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The rest of the week should be full of sunshine though

Happy Hump Day!

So tonight we go back into ICC.  I am hoping that we can at least clear to Lady D.  We have 7 people signed up, 8 if Kate comes.  For our guild that is pretty damn good.  I am hoping Ara our resident Destro lock and Auralio our pally tank can make it.  If that happens then we have a full run.  😀  Excitement!

Kate let me know last night that she also started a blog – so you guys need to go check her out.  She listed me as inspiration! *blushes* Aww thanks hun!!! 😀  Go check her out and pop her on your feedreader, I am positive awesome things will be happening there.

I’ve been kind of bad about playing on Bloodhoof lately.  I am in the leveling groove and with the extra XP and cash that I can make on my baby lock, I have been playing her.  I am halfway to 62 at this writing and I am itching to get her to 80.  I want to try my hand raiding as a warlock.  While yes I have done it on Millea, most of the raiding I’ve done is on Tatia.  Raiding as heals is very different from raiding as DPS.  Since I began raid leading I have started paying attention to the strats more, but I haven’t DPSed in a raid on Millea since Ulduar.  The Freya fight is my favorite one.  I am apparently alone in this thought, but actively being part of CC and having an important job made that fight stand out in my mind.

I am kind of nervous about joining the raiding team in Shadow Rising.  They are a step above how my guild does stuff so I am not sure if I would be up to snuff.  I still have lots of levels to get more comfortable with the idea, but I am still nervous.  Just makes me wonder if I really know my shit or not.  Good kind of nervous, but nervous nonetheless.

Last night I worked on my tailoring and enchanting.  I moved up from around 250 on each of them to 300 on tailoring and 270 enchanting.  Those last points to finish up enchanting to 300 are a bitch to get.  I am hoping to get a Stratholme or Scholomance run to get some runecloth and greens so I can push my enchanting over 300.  Del said he would do it, and hasn’t *glares*.  I asked Tel last night and he said he wouldn’t mind, but then he gave me a ton of runecloth instead (thanks again!) so now I don’t want to bug him.  Orange said he would, but he is a priest without a shadow spec, so I am sure that will take a long time to finish. 😦  I was hoping I would just get queued up for it, but I keep getting ramps over and over again.  I have a bunch of quests for Strath and like 2 quests for Scholo.  I actually went and got the key for Scholo.  I also have the key to BRD and DM north.  It is kind of cool having the keys to these places.

Also, just in case you weren’t aware, Mis has started blogging again!  Go bug him –

Wish us luck for tonight!