Not gonna do it

I am still pissed about last night so I am not going to write about it.  I don’t need to be pissed off at work over something other than my boss.

So instead I will talk about something else.

Warlocks wanding and only using shadow bolt. >.<

Last night I was logged in at SR and was all excited because I had hit 62 and got Haunt and Fel Armor.  Orange had run me through the “live” half of Stratholme and I got a wand drop that I thought was cool looking.  Zambra pipes up about how wanding is his main source of dps. >.> NO NO NO.  You should only ever wand if you are out of mana, and since we are warlocks, WE LIFE TAP :D.  Even if we don’t get heals we can get our own health back without the healer.  Use a cookie or even just drain life.  Who needs healers right? 😉

He then went on to talk about how warlocking is boring.  BORING? *sigh*  He is only 42 so he doesn’t have all the fun stuff you get after 60, but still!

Shadow bolt

Unstable affliction (Use Immolate if you don’t have UA yet)


Curse of Agony

Shadow bolt spam until a DoT needs to be refreshed (usually 1-2 at the lower levels)

Then use Drain Soul at 25%, refreshing DoTs as needed.

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don’t just sit there and spam shadow bolt.  You might as well roll a mage.  Even then a mage has more stuff to pop up than just their one nuke.

I have found that in the lower level dungeons the same “GO-GO-GO-GO” mentality is as prevalent as in the level 80 heroics.  The bad part about that is these toons aren’t all in raid gear and in several cases DO NOT out level the instance.  Several of the people in group might not yet know how to function correctly in a group or they have never been in an instance.  Not everyone is an alt of a raider.  In this state of the game that we live in, we cannot use a “rotation” on stuff other than bosses.  If there are more than 2 mobs I spam Rain of Fire.  Once I get Seed of Corruption I will spam that instead.  If there are only one or two mobs, I will pick the one that the tank is currently whacking and use my boss rotation.

There is plenty you can be doing with an affliction warlock.  Wanding should never happen and you should never have mana issues.

I think I need to just watch Zambra play so I can show him how awesome locks can be.