.


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  3. Orangeslice
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 10:39:01

    Grats on the gears from ICC.

    Marrowgar can be annoying, but dodging coldflame is fun. Getting spiked is not so much.


    • koalabear21
      Feb 08, 2010 @ 10:47:20

      I’m constantly running around in that fight because the stupid fire is chasing me everywhere.

      When the fire isn’t chasing me it is him chasing me yelling “BONESTORM” >.>

      The best part is I will start to cast nourish or regrowth and BOOM I am suddenly standing in fire and my cast is interrupted.



      • Orangeslice
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 11:18:38

        Eh it is fun trying to find the opening between flames XD


      • Orangeslice
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 11:21:00

        Nourish and Regrowth? Not instant? (knows nothing about tree spell). When bone storm is going on. PoM, bubble and renew…and if i have a chance a flash heal or a penance. And Del spams HoTs as for which ones I dont know…i just seem him doing the wave a lot lol. Our shaman is spamming spells as well, but not sure which ones XD


      • koalabear21
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 11:27:26

        No nourish and regrowth are not instants. If I get my haste to where it needs to be then the cast time would be significantly reduced. I have 3 instants – rejuv, lifebloom and wild growth.

        When I am tank healing though I need to keep Regrowth up on my designated tank. Also when they take a large chunk of damage I have this need to make sure they are filled before my HoT can fill them up.

        I am almost too impatient for a tree healer. >.>


      • Delerius
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 13:15:04

        “I just see him doing the wave alot”


        Yes, we trees have non-instant spells. Nourish is amazing, with my amount of haste it’s about a 1 second cast (nom nom haste) and it heals for ~5k normally. BUT! When properly talented and glyphed, it heals for an additional 30% or so if I have multiple HoTs on my target. So it really hits for around 8k and crits for about 16k. =D

        Regrowth is nice because it’s a casted spell with a hefty up-front heal AND has a 27 second HoT. Which is forever. I keep this HoT up on the tanks usually, and occasionally on myself or you. It’s nice peace of mind. It’s downside is that it is a much slower cast, over 2 seconds for me I think even with all my haste. I only cast it off a Nature’s Grace proc.


      • koalabear21
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 13:38:28

        Del how much haste are you sitting at?


      • Orangeslice
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 14:04:35

        Hmmm..cool for the clear up on druid healing. But yeah trees wave their arms when they heal!! Looks like they are being cheerleaders or something. 🙂

        But stalking Del on WoW-heroes…not sure if this is right but looks like Del is at 813 haste


      • koalabear21
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 14:11:28

        so raid buffed he is probably around the soft cap of 856

        *is jealous*


      • Delerius
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 14:20:15

        Haste… om nom nom…
        I don’t know about the “cap”, don’t care really cuz I hate crit and love haste om nom nom.


      • Orangeslice
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 14:26:01

        No Crit is nomnomnomnomnom….well for disc priests


  4. Ak
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 12:19:49

    It’s a fun fight. :3

    I was interested to discover you can actually Dodge and Parry the bonestorm hits. So if you can, try to face the boss once you’ve spread out.

    I finally caved and macro’d ‘/tar Bone Spike’
    Which made my life considerable easier, since when you try to click the spike you sometimes wind up with the person that got impaled and stand there like a defective while mashing buttons and wondering why numbers aren’t happening.


    ..still not the greatest of his father’s sons, tho.


  5. Dilynrae
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 13:19:02

    To be fair, neither Mis nor myself had been there (as a tank anyways), positioning in the Marrowgar fight is key, once we got a better handle on being joined at the hip during the fight and when was the right time to taunt (after he wipes at the end of Bone Storm).

    The priest Kytt won Sliver of Pure Ice, a VERY nice healing trinket off Marrowgar. In regards to the first wipe on the ship battle, I believe Mis wasn’t quite close enough to the edge to rocket over and got his face pushed in by Saurofang (cause Kate was out of healing range).

    Overall our 2nd time their went extremely well, for only being there twice and 2 shotting the 2nd and 3rd bosses with a couple of people that had never been to ICC we did quite well, although that damn Frost Giant is gonna haunt me the rest of the week. We did get the bugger down to under 5% our best attempt, which I believe was pure stupid luck when it came to that disease passing around.


    • Ak
      Feb 08, 2010 @ 13:28:37

      I think the key to that fight is just going to be communication.
      • Let people know when you are infected.
      • Let whoever you are passing off to know you are doing so.
      • Let people know when your post-infection debuff wears off.
      • When someone else in infected, remind them again that you’re available.

      I only really ever heard 4, maybe 5 voices on vent during that fight. Even a macro that says you are infected, and one that says you are clear of the debuff would be helpful.

      I thought that passing the diseases around in a big circle was a great plan, but if he applies more than 1 disease it shoots that full of holes a bit.


      • koalabear21
        Feb 08, 2010 @ 13:40:03

        That and people moved out of formation then got confused and it just became a clusterfuck.

        It was a grand idea though.

        I love how you said in vent “I do believe we have what is known as a plan”

        or something like that.

        made me giggle


  6. Ak
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 13:48:55

    “Huh.. You know that sounds suspiciously like a plan.. Which I know we never have.”

    Mostly I was joking, though. Our coordination is actually pretty good. I thought it was great how quickly we nailed Lady Death and the Airship thing with the new peeps involved.

    If the failure of the Big Circle Idea was due to pilot error rather than a problem with the strategy itself, them I’m all for trying it again.


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