Sucking them in

I talked to my little brother today.  He has been playing MMOs since Ultima Online.  He used to play Everquest & Everquest 2.  Instead of joining WoW, he played Age of Conan.  I have been trying to get him to come play with me online since I started playing in April 2008.  He kept refusing.

Apparently his step-son (kind of, his girlfriend’s son; they live together) Aidan, started playing a few weeks ago.  Eric still didn’t start playing.  Then my mom calls me and tells me that Ron’s (my step-dad) aunt sent him WoW for Christmas.  I guess his relatives all play or something.  Well Ron doesn’t exactly have the time to play so my mom wanted to know if I knew anyone who needed a copy.  I offered to nab it for the 2nd account, instead she decided she was going to give it to my little brother.  This way he could play with both Aidan and me.  When I called him today he said he had been meaning to call me and find out where I was playing.  I filled him in on where I was playing.  Let him know if he wanted to play Alliance I could hook both him and Aidan up with money and bags.  If he wanted to play horde I was less able to help him since I didn’t have an 80 yet.  He said they would most likely go to the Alliance server first and see how things go.

It is cool getting someone new into the game.  I kept wanting to talk to him about all the awesome stuff out there but he needed to get off the phone.  So I will update you all when I get more info from him.

I have been spending all my game time, outside of raiding, on Lyssi and grinding up her levels.  I finally hit 68 and got into Northrend late last night.  See told you I would make it by the end of my weekend. :-p  A big part of me feels guilty for not being on Bloodhoof more often, but frankly I am in a leveling mood.  I go in moods in this game.  I am there for the raids and several people have ways to get in touch with me if I was really needed.  Right now it is kind of slow outside of the raids so I technically shouldn’t be that needed.  Plus Mis is back so I can step back and let him do his GM thing. 😀

Andrew made a comment to me yesterday that kind of bugs me.  He said that things don’t seem to happen if I don’t show up.  This translates to if I don’t make a raid, no one will raid.  I don’t like having that kind of responsibility.  Sometimes I just don’t want to raid.  Take last night for example, I did not want to raid.  Oh I wouldn’t have skipped out on them, I just really didn’t want to be there.  I think it might have come out while we were raiding too.  I know that while we are learning a boss we are going to wipe, and wipe and wipe some more.  I just didn’t have the patience to wipe a ton yesterday.  While I appreciate getting help on leading the group, even from PuGs that are obviously more experienced than me, it still drives me up the wall when they take over the raid.  Yeah I need to get over it.  I also need to talk with Mis and find out how he wants to do the raids now that he is back raiding.  Normally he was the raid leader, but since he has been gone I have been doing it.  I enjoy leading the raid.  It is making me pay more attention to what in the hell is going on.  When I first started raiding I wasn’t the most prepared.  I rarely watched the videos and just kind of expected the raid leader to explain stuff.  Now I am the person explaining stuff.  This means I have to actually know what the hell I’m talking about.  Scary stuff, let me tell you.

I apologize again for such a short post yesterday.  I was so out of it the entire day.  I made myself wake up earlier than I would normally on my day off, but even then I’m not normally that spaced out.  I need to get food in my house.  I seriously only have frozen meat and rice.  I don’t even have canned soup.  When my ex lived with me I always had a ton of food in the house.  Now that I am back living alone I rarely shop.  I need to get a better balance.  I think I will stop at the store on my way home from work tonight.  Let’s hope I don’t get on autopilot and just drive home before I realize it.

On a final note, Kate was awesome and gave me her win last night.  What did I win?


Yes I squeed in vent.  😀